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      Known as the number one online shopping store in Mauritius, Price Guru is set to make another mark as it has expanded the marketplace product offerings using Webkul’s e-commerce marketplace solutions.

      People from Mauritius have found their prime destination where they can search, select and buy almost everything which includes home essentials, electronic appliances, health and beauty, daily lifestyle, and sports-based products for every age group.

      Home page

      Price Guru is by far one of the largest e-commerce marketplaces in the country. Aiming to attract more sellers, it has offered them integrated solutions by Webkul such as adding products in bulk and custom attributes for sellers.

      Read the complete success story to find out how we helped Price Guru with its requirements and made web customizations and everything that helped this development from scratch.

      Store Mado

      What Sets Price Guru Apart From its Competitors?

      The Price Guru logistics support has enabled e-commerce to achieve same-day delivery on a large number of items sold.

      Further, customers can benefit from Pay on delivery as a mode of payment, and Price Guru is also the first online retailer to offer credit facilities.

      The company size of employees varies from 51-200 employees its Headquartered in Riche Terre, Riche Terre is a privately held company founded in the year 2014.

      Currently, there aren’t many e-commerce stores in Mauritius. Moreover, Price Guru will always have the advantage of being a first-mover.

      Priceguru warehouse

      Here are the two separate e-commerce companies that have managed to make an impact and sustain themselves in doing their business in Mauritius. founded by Christopher Rainers who is also a co-founder at Price Guru it offers its customers online hotel bookings and rental services. is an online marketplace connecting buyers and sellers offering products ranging from electronic appliances to home essentials.

      A Great Device Efficient & Compatible Layout & Design

      Webkul is a top-selling extension winner two times in a row and there’s a reason for it as we believe in detailed work ensuring every element functions at its best.

      Check out below how the Price Guru marketplace is built and designed so that it offers perfect alignment and optimization based on the user’s devices.

      Intuitive Mobile View

      User experience is the key to retaining your customers; the Price Guru marketplace website when viewed on a mobile device showcases every content in an absolutely interactive and easy-to-use manner.

      Just simply browse and scroll down for uncomplicated access, neither the users have to unnecessarily zoom in to view any of the pages of the website.

      Mobile View

      Comprehensive Web Layout

      As we know the number of people who use desktops or laptops is huge and it is the best practice to provide them with a detailed layout.

      Which covers all the elements in one screen independent of size and device aspect ratio for the web view.

      Moreover, the store owner of the Price Guru marketplace can personalize the online store with extensions specially designed for the marketplace.

      priceguru products

      Supports Tablet Compatibility

      A good tablet user interface is as relevant and important as in any other device. Since we know usually sellers prefer tablets to access and manage their profiles.

      The Price Guru marketplace sellers can check every information and multiple pages at their end some of which include as mentioned below.

      • On the seller's order history page, users can filter by order id, date, and status.
      • The Seller’s transaction report contains a download record in CSV and searches by filter by transaction id and date.
      • For downloadable products, the vendor can include a sample URL, a link sample URL, and a link URL.
      • A sale against period (Day, Month, and Year) graph allows the seller to see his store's total profits by day, month, and year.

      tablet compatibility

      How Rapidly E-commerce is Growing in Mauritius?

      Mauritius is a small island country with a population of almost 1.27 million. Till now internet penetration and the number of users have grown rapidly.

      Being surrounded by the Indian ocean, its people, and small in size, an e-commerce marketplace can help uplift the economy at a higher trajectory.

      This is going to help the local vendor to sell their commodities on a widely used platform such as Price Guru. Moreover, now the customers can also shop online at lower prices.

      people shop online

      Quick One Page Vendor Registration

      At Price Guru, marketplace store owners make a major chunk of earnings from the business as commission earned from various sellers.

      Undoubtedly a quick single registration page helps the sellers of the Price Guru marketplace easily sign/up on the platform without any hustle.

      Sell With Us

      Layered Navigation For Enhanced Customer Accessibility

      One of the simple yet advanced features of the Price Guru marketplace is that the admin can enable a section of layered navigation on the category collection page.

      The layered navigation allows customers at the Price Guru to help find their desired products using these layered navigation items like product type, brand, color, price and so much more.

      Layered Navigation

      Detailed Inclusive Product Page

      What are the most important pages of the marketplace website? Evidently, it’s the product page that customers spend most time checking.

      The Price Guru customers can swipe and check the product images with its price and can add them to their shopping cart.

      Even the seller information, product reviews, and description can be checked by customers on the product page.

      product page

      Price Guru Customers Shopping Cart

      The Magento marketplace plugin provides an easy-to-manage shopping cart where the Price Guru customers can add as many products as they want and can directly proceed to checkout.

      Moreover, the shopping cart provides customers with the option to update existing products quantities or simply remove a product.

      The shopping cart displays the product's image, description, unit price, quantity, and the subtotal price of the product based on its quantity.

      Shopping Cart

      Enabling Sellers At Price Guru to Mass Upload Products

      Check out below how the Price Guru admin panel login page looks like and moreover, it’s so easy and quick to use.

      We have configured the mass upload plugin in the Price Guru marketplace as it helps the admin to mass upload products for the seller.


      But the main functionality is that it helps every seller at the Price Guru to upload products in bulk using a CSV/XML/XLS File.

      The uploaded file can be added with details such as name, category, price, stock, description, tax, etc. in the file including the images.

      You must know it was a very important extension as many of the sellers at Price Guru Have thousands of product listings and it would be impossible to manage products without a mass upload option.


      Helping Owner to Create Custom Product Attributes

      The Price Guru online store uses Webkul’s custom attributes marketplace plugin which simply enables the store admin to create custom attributes.

      Now, the vendors at the Price Guru may use these custom attributes for their product listings and this will be visible on their product pages accordingly.

      This has also helped the Price Guru store admin to use these attributes in the layered navigation and can also use them in search results in layered navigation.


      Tech Stack Used For PRICEGURU Marketplace Web App

      As you know the Price Guru marketplace is built on the Magento 2 e-commerce solutions and the major coding is done using PHP frameworks which is a general-purpose scripting language suited for web development.

      The website uses code that makes it accessible over cross-platforms that is it supports iPhone mobile compatibility.

      For the customer analysis and tracking by the store owners at Price Guru, it uses the Google analytics provided by Webkul in the marketplace plugin itself.


      Price Guru Features Interactive Gaming Deals - Spin to Win

      The Spin to Win was the most highlighted integration in the Price Guru Marketplace by Webkul also it is cost-effective and a visually appealing integration done by us.

      Well, it’s an interactive gaming-like activity for customers as they may simply need to click on the spin wheel pop-up and can avail the discount.

      This was added with the help of customizations since our client had some additional requirements, the admin has to create campaigns.


      As per the client requirements at that time the spin popup was showing by default, and they simply wanted to display it based on some trigger on the home page, and by clicking on that icon, a mere spin popup should be shown.

      Webkul helped the client achieve the desired results as you may check out, now the Price Guru customers have to only enter their name and email followed by clicking the Spin Wheel button to earn discounts.

      Win a price

      Disclaimer - Please note all the images and content used in this article belongs to their respective copyright owners. However, if you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at [email protected]

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