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    2 times in a row Chat Mobile App Integration

    Integrate Live Chat into your eCommerce mobile app for real-time customer interactions. Initiate chats with store owners, enabling swift conversations between customers and agents. Provide seamless chat support via your mobile app.

    • Customers can easily initiate a live chat at their fingertips.

    • Store owners can connect with their customers in real time and offer top-notch customer support.

    • Multiple agents collaborate to enhance efficiency in handling customer chats.

    • 24/7 support availability to enhance the overall customer experience.

    • Chat transcripts that can be saved and reviewed.

    • Easily integrate with your eCommerce store mobile application such as Magento 2 mobile app, WooCommerce mobile app, and other open-source eCommerce mobile apps.

    Note: All of the features in the integration would depend upon the plan that you purchase from

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    This customer support integration aims to establish a communication bridge between the admin and the customers. By integrating live chat within the Mobikul Mobile App builder apps you can provide customers with seamless finger-tip customer support. This enhances the intelligence of the mobile app.

    The integration effectively eliminates any issues arising from communication gaps and misunderstandings. So, with this quick chat system, customers can ask questions, give their thoughts, ask for new things, and do more with the store owner. This tool helps make the shopping experience better and saves time for both the store owners and customers. Note: You must have our Mobikul Mobile App Builder to use this chat system. Also, chat Account. Chat Mobile App Integration

    Highlighted Features

     Customized Widget

    Live chat widget that can be customized to match your mobile app design.

     Email Chat Transcripts

    The user can email chat transcripts and later access them for review purposes.

     Assign Chats to Agents

    Manage and allocate conversations to your team's agents, ensuring timely and appropriate responses from the designated individuals.

     Add Attachment

    An attachment file can be sent by both the customer and the agents within the chat window.

    Why Use Chat Service in the Mobile Application?

    Integrating chat in a mobile app offers real-time customer support, engagement, personalized assistance, and sales guidance. It enhances user convenience, issue resolution, and analytics, fostering better interactions, satisfaction, and potential conversions while maintaining branding and cost-effectiveness.

    Instant Chat Support

    This chat system lets customers and admin talk to each other right away. Customers only need to tap one option on their mobile app to begin chatting with the admin or agents. You can add this chat system to any Mobikul Mobile app you are building.

    • Customers need to enter their name, email, and query for initiating the chat.
    • Customers can rate the chat conversation.
    • Customer can change their name after initiating the chat.
    • Sound on/off facility available during the chat.
    Instant Chat Support

    Fast Communication Medium

    Many times, customers leave a website if they cannot find answers to their questions. This new chat system helps with that. The e-commerce mobile app, which is built on the eCommerce open-source platform, can now work with chat.

    This tool lets the admin talk to customers. Customers can begin a chat using the e-commerce mobile app.

    • Live chat communication between the admin and customer within the native application in real-time.
    • The customer can end their chat session at any time.
    • The customers can also send their emoji icons.
    Fast Communication Medium

    Mail your Chat Transcription

    Also, the person using the service can keep a record of the chat. They can get a written copy of the chat conversation. When they finish the chat, a new window will pop up and ask if they want to send the chat conversation to their email.

    • Chat transcription helps in the form of proof.
    • Users can easily share chat history via mail to another person.
    • After the chat is over, you can use a basic "Send" button in the pop-up to email the conversation record.
    Mail your Chat Transcription

    Efficient Assistance

    This chat system helps you save time by making communication faster. You can do different things at once and do not have to spend time explaining problems with the support team.

    • Lowering the bounce rate using the chat feature in the app.
    • Making customers happier by coming up with new and better ways to serve them.
    • Always being able to connect with customers and the admin.
    Efficient Assistance


    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

    You may also check our quality Magento 2 Extensions.


    Product Version1.0.0
    Released11 months ago
    Last UpdatedDecember 29, 2023 (6 months ago)
    Supported VersionsMagento  PrestaShop  OpenCart  CS-Cart  
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    Frequently Asked Questions

     Is supported on all eCommerce Mobile apps?
     Yes, the integration works with all eCommerce Mobile apps. You just have to pay for plan and let us know your complete requirement.
      Can users send attachments through chat via the mobile app?
      Yes, users can easily send an attachment through chat via the mobile app.
      Can the customer receive a copy of the conversation to keep a record of the chat's history?
     Yes, the chat transcript can be easily sent via email for future retention.
     Can the customer end the chat session from their side?
     Yes, the customer can end the chat session from their side.
      Is it possible for the store owner to incorporate functionalities like video/voice communication, and screen sharing into their chat mobile app?
     Yes, the availability of features like video/voice and screen sharing in the chat mobile app for store owners depends on the specific plan that the user chooses to utilize.

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