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Odoo Bridge For Magento

ODOO 11 Compatible

Odoo Bridge For Magento

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Odoo Bridge For Magento:  If you are a managing your website on Magento and looking forward to connect it to Odoo, then our module  “Odoo Bridge For Magento” is the right choice for you. It allows the user to seamlessly combine and harness the potential of both Magento and Odoo and therefore to efficiently and effectively manage the Sales at Magento end and inventory, customers, accounting, reporting and much more at Odoo end.

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Also available for Magento2

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Odoo Bridge For Magento :  If you are a managing your website on Magento which is one of the most used and powerful E-Commerce platforms then you must be aware of its versatility and flexibility. However, since it is exclusively built for E-Commerce it lags behind when it comes to efficient inventory, accounting, and reports management.

Odoo being one of the most flexible, scalable and comprehensive ERP solutions has a strong grasp of inventory, accounting, CRM and reports management. Our module  “Odoo Bridge For Magento” allows the user to combine and harness the potential of both Magento and Odoo and therefore to efficiently and effectively manage the Sales at Magento end and inventory, customers, accounting, reporting and much more at Odoo end.

" Now also available for ODOO version 11 "

Please Note: This module is a package of two modules, one for Magento end and other for Odoo end. You need to install one file on Magento and other on Odoo end.

 Odoo Bridge For Magento Features -

  • Bidirectional product sync
  • Bidirectional category sync
  • Bidirectional order status update
  • Customer sync from Magento to odoo
  • Real-time order sync from Magento to odoo
  • Real-time inventory sync
  • Sync of Magento configurable products as odoo variants
  • Tax mapping
  • Payment mapping
  • Shipping carrier mapping
  • Compatible with Odoo POS, inventory will automatically sync at both end Magento and Odoo during order/delivery at Magento or POS

Centralized Order Management :

Magento Order :

  • Real-time order sync from Magento to odoo without any manual intervention.
  • Any order status update at odoo end will be updated at Magento also

Odoo Order :

  • The order that is processed at odoo end will affect the status of the order at Magento end.

POS Order :

  • There has been an interlinking between the POS and Magento. So, the order update at POS will be reflected at Magento also.
Centralized Order Management

Centralized Inventory management :

Delivery Order :

  • The module has been designed in such a fashion that whether the order source is Magento, odoo or POS the order delivery update on odoo, the inventory will be updated on Magento without any manual intervention.

Purchase Order / Incoming Shipment :

  • If there is any update in inventory due to purchase order or due to any incoming shipment, the inventory is updated at Magento end.

POS Order :

  • The module helps you manage the POS inventory update to be synced to odoo and Magento.
In-Depth Integration With Odoo POS

Centralized Accounting :

The module will help you manage all your invoices at one place, ie. at odoo end. Since the orders get synced from Magento to odoo thus helps to maintain the invoice very easily. All the invoice will be generated and maintained at odoo end.

Centralize Accounting

In-Depth Integration with Odoo POS :

The module is ideal if you want to manage your running Magento store and physical store simultaneously. The order status and the inventory update at either end will be reflected at the other end.

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Odoo Bridge For Magento Supported Versions -

  • Magneto 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8 , 1.9,2.x
  • Odoo V8,v9,v10 and v 11

Odoo Bridge For Magento Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here


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Posted On - February 19, 2018
Best extension to synchronise Magento with Odoo
I have used this extension the last two years and it works as described.
Before I have tested another modules from other developers and it's not the same.
But the best part is the support from developer.
Posted On - November 14, 2017 (Finland)
Complex but not complicated
Let's face it: It has not been easy. But it could've been 100 times worse. We run very complicated environment with dozens of workflows and payment methods, 11 shop and 5 countries and all related shipping methods.

We have customized MOB quite a few times, but it has offered us very complex integration which would never have been possible by building from ground up.

Instead of pure code, we have access to configurate everything and manually fix problems in the integration.
Posted On - August 9, 2017 (United Arab Emirates)
Excellent Extension and Great Support
We have used this extension for more than 6 months now and it's been a really great extension to support us to integrate with our Odoo ERP system, now as anyone knows you will always have customization work you need to implement and there will be the other great part Webkul will provide: an excellent and reliable customization service... 5 stars indeed.
Posted On - January 23, 2017
Great Extension with Great Sales Support!
In a word, "Awesome"! Developers are also helpful and punctual.
Posted On - January 23, 2017
Very efficient solution
We are now using this extension since more than one year with magento 1.9.1 and Odoo 8.
It's working like a charm and provides us a nice integrated solution.
Support is also very reactive and provides 100% solution very quickly.
Recommended !
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