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    Odoo Cancel Manufacturing Orders

    Hassle-free cancellation with Odoo Cancel Manufacturing Orders!

    • Easily cancel the manufacturing order even in a Done state.

    • Cancel multiple MO for the same reason.

    • Records are deleted from the cloud when you delete them from Odoo.

    • The module automatically notifies the concerned person.

    • On MO cancellation, the components stock moves in reverse.

    • Create reasons with a sequence in the backend.


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    Odoo Cancel Manufacturing Orders: A quick step to cancel Manufacturing Orders in Odoo!

    Odoo is a perfect software to manage all the backend operations; similarly, it handles Manufacturing Order efficiently. It facilitates you to create a product using its bill of material. Manufacturing Orders can be managed ideally in Odoo as you can keep track of each detail.

    Managing Last Minute Cancellation of Manufacturing Order

    Occasionally, there are some last-minute changes in the plan; like you do not require the product anymore or the quality is not suitable, etc. However, by default, Odoo does not allow you to cancel the manufacturing Orders.

    Are you not able to cancel the Manufacturing Order?

    Odoo Cancel Manufacturing Orders facilitates you to cancel the MO. It even allows you to cancel Odoo orders even in a done state. The module helps you make the manufacturing order process sleek and streamlined by keeping in mind, there can be many reasons for last-minute cancellations. On MO cancellation, the product is disassembled and the component stock replenishes.

    Odoo Cancel Manufacturing Orders

     Odoo Cancel Manufacturing Orders Features

    Cancel Manufacturing Orders In Odoo

    • You can cancel MO in Odoo even when the Order is in the done state.
    • The component stock is replenished (reverses) when the MO is canceled.

     Bulk MO Cancellation In Odoo

    • You can cancel multiple MO by giving the same reason with the help of this module.

    Mention Reasons For Cancelling MO

    • You can manually create some common reasons with their sequence.

     Notify The Concerned Person For The Cancellation

    • The module allows you to notify the concerned person of MO.

    Detailed Information About Cancellation Reason

    • While selecting the reason, you can add a description for clarification.
    • Hence, the reason is described well.

     Reset Option In Cancel State

    • Even after the cancellation of MO, you can reset the order to reverse the stock.
    • Hence, you can reuse the stock for manufacturing other customers’ orders.

    Easy Way to Cancel Manufacturing Orders in Odoo

    • By default, you can not cancel the order in the Done state, but this module overrides the default setting of Odoo.
    • The module allows you to cancel the MO which is in the done state.
    • Once, the manufacturing order is confirmed, you can see a cancel button for order cancellation.
    • You can reverse the stock after manufacturing order cancellation.
    • Further, you can cancel multiple manufacturing orders at once by selecting the same reason.
    • Select a reason and add a description of why you want to cancel the manufacturing order.
    Easy Way to Cancel Manufacturing Orders in Odoo

     Select the Cancellation Reason

    Select the Cancellation Reason
    • Canceling Manufacturing orders without mentioning reasons can create a mess in the future.
    • While canceling the manufacturing order in Odoo, you can put up the preset reason along with the description.
    • This lets you have clear communication with the concerned person for the step taken.
    • Further, you can create new reasons for manufacturing order cancellation from the backend.
    • And you can also describe the whole reason for cancellation.
    • Other people involved in the order will get to know the reason why you canceled a manufacturing order.

    Odoo Cancel Manufacturing Orders -

    Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for Odoo Cancel Manufacturing Orders.

    For any query or issue please CREATE A TICKET HERE


    Product Version1.0.0
    Released3 years ago
    CategoryOdoo AppsTool
    Last UpdatedDecember 8, 2023 (5 months ago)
    Supported VersionsOdoo  13.x  14.x  15.x  16.x  17.x  
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