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Magento OpenERP Bridge

Magento OpenERP Bridge: This module provides two way communication between Openerp and Magento , Means you can synchronize data from Magento to Openerp and Openerp to Magento both.

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Magento OpenERP Bridge This module provides two way communication between Openerp and Magento , Means you can synchronize data from Magento to Openerp and Openerp to Magento both.

Note : we provide free installation service with this module

Main feature

• Sync product

• Sync category

• Sync Customer

• Real time sync of orders

• Real time update of order’s state like invoice generation /payment done/shipment done

This module is package of two modules, one for Magento ends and other for Openerp ends

You need to install one on Magento and other on Openerp




user- admin@webkul.com

pwd- admin123



dbname- MOB_Latest

user- admin

pwd- webkul

For any query or suggestion please visit our ticket support system : http://webkul.com/ticket/index.php

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Customer Reviews

Very good experienceReview by pgarcia_omitsis
The extension works perfectly. In the beginning I had some problems because I wasn't acquainted with the OpenERP. I submit a ticked and they always answered fast and resolving the problems. (Posted on 2/19/14)
Great extension with solid supportReview by doug_hvsl
Linking up Magento and OpenERP is a very complex task--but this module does a fine job of it. I think that given the complexity of both systems, it is rare to have a solution that works perfectly out of the box. This one comes close. It imported all of my finished goods into OpenERP no problem and immediately started syncing magento orders with my OpenERP system. There's a lot of leg work involved in finishing the setup of your products inside OpenERP so that the connector works 100% (each product needs an income account set up, etc.), but once you do so all will likely work well. I had some difficulties getting the totals to match up on the orders in the two systems, due to some custom and complicated discount structuring on my Magento front end. Ravi and his colleagues helped get me sorted, spending plenty of time helping me for no additional cost. Later, I paid for some extended support for troubleshooting some additional blips I experienced. It was a very reasonable cost and was money well spent.
If, like me, you're using this module at the beginning of your experience with OpenERP, I'd advise spending some time experimenting with the system before diving in. Depending on the number of products you have and whether or not you do manufacturing, the process to get OpenERP fully configured is a long one... I'm nearing the end of the tunnel now, though, and I can say that it's a wonderful system that will really improve the overall efficiency of our organization.
I would definitely recommend this extension, primarily for the quick and friendly support of the developers. Why waste your time struggling with one of the other under-developed extensions when you can have a team of engineers supporting you through the installation of this one? Yes, its initial price tag is higher than some of the other connectors, but for the support alone it is worth every penny. (Posted on 2/18/14)
GenialReview by SPASCUAL
Genial, hace, lo que tiene que hacer. No hemos tenido ningún problema con la sync. (Posted on 1/17/14)
tjcomptonReview by Great product & great support
Great little module that fits the bill if you need openerp integration, the team behind it will support you all along the way. (Posted on 11/12/13)
Great Extension with Great SupportReview by garyk76
I am very happy with the extension and the support has been absolutely amazing. I have never received this sort of service from any other developer. Will definitely get more extensions from this developer. Ravi is the man :) (Posted on 10/28/13)
Excellent Module + Support!Review by stargazer
I am more than happy with the module and the support that goes along with it! In an instant they discovered a problem in my installation and fixed it at lightning speed.
Definitely I recommend this module, and webkul generally! They are among the best professionals I have had the pleasure to work with! Absolutely great! (Posted on 9/9/13)
Fast Response for the support teamReview by engkimang
Good Response from the support team and also Vinay.
Thanks alot (Posted on 9/7/13)
Works as expected, and really great supportReview by Quantic
Support from developers was excellent, communicative and proactive.
We also paid for addon functionality, and were very satisfied with their work.
Recommended. Will look for other modules from them in the future. (Posted on 9/5/13)
Gets the Job DoneReview by guttermonk
The installation instructions could be a little clearer. For example, after you update the module list during the OpenERP addon installations, you need to click on Installed Modules to install your module (seems counter intuitive). The installation instructions consisted of several sentences with bad grammar, and no figures to help illustrate what you need to do.
Luckily, their tech support will help you see the installation and configuration all the way through. It might take a while since they are in India, and they averaged one reply a day while I installed it over the weekend. Not bad.
Overall, the software works great and Magento and OpenERP stay effortlessly synched. Until camp2camp comes out with a free module for OpenERP7 and Magento, this is the most affordable connector option on the market. Great job! (Posted on 6/17/13)
We bought it.
The first extension which worked "as it is".
With excellent support, Many Thankx to Vinay.
He is very patient, he is very experienced, he is a hard working guy. Many Thanks to All of the support team.
They made the best job I ever seen in IT branche.
And I know it very well, I am also an IT professional.
Many other suppliers should be aware - better teams like "Webkul" exist.
So, other suppliers, don't cry - work harder to come closer to the top performance of "Webkul".
Really, I will first have a look to the offers of "Webkul" before buying an extension from other suppliers.
Thank you very much for this High performance product.
CEO (Posted on 5/28/13)
Best team/module ever !Review by liviuboldis
I have looked for many months for a module that can connect with openerp and found nothing until this. I have purchased it and in 48H , i had all important data to openerp and connected to the store. All is live and instant.
I want to say that the support team is excellent. I have worked with Vinay, and i want to say that he is very good, patience and hard working.
Thank you guys for a great module and great support !
Thank you ! (Posted on 4/22/13)
Good ServiceReview by Tim Hoogland
Im confident of the product and the service is excelent - My recommendation! Works well with Magento 1.7 and Openerp 7 and 6.1 (Posted on 3/20/13)
Great product, Review by zeus software
Great product, great service. A team at the top
Works well on magento 1.7 and 7 Openerp (Posted on 3/15/13)
Super produitReview by ribann
Aprèsd quelques difficulté pour l'installer, l'équipe est super et ma aidé à l'installer.
Fonctionne super bien sur magento 1.7 et openerp 7. (Posted on 3/14/13)
This is perfectReview by Aaron Robertson
This is perfect Extension. I installed the Extension on Magento CE There wasn't any issues with it - all functionality appeared in admin panel after installation. There was some issues in OpenERP - an error when I tried to install Magento extension in OpenERP Admin Panel. But this issue was because of my OpenERP version was 6.0. I updated it to OpenERP 7.0 and it was installed smoothly. All this time I had a correspondence with Extension support and they answered quickly, kindly and really helped me to install and configure this feature. Thanks Guys! (Posted on 3/7/13)
I installed thiReview by Adam Fowler
I installed this on a fresh installation of OpenERP and a running Magento store. It installed perfectly on Magento, and though I had some issues installing on OpenERP (through my own fault) Webkul went out of their way to help get it installed and it works perfectly. (Posted on 2/25/13)

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