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    CS-Cart Hyperlocal System

    With the help of this addon admin/vendor can add the location where they can deliver the product and the customer can check products by entering the location or Pincode.

    • The admin/vendor can set multiple locations where they can ship their products.

    • Customers can buy products from those sellers who are selling at the preferred location.

    • The flexibility is provided to the customers to change their location.

    • Customers can enter the desired Pincode and can buy the products from the sellers.

    • Vendors can decide shipping rates for products and categories based on distance and time.

    • The admin can create Time slots on different days for product delivery.

    CS-Cart Hyperlocal System CS-Cart Hyperlocal System CS-Cart Hyperlocal System CS-Cart Hyperlocal System CS-Cart Hyperlocal System CS-Cart Hyperlocal System CS-Cart Hyperlocal System CS-Cart Hyperlocal System CS-Cart Hyperlocal System CS-Cart Hyperlocal System
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    CS-Cart Hyperlocal System-CS-Cart Hyperlocal System: Customers connect to local stores using this module, which alters their purchasing experiences. The customer can place an order from one of the nearby neighborhood stores. Both vendors and buyers will benefit from this module.

    The vendor can easily specify the location from where the things will ship. Customers can search for businesses and products in their neighborhood by entering their location.

    CS-Cart Hyperlocal System

    Highlighted Features

     Find & Shop for Sellers

    The buyer can search for a shop based on their area and make purchases directly from the seller's shop.

     Integrated Google Maps API

    Google Maps API integration using to deliver all location-based actions and searches.

     Search for Customers by Location

    Customers must first enter their location before being able to purchase things from the nearby seller's store.

     Enter your longitude and latitude coordinates

    Sellers can also enter Longitude and Latitude for their shops, which will allow them to ship the merchandise.

    Why this module CS-Cart Hyperlocal System

    Customers can buy things based on their location in the CS-Cart marketplace hyperlocal system. When customers enter their location, they will be able to view which suppliers and items are accessible in that location.

    However, because it cuts delivery costs and time, this can be quite beneficial for both vendors and customers. The hyperlocal system provides the consumer with the benefit of a shorter delivery distance, which boosts order fulfillment time and lowers delivery costs.

    Basic Options to Integrate Hyperlocal System

    The geographical location of vendors is an important factor for running the CS-Cart Marketplace Hyperlocal System. The module contains several adjustable parameters that make it simple to configure.

    • The Google Maps API using as the add-on for location search functionality.
    • The Google API Key must enter by the admin.
    • Radius units can specify in Km or Miles.
    • The admin can change the title of the Location Pop-up.
    • The admin can manage page listings and display default products.
    Basic Options to Integrate Hyperlocal System

    Location of Hyperlocal Shipping

    Sellers must designate the locations from which they ship and sell products to use the CS-Cart Marketplace Hyperlocal System. As a result, merchants must specify their available locations.

    • Sellers must indicate the locations from which they will ship and sell their products.
    • Sellers have the option of adding several locations.
    • The addon will automatically retrieve the seller's exact location's latitude and longitude.
    • Sellers can manage and remove their additional locations.
    • Admin can add locations on behalf of vendors.
    Location of Hyperlocal Shipping

    Based on the Location, Display Sellers and Products

    On the website, must enter their location. And based on that, when they enter their location, they will get the desired results. The system will then assist in viewing a list of available sellers in that location.

    • A location field adjacent to the search product box on the website allows modifying their location at any moment.
    • The customer must go to the seller's store and choose and add the goods to their basket from the seller's collection page.
    • To purchase the product, the consumer must go to the seller's page.
    • The products accessible to the consumer are solely determined by the customer's location.
     Based on the location, display sellers and products

    Manage Time Slots

    Now the admin can create and manage the delivery time slots from their panel.

    • The admin can create multiple time slots for any location.
    • They can also create separate time slots on separate days.
    • Enable/disable any time slot for any particular day.
    • These time slots will display to the customer on the checkout page.
    • If the admin creates 10 hyperlocal locations then they can create separate time slots for separate locations.
    Manage Time Slots

     CS-Cart Hyperlocal System- Support

    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

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    Product Version2.1
    Released4 years ago
    Last UpdatedJuly 18, 2024 (1 day ago)
    Supported VersionsCS-Cart  4.14.x  4.15.x  4.16.x  4.17.x  4.18.x  
    Rating 5.0
    based on 1 reviews

    Recent Reviews

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    Fantastic application

    Posted On - August 10, 2021

    team assisted me with all my development queries. Fantastic application and fantastic feedback and support. Google meetings instantly makes support go fast with no hasstle. Thanks Webkul.

    Frequently Asked Questions

     For geolocation, which API using?
    The Google map API is utilizing for Google search suggestions in the CS-Cart marketplace hyperlocal system.
     Is a client able to alter their location at any time?
    Yes, with the aid of this extension, a consumer can change their location on a website at any moment.
     What happens if a consumer has items in their cart and then decides to move locations?
    In such instances, the customers' shopping carts will become empty.
     What if a consumer arrived at a place where no sellers were delivering?
    In this situation, the front will display an error notice stating, "No Seller has add yet."
     With the help of this module, how will the order be place?
    The buyer must first specify their location, after which a list of sellers in that area will provide. Customers must first go to the seller's store and add items to their cart, after which they must choose a shipping method and place their order.

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    Version 2.1
    • Manage the time slot section.
    • single/Multiple seller product checkouts.
    • The vendor can now manage configurations from his panel also.
    • Distance Calculation between seller product and customer location at the product page.
    • Nearby sellers can now be searched.
    • Delivery/Pickup option for each Location.
    Version 2.0
    • git issues resolved
    Version 1.0
    • git issues resolved