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Hyperlocal Mobile App for Magento 2

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Hyperlocal Mobile App for Magento 2: Convert your Magento 2 hyperlocal store into fully native mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. With Hyperlocal Mobile App for Magento 2, the customers can buy the desired products from the nearest available shops. A seller can manage its online store, set shipping area and delivery rates via the mobile app.

Also available for Magento 1

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Hyperlocal Mobile App for Magento 2: Magento 2 Mobikul Marketplace Hyperlocal App is a tool to convert your Hyperlocal web store to a native app. This makes the ordering of the product more effective in a hyperlocal system. Where a customer can get the product from nearby stores.

The app allows a customer to enter the location manually or select it from Google Map or by auto detection via GPS. The seller can add the deliverable area, the rate of the shipping and seller origin.

This will allow managing the shipping in an effective way as now the seller can add the desired rate and the regions where a seller will ship the product.

The app has given the seller an ease of Product and Order Management where they can add the products and monitor the orders anywhere and anytime.

The app is the best solution for any hyperlocal service required- this can be buying grocery item, ordering food, getting travel facility, personal care service, and, many other.

Important Note:

 Highlighted Features


The customer can change the current location to buy a product from nearby stores.

 Offline Mode

The application can be operated even when the internet connection is not present. The pages visited in case of net connection can be re-visited in case of the network is absent.

 Machine learning

The customer can now search product when via image search with two cases Object detection and Text detection.

 Shipping Rate

The seller can add shipping rate which will be applicable to the product as delivery/shipping charge.

 Seller Origin

The location of seller this is the place from where the rates will be calculated.

 Shipping Area

The areas where the seller can provide delivery.

 Seller Product & Order Management

The seller can now add and edit the product using the app without the requirement of any heavy device like laptop/desktop.

The seller can even look for order and its details in the app.

  • Fast Product and Order handing.
  • The seller can add the product related attribute for management of the configurable product.
  • A separate list of product and orders can be viewed by the seller.
  • Invoice and shipping of the order can generate and send to customer from the app.
  • The seller can even generate credit memo in the app.

(Note - This app favors the addition of only, for now, Simple and Virtual products.)

 Seller-Product and Order Management

 App User Location

The app users current location can be detected automatically or set manually. This will remove the seller and product that don’t deliver in the respective location.

The buyer can type the location name and select the location from the auto suggestions appearing there.

  • The buyer can even locate the current location from Google maps.
  • The third option with the buyer is to select the location as detected by the GPS.

(Note - Here if the customer has added a product to cart then on change of location the products in the cart will be deleted.)

 App User Location

 Seller & Shipping in Hyperlocal App

The Magento 2 Mobikul Marketplace Hyper Local app is meant to provide a fast delivery of the product or service to the customer.

This is done by connecting the client to the nearest seller.

  • The seller will here appear in the app according to the location set by the buyer.
  • The seller can add the areas where sellers ship the products
  • The seller can even add the rates as per the distance of buyer from the deliverable area and weight of the product.
  • The Seller Origin can be defined by the seller from the app.
  • This is the place according to which the rate of shipping is calculated.
  • The Hyperlocal system is meant to increase in profit margin as the seller need not invest more in transportation.
  • It is highly helpful for a store who wish to serve locally covering small service radius.
 Seller and Shipping in Hyperlocal App

 Buyer Easy Product Ordering

The Hyperlocal system is meant for the easing process of ordering of products and services from the nearby seller and their stores.

The customer can change the current location which will make the seller of that particular area visible in the marketplace page.

  • Faster delivery process
  • Customer need not worry around in search of nearby search.
 Buyer Easy Product Ordering

 Seller Marketplace & Hyperlocal System

The hyperlocal system as specified above is meant for the ordering of product and service from the nearby market. However, the marketplace is like a mall that enables multiple sellers to sell their product.

Both the words hyperlocal and the marketplace can be merged up to facilitate customer to find the seller from a nearby area.

  • List of sellers are visible in the marketplace as per customer location
  • The seller can set configuration for the hyperlocal system.
 Seller Marketplace & Hyperlocal System

 Purely Native App

The Magento 2 Mobikul Marketplace Hyperlocal app is a native application that takes the advantage of device-based features. That will make the app efficient as now feature like Push Notification, and GPS location detection can be implemented easily.

The app detects the current location of the customer through GPS. Through autosuggestion, one can manually enter the current location of the customer.

The app also gives facility of Google map to select the current location of the customer.

  • User-friendly.
  • Increases in user engagement.
  • Improvises app performance.
 Purely Native App

 Push Notifications

The native app gives the facility of sending information to customer via notification from time to time. This technique is more efficient as compared to SMS and emails as they can end up in the spam box of the customer.

Though notification the admin and seller can share information about the offer, discount and other deals with the customer.

  • A faster mode of communication.
  • Efficient for the way of spreading information.
 Push Notifications

 Complete Features List

Customer Centric Features - Ease them to buy a product from the app

  • The customer can change the current location manually (selection by auto-suggestion), or locate the location on Google maps or selection current location as suggested by GPS.
  • The app supports multilingual functionality.
  • The app can efficiently work in offline mode.
  • The app user can easily checkout with the product in the cart with a one-page checkout.

Seller Centric Features - Effective store management from the app

  • The seller can upload CSV which is having shipping rate details.
  • The seller origin can be entered to identify the shipping charges.
  • The seller can enter the allowed shipping area on the basis of country, state, and city.
  • The seller can chat with admin or send mail to solve the queries.
  • Manage products and orders using the application.

 Hyperlocal Mobile App for Magento 2 Support

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here


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 Frequently Asked Questions - Hyperlocal Mobile App for Magento 2

 What is the Hyperlocal?
This is a business structure where the customer can place orders from the nearby market. This will enable sellers to build a local market.
 What can I do post-purchase of the application?
Once, you purchase the app from Webkul store you can download the Prerequisite PDF file. To know more please follow the link -
 Where can I send my order details to get my application?
You can send us your order details on our ticket system by creating the ticket on Mobikul Support.
 Can seller manage Products via the app?
Yes, the seller can add, edit or delete product via the application. This will help in the fast management of the changes related to the products.
  Is Seller Order management possible in the app?
Yes, the seller can manage their respective orders in the app. They can generate invoice, and shipment, and can fulfill other actions related to the order.
 Does the app use the functionality of machine learning?
The app supports Machine Learning by providing the users with smart search, now the customer can search the product in the desired app via image search. This involves two cases Object search and Text detection.
 What are the examples of hyperlocal app/services?
There are many popular hyperlocal apps providing services based on location such as- Instacart, Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Grofers.


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