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      Mayank Bathla is a real estate broker in Canada and is the general manager in Zero Financial Firm. Inc and has shown his keen interest in the tech industry, where they want to use an eCommerce system that is easy to use.

      The major challenge was to find a robust platform that exactly meets their ideas and after some research, they found Bagisto as their complete solution partner. In the users can create their own eCommerce marketplace. The user just needs to register them.


      In the tenants can create an eCommerce marketplace in just 5 minutes. The customers can select their own custom domain at the time of registration.

      Challenges they face

      The main challenge was to provide a solution where the user can have its own custom domain and can use the AliExpress dropshipping to import products.

      The subscription plan is one of the essential parts so that tenants can choose the subscription plan accordingly as per their marketplace.


      The super admin can manage the tenants and can create the subscription plans for the tenants by adding features as per the plans.

      The client wants to use all marketplace features for the tenants that create their store in, along with that the client also wants to use live stream features for the tenants and sellers in the tenant marketplace.

      How did Bagisto help out?

      When the client came across the Bagisto eCommerce solution, the module carries almost every feature the client was looking for. Very friendly to use and manage from both the tenant and super admin end.


      To enhance more the client uses several multi-tenant SaaS add-ons to give a perfect output as per the requirements such as.

      The client needs features like Dropshipping, Tenant subscription plans, Live streams, Bulk upload, etc features in the system that is easily achieved by the add-on modules available.

      Apart from the modules, Webkul also did some custom work on the client project marketplace to fulfill their needs.

      An EndNote

      Using Bagisto SaaS solution and its addons, was able to fulfill its vision of providing a platform where users can register and create their own marketplace with their custom domains.

      The process has now become very easy & much simpler. Anyone can easily register & create a marketplace and start his business by selecting the subscription as per the requirements.

      Disclaimer - Please note all the images and content used in this article belong to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at [email protected].

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