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    Odoo User Login Security

    Odoo User Login Security is a feature-packed module to assure user logins are secure to prevent cyber crimes like identity theft.

    • Monitor, track, and manage login sessions and activity in Odoo.

    • Track necessary Odoo login activities from the dashboard.

    • Enhances login security and configures the settings manually.

    • It Sends alerts automatically to the registered email.

    • End suspicious sessions from the backend with a click.

    • It helps protect your Odoo from Brute-force attacks.

    Odoo User Login Security Odoo User Login Security Odoo User Login Security Odoo User Login Security Odoo User Login Security Odoo User Login Security Odoo User Login Security Odoo User Login Security Odoo User Login Security Odoo User Login Security
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    Complete login control with Odoo User Login Security!

    Cyber security is one of the major concerns of the modern world. Every day millions of dollars worth of data is stolen from platforms. According to Cybersecurity Ventures, global cybercrime costs are growing by 15% annually for the next five years, reaching 10.5 trillion USD by 2025. The risk is not just to banking data but also the private individual data.

    Odoo User Login Security is featured packed to assure user logins are secure and prevent cyber crimes like identity theft. Specify the maximum attempts permitted to reset passwords in an hour and the time validity of the password reset URL.

    Glance to the Informative Odoo User Login Security Dashboard!

    Easily track session details with the improved dashboard. The dashboard offers data cards and a Pie chart to check session details per browser.

    Improved User Session Management

    • Configure settings from the Odoo backend and manage session log in a unique tab. Also, delete inactive sessions after the mentioned time.
    • Know the detailed information of a session, like a browser name, operating system, IP address, etc. End the suspicious session with just a click.
    • Whether it’s IP-based security or multiple login attempt failure, the module has solutions for every login security problem.
    • Get a login alert if someone tries to log in with the wrong password or tries to log in via a new IP address.
    • If required, you can end all the sessions on all browsers with a single click.

    A step towards secure login to your Odoo!

    Odoo is the sole solution for all your business problems. Thus, it may contain all your business data that surely needs security. Odoo User Login Security is the step toward a better and more secure account login.

    Odoo User Login Security

     Prerequisite for Odoo User Login Security

    Odoo User Login Security’s Two-factor authentication requires you to install the Google Authenticator app on your mobile phone to generate a 6-digit validation code to log in to your account.

     Odoo User Login Security Features

    Clickable Data Cards on the Dashboard

    • Get login session data such as browser name, operating system, username, IP address, and date.
    • Data cards redirect you to the session log page.

     Pie chart for Session Status Visualization

    • Clear and concise pie chart of session data and history for Odoo.
    • See the session status data like Logged in, logged out, timeout, terminated, and login failed.

    Check Session Details Per Browser

    • View the number of total sessions and active sessions.
    • Click to get directed to the session logs of the browser.

     Manage Session and Session Logs

    • Clear inactive sessions automatically after the defined time.
    • End any session from settings.
    • Kill all the sessions together just with a click.

    Password Reset Configuration for Better Security

    • Add the total number of allowed password reset requests per hour.
    • Set the expiry time of the password recovery URL (in hours).

     Set the Password Age to Stop the Intruders

    • Set the time for the expiry of a password in days.
    • Recommend or force the user to reset the password after the password expires.

    Configure Session Timeout

    • Specify whether you can create multiple sessions for the same account or not.
    • Set the lifetime of a session in seconds to terminate the session automatically.

     Enable/Disable Automatic Emails on Predefined Actions

    • Enable/disable login alert on account access from any browser for the first time.
    • Enable/disable login alert if the user tries to log in by entering the wrong password.
    • Send mail on unrecognized login when someone tries to log in via unrecognized IP.

    Configure Failed Login Attempts Settings

    • Specify the number of password reset requests allowed in an hour.
    • Set the hours for the recovery link expiry period.

     Added Two-Factor Authentication while Logging in

    • The module is compatible with 2FA for better security.
    • Implement session management for two-factor authentication in Odoo.

    Improved Odoo User Login Security Dashboard

    Data Cards Based on Browsers

    • Differentiate data cards based on browser names.
    • Each data card shows the total active sessions of the particular browser.
    • Navigate to the filtered sessions per browser via data cards.

    Recent Active Login Data Cards

    • Get session details like browser name, platform, user name, IP address, and date.
    • Click the data card to get detailed information about the session.

    Pie Chart to Track Session by Status

    • Track session stages via the pie chart.
    • Filter action for status in the dashboard pie chart.
    User login security dashbaord

    Odoo User Login Security

    Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for Odoo User Login Security.

    For any query or issue please CREATE A TICKET HERE


    Product Version1.0.4
    Released4 years ago
    CategoryOdoo AppsTool
    Last UpdatedMay 24, 2024 (1 month ago)
    Supported VersionsOdoo  12.x  13.x  14.x  15.x  16.x  17.x  
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