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    Odoo Employee Evaluation Management

    Odoo Employee Evaluation ManagementTimely and unbiased employee performance reviews not only help to increase productivity but also boost employees' morale to perform better. The module offers an effective stand-alone solution to create and document periodic performance reviews of the employees. The module works on employee job position level. Set and save review questions on the basis of job positions. This ensures that reports of the same employees have the same questions, making it more transparent. The questions cannot be changed in an employee report ensuring unbiased markings. The module also saves every evaluation report in Odoo for future reference during appraisals, promotions, etc.

    Odoo Employee Evaluation Management Odoo Employee Evaluation Management Odoo Employee Evaluation Management Odoo Employee Evaluation Management Odoo Employee Evaluation Management Odoo Employee Evaluation Management Odoo Employee Evaluation Management Odoo Employee Evaluation Management Odoo Employee Evaluation Management Odoo Employee Evaluation Management
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    Odoo Employee Evaluation Management:  Performance review is a powerful tool to assess the efficiency of your employees and find the areas for improvement.

    Over 90% of the employees want regular feedback from their managers. Regular feedback and review help not only employers but employees in improving the performance.

    According to CEB, 95% of managers are not satisfied with traditional performance management.

    So it is imperative to have the correct assessment tool in your organization

    Why do you need a good performance review system:

    Over 59% of employees think that traditional performance reviews have no impact on their personal performance.

    • A review system should address the right questions.
    • Unbiased employee performance evaluation and reviews impart confidence in employees to work harder.
    • It should correctly project the efficiency of the staff to the employee.

    What Does the Odoo Employee Evaluation System Offers?

    • It offers the stand-alone tool to create and manage impartial evaluation reports of employees.
    • Since the evaluation is based on job-position, employees holding the same designation are evaluated on equal grounds.
    • The questions in a generated report cannot be changed by anyone making it fair and transparent.
    • The reports can be generated for weekly, monthly, yearly employee reviews as desired.
    • Use the review reports during promotions, appraisal, etc.

     Odoo Employee Evaluation Management Features

    Install Employee Performance System in Odoo

    • The module adds a complete employee evaluation manager in your Odoo.
    • You can now assess and get feedback on performance reports from managers.

     Create Your Own Assessment questions For Each Job Position

    • You can add feedback questions templates according to different job positions.
    • Each job position can have questions set to be used in evaluation reports.
    • There are 7 answer input types to choose from for each question.
    • For example; multiple-choice, text type answer, Datetime, numerical, etc.

    Create Odoo Evaluation report for each employee

    • The Employee can create an evaluation report for himself.
    • The manager can create evaluation reports for his team.
    • The report can be created for the desired time-period like weekly, monthly, etc.
    • The questions are automatically added to the report after selecting the job designation.

     Shows work hour summary of the employee in the Evaluation report

    • The report automatically shows the employee’s working hour summary for the selected period.
    • This helps the manager in proper cross-checking while answering the questions.

    Manager Control on Reports Approval

    • Employees can only create and submit their reports. They cannot answer the questions.
    • Only the manager can approve the evaluation report.
    • The Manager needs to answer all the questions in the employee evaluation report before approving it.

     Project Manager Control on Reports Done State

    • Once reports are approved, only the project manager can put the reports to Done status.

     Create Employee Review Reports for any time period

    • You can get evaluation reports for any desired valid time period iu.e. Weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually.
    • The working summary is auto-filled of the employee once the period is selected along with the task list.

     Promote Transparency During Odoo employee performance Reviews

    • You can create one question template for each job position.
    • The question list is loaded in the report automatically when the employee is added as per his designation.
    • The questions cannot be changed in a generated report.
    • This means each job position employee is rated on the same set level promoting transparency and unbiasedness.
    • The managed needs to answer the questions before submitting the reports

     Dedicated Support For Your Odoo Employee Evaluation Management Module

    Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for your Odoo Employee Evaluation Management Module.

    For any query or issue please CREATE A TICKET HERE

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