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      About Company

      Operating in the UK for more than 6 years, energy bulbs specializes in selling energy-efficient LED bulbs from the branded manufacturers. Unlike the other cheap imported bulbs which cannot deliver the light intensity nor the service, energy bulbs offer free next day delivery and contribute to reducing CO2 emission.

      Energy Bulbs

      Energy bulbs operate under the Love Shopping Direct group which is one of the fastest growing retail brands in the UK. By offering exceptional customer service and branded products along with free exchanges and returns, the group has been included in Sunday Times Virgin fast Track 100 league table. The group also finds its place in Midlands Business Awards and Young Guns Awards.

      With the loyal customer base of 200,000 and over 8000 products on the website, the company has a lot to offer to its customers. Built on SaaS-based Shopify platform, the website offers an easy to use browsing experience and smooth functioning.

      However, due to the presence of monolithic architecture, we simply can't use an eCommerce platform for managing so much product data. Also, managing data on excel files and doing a mass upload on your platform can either result in the system getting crashed or throws out an error. Energy bulbs sought the solution of the problem and then they got their hands on Akeneo PIM platform.

      Energy Bulbs

      Using Akeneo, they can easily manage their product data, add attributes, custom information, assign categories and enrich the product. It is after that when the product is being harnessed, exporting the product in XLS/CSV and again uploading to their online shop proved to be a gruesome experience.

      They finally for their eyes on Shopify Akeneo Connector, which connects the Shopify store with Akeneo PIM platform and you can easily export your products to your online store. You can even import the products from your store and harmonise the product data. You can export products based on the available job options and filtering only what products need to be exported.

      Energy Bulbs

      Webkul helped in the successful installation of the connector on their bitnami server and also updating them with elastic indexes technology being used by Akeneo. Their representative Mr Mamo appreciated the knowledge of Webkul's representative on Akeneo and for the quick resolution to his issues. This helped the company to launch their products easily and quickly to their online shop from Akeneo.

      He went on to share his experience:

      Excellent connector The most important thing about modules is the support. Webkul support is phenomenal. The connector is amazing too.

      United Kingdom

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