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    Odoo Booking & Reservation Management

    Odoo Booking & Reservation Management: Businesses dealing with time-based services can now ‘manage appointments, bookings, and reservations on your Odoo Website’. Odoo Booking and Reservation Management module makes managing your service based products easier than before. The Odoo admin can now create a New Product Type- ‘Available For Booking’ in the Odoo which act as appointment setter and reservation provider on the Odoo website for the customer. The module can be used to allow booking tickets for movies, concerts, shows etc. and fixing appointments for various businesses. Moreover, the Odoo admin can handle reservations for hotels, restaurants and other time-based services directly through his Odoo website. The customer selects a bookable product, chooses from the available date and time slots, chooses the plan (if available) and place the order to book his slot.


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    Odoo Booking & Reservation ManagementOffering Time-based services and packages demand extra attention because ‘Time Is Money’. Effective management system ensures the proper scheduling of events and their timely execution. It also reduces the wastage of customers’ time and company’s resources.

    Odoo Booking and reservation Management Module allows you to manage booking and appointments of the customers. It facilitates the creation of a new type of product- ‘Available For Booking’. These products can be made available on the website alongside the normal saleable products.

    The customers can click on the product and choose the available day for the appointment or reservation, then choose from the available time slots to place the order and confirm the booking. In addition, different plans can be added as per the requirement or seating arrangement such as Gold, Silver, etc. The orders show up in the Odoo backend and can be handled by the Odoo admin.

    The Odoo website page gets updated simultaneously as the booking slots and prices changes to display things in real-time. Thus, eliminating the need to reload the page again.

    Odoo Booking & Reservation Management Features

    • The module allows the customers to book appointments and reservations using Odoo website.
    • The Odoo admin can now create products- ‘Available For booking’ which allow the customers to book reservations and appointments with the business from the Odoo website. These products appear as a time-based service product.
    • The Odoo admin to include a start and end date for the booking while creating the product.
    • Time slots can be added as per the availability for the customers to book their slots.
    • Moreover, the maximum limit for the number of bookings/reservations from one account can be set in the Odoo backend.
    • These booking type products are displayed on the Odoo website.
    • The customers can choose the available date, time slots and the number of bookings as per his choice and place the order to confirm his booking/reservation.
    • Once the order is processed from the Odoo backend the booking is confirmed for the customer.
    • The module is AJAX powered so the page changes dynamically as the changes occur This means that it is possible to update parts of a web page, without reloading the whole page. The customers can see real-time availability for the slots making the process highly flexible and user-friendly.


    Bored From the same age old website Beige look?

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    Need For Introducing Booking And Reservation System In Odoo

    • No Double Booking

    The module allows bookings and reservations to be made only for available slots and timings.

    It highly reduces human error and eliminates the chances for double-booking.


    • Easier To Manage Than Manually Taking Appointment booking

    It is user-friendly for the customers as they can book the appointment at their convenience.

    The module reduces the efforts to call up and check for available for bookings.

    It also eliminates the time needed to travel to the place and make the reservation manually.

    Avoid long queues.

    Ease of access.


    • Efficient Management of resources

    The admin can map out the workflow according to the appointments and reservations for the day.

    Arrange Preparation by analyzing the number of bookings/reservations to avoid chaos and mismanagement.

    It allows better management of time and resources for the business.

    The data from the previous orders can be to forecast sales and run profit numbers for the next event.

    The admin can now relocate the resources to some other task rather than manual booking.

    Aspects Of Odoo Booking And Reservation System

    • Use-Case Scenarios/Real-World Applications

    The simple booking module comes handy in numerous areas of business, not just e-commerce.

    Odoo Booking and reservation module would come handy to anyone who wants to maximize time-management but not at the cost of good customer experience.

    Whether you are running a theatre, a doctor’s clinic, a travel business etc. you always need a booking system in place.


    • Choose Time Slots And Plans

    The admin can configure the time slots to be used in the booking Product.

    The time slots can be added to the product to display the run duration of the programme.


    • Real-Time Updates on the website

    The module is so designed that the data on the Odoo website for the bookings slots and time slots are updated as soon as any changes are made.

    If a customer places an order to book seats for time-slots the page refresh immediately for others too without even them realizing to indicate the new number of seats available.

    • Plans

    Plans are introduced in the module to cater to different customers.

    Dedicated Support For Odoo Booking & Reservation Management Module

    Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for your Odoo Booking & Reservation Management Module.

    For any query or issue please CREATE A TICKET HERE 

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