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      Spiral has been an established brand since 1990, offering dark and cutting-edge designs into the alternative fashion market. Always supplying unique & top-quality artworks that cover everything from the hardcore Tribal to Gothic, Horror, Fantasy, Vintage, and Fashion, not forgetting the magical Fairies and Dragons specially designed for the ladies.

      Odoo Spiral Direct

      Webkul offered dedicated support for our various products and solutions based on the platform that is ready to be deployed. 

      From outlying the client requirements and discussion we make sure that our client achieves their desired solution in an extremely precise timeline.

      Spiral Direct reached out to Webkul with the development requirement of Odoo and its plugins. Moreover, they have reached us for several customizations. 

      Webkul's Odoo Addons to Help Spiral Direct

      The company asked for Amazon Pay integration; that's why we offered them Odoo Amazon Pay. The module allows their customers to pay online via Amazon Pay. This integration also includes SCA(strong customer authentication).


      We have also catered delivery solutions to the clients; hence, the client got Odoo Royal Mail Delivery Module and Odoo DPD Shipping integration from us.


      Odoo Spiral

      Custom Solutions To Cater Client's Demand

      Spiral Direct asked for Invoice Report Custom; hence, we delivered 4 different Invoice Layouts for Invoices:
      1) Default
      2) Custom
      3) Default Grouped
      4) Custom Grouped
      -> Layout used for custom clearances during International shipping

      About Spiral Direct

      Webkul has been proud to be associated with Spiral Direct for the last 4 years as the group is offering cutting-edge designs into the alternative fashion market for three decades.

      Spiral Direct is an established clothing and accessories brand that has been offering dark, cutting-edge designs into the alternative fashion market for three decades.

      Disclaimer -

      • Please note all the images and content used in this article belong to their respective copyright owners.
      • Moreover, this article uses certain images that are just to provide the readers with an idea of how Webkul’s products and services are being used by the client.
      • However, if you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at [email protected]