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Odoo Website Subscription Management

ODOO 12 Compatible

Odoo Website Subscription Management

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Odoo Website Subscription Management: Display subscription products on Odoo website. The most requested addition to the Odoo subscription Management plugin, Odoo Website Subscription module brings the subscription services to your Odoo website. The module work in conjunction with Odoo subscription module. It allows the customers to subscribe for various products and services directly from the Odoo website. The customers can choose the subscription plans and place the order from the website. The list of purchased subscription plans and their details is available for the customers in their Odoo website account.


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Odoo Website Subscription Management: Subscription services are taking the market by storm as more and more customers are enrolling into various subscription-based services.

Whether the category is groceries, health-care products or entertainment industry, every service is providing some sort of subscription plans with offers like free delivery and exclusive content to the customers.

The shift from conventional retail purchase to subscription-based services attributes towards the convenience and advancements in logistics and e-commerce technology.

While Odoo subscription module allows providing the subscription services to the customers from the Odoo backend, Odoo website subscription management module allows you to display the subscription-based products on the Odoo website.

The customers can then simply add the products to the cart and place the order to avail the subscription plan for that product or service.

The available plans and their respective details are available on the products page.

The list of all the purchased subscription products is visible in the customer’s Odoo website account. The customer can see the details of a plan, start date, number of the billing cycle, due date, etc.

The module also allows the customers to renew and cancel a purchased subscription plan from their website account.


Please Note: Odoo website subscription management module is dependent on the Odoo subscription Management module. The latter needs to be installed for Odoo website Subscription management to work properly.

Odoo Website Subscription Management Features

  • The module adds the functionality to provide subscription-based services/products on the Odoo website.
  • The Odoo admin can publish subscription-based services and products on the Odoo website.
  • The product page on the website shows the details of the subscription plans available for that product.
  • The customers can select the desired plan for a product/service and place the order from Odoo website. Once the order is confirmed, the subscription plan becomes active.
  • The customer can view the list of all the purchased subscription plan (current and previous) in their Odoo website account.
  • The module also facilitates the customers to renew and cancel a subscription plan directly from their website account.

The Paradigm shifts towards Subscription services in 2019

According to a Survey by Mckinsey, the subscription e-commerce market has grown by more than 100% percent a year over the past five years, with the largest retailers generating revenue more than $2.6B in 2016, up from $ 57.0M in 2011.

Comparing subscription to the boon for businesses is not wrong because it is helping businesses to increase their revenue. Busy schedules are engaging people to go for the product or services that are easy to avail.

  • There is nothing better than the subscription services to make it convenient for the customers to buy products and avail services. Customers find it easy to avail subscription-based services as it keeps them away from the hassle of re-ordering products at regular intervals.

Surely, your ODOO website needs to add the subscription module to gain business profits.

  • It helps you to predict the revenue of your business. You can study and forecast the income according to the number of running subscriptions for the products or services
  • As the customers are drawn towards convenience, it helps to develop strong relationships with the clients as they get the goods and services without facing discontinuity.
  • Today, the customers find availing subscription-based services convenient they never let the customers run out of product or have their services suspended.

Dedicated Support For Your Odoo Website Subscription Management Module

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