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Magento OpenERP Bridge

Magento OpenERP Bridge

Tuesday, 05 February 2013
Thursday, 06 February 2014
5 stars  Total votes: 5
Price: $199.00

Addition Information

Magento OpenERP Bridge This module provides two way communication between Openerp and Magento  , Means you can synchronize data from Magento to Openerp and Openerp to Magento both.

Note : we provide free installation service with this module

Main feature
•    Sync product
•    Sync category
•    Sync Customer
•    Real time sync of orders
•    Real time update of order’s state like invoice generation /payment done/shipment done

This module is package of two modules, one for Magento ends and other for Openerp ends
You need to install one on Magento and other on Openerp
user- This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
pwd- admin123
dbname- MOB_Latest
user- admin
pwd- webkul


Change Logs

    Compatibility: 1.3,1.4,,1.4.2,1.5,1.6,1.7

Customer Reviews:

TimHoogland  (Friday, 05 April 2013)
Rating:   5
Im confident of the product and the service is excelent - My recommendation! Works well with Magento 1.7 and Openerp 7 and 6.1 (based on magento
connect rn
zeus  (Wednesday, 03 April 2013)
Rating:   5
Great product, great service. A team at the toprnWorks well on magento 1.7 and 7 Openerp (based on magento
chookafowler  (Sunday, 31 March 2013)
Rating:   5
I installed this on a fresh installation of OpenERP and a running Magento store. It installed perfectly on Magento, and though I had some issues
installing on OpenERP (through my own fault) Webkul went out of their way to help get it installed and it works perfectly. (based on magento connect
FiGadvertising  (Thursday, 28 March 2013)
Rating:   5
This is perfect Extension. I installed the Extension on Magento CE There wasn't any issues with it - all functionality appeared in admin
panel after installation. There was some issues in OpenERP - an error when I tried to install Magento extension in OpenERP Admin Panel. But this issue
was because of my OpenERP version was 6.0. I updated it to OpenERP 7.0 and it was installed smoothly. All this time I had a correspondence with
Extension support and they answered quickly, kindly and really helped me to install and configure this feature. Thanks Guys!

Last Updated: Friday, 18 April 2014 20:42

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