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      The Hyper city online supermarket is the product of the parent company Al-Madina Hyper company it is one of the leading companies in the field of food and non-food trade in the delta region. It has a pre-defined goal of strengthening the relationships with its customers and serving everyone with its enormous goods and services range.

      Hyper City - home page

      History of the Hyper City Marketplace

      The Hyper city is Egypt’s one of the largest integrated hypermarket chains currently spread across the region in Damietta and Delta. Hypercity opened its first hypermarket in 2012 in New Damietta, then gradually many more branches were established and the numbers especially increased over the past years. All of Its branches collectively provide its services and sell to more than 10000 customers daily.

      The number reached 4 branches spread in Damietta and Dakahlia governorates, the Ras El Bar branch was opened in 2013, the old Damietta branch in 2014 and the Belqas branch In 2018, and finally the Al-Matari branch in Old Damietta in 2020.

      Hyper City

      Hyper City Market Presence

      Hypercity is present in several different cities of Egypt to meet the growing needs of its diverse customer base. In line with its commitment to provide the largest range of products of high quality and value for money, and become the prime online supermarket in the country.

      Its branches today provide unparalleled services by providing more than 50,000 food and non-food products, in addition to thousands of household goods, clothing, leather products, and food courts.

      Food Industry & Supermarket Chains in Egypt

      Egyptian people make heavy use of legumes and vegetables in their cuisines. Tea is the national drink of Egypt. Though fish and seafood are common in Egypt's coastal regions A significant amount of Egyptian foods is vegetarian dominant.

      The major reason behind this lifestyle is due to both the historically high price of meat and the needs of the Coptic Christian community, whose religious restrictions require essentially vegan diets for much of the year.

      Therefore the Grocery stores and vendors make the most of the customers much benefited from these cultural scenarios.

      Hyper City

      Based on the latest report by Businesswire Report on top supermarket chains in Egypt according to them despite general development in the modern trade and more opening of the online stores, there is still a long tail of independent operators and opportunity for several more in the next ten years. Various leading chains have emerged especially in two particular formats and segments grocery and retail stores.

      Webkul Builds Delivery Boy Mobile App for Hyper City Online

      Well, the need for a delivery boy application was the perfect indirect complement to its customer who indeed helped the Hypercity business grow. In addition to it since Hyper City is expanding its business, it's more likely to receive multiple orders from any of its stores at the same time. Well to be successful here you need to deliver the order quickly so as it does not place a hurdle for the delivery of newly placed orders.

      Moreover, the WooCommerce Delivery Boy Mobile App built by Webkul for the hyper city gives various extraordinary features like push notifications, for both the delivery boy and the admin of the Hyper city with real-time delivery updates and periodic reports for the sales and orders.

      Hyper City

      Now it is a game-changer for the hyper city to have a delivery boy app of their own that Lets first their admin Manage the orders ensures that the customers who are placing the orders are catered with their products in as little time as possible.

      Download Hyper City Online Delivery Boy App from Google Play -

      OTP Verification Right After Customer Order

      Though usually, a customer receives OTP when the order is completed by the delivery boy, here Webkul helped Hyper city admin to ensure to its customer with an instant OTP verification as soon as the customer places an order.

      Rather, then when the delivery boy makes the order as complete. This will help the order and delivery process to be secure and smooth for customers and they can share the OTP with the delivery boy when he or she receives the order via delivery boy.

      Hyper City

      RTL [Right to Left] Arabic Language Support

      As the company natively belongs to Egypt, so having RTL support is a must feature that helps the store admin, Delivery boys, and the customer to greatly increase their market by efficient usage of the application and its features with ease.

      Apart from that the RTL support helps the Arab readers in better understanding so that they can easily understand product information and can place the order without getting panic.

      Hyper City

      Reasons Why Egypt’s Hyper City Became Successful?

      The store owners at hyper city anticipated this at a very crucial deciding stage as with the increase in the number of outlets and physical it is difficult to accommodate a huge number of the customers at a time and with the present boom in mobile penetration people love to buy foods and products online which led them to integrate the hyper city delivery boy app which eventually helped them manage orders in bulk.

      Facilitating their delivery boys with an automated mobile app that allows them to chat with the admin and customers both. Moreover, using online/offline status the delivery boys of the hyper city can let the owner know about when they are present to deliver orders to the customers.

      Client Review

      We also asked the client to share the feedback about our WooCommerce Delivery Boy Mobile App. View here -

      Good Company and Good Applications

      Good company, cooperative and very good team.

      Yasser Fayed
      Yasser Fayed

      Disclaimer - Please note all the images and content used in this article belongs to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at [email protected].

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