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Prestashop Marketplace Mangopay Payment

Prestashop 1.7 Compatible

Prestashop Marketplace Mangopay Payment

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Prestashop Marketplace Mangopay Payment : Prestashop Marketplace Mangopay payment will allow admin/sellers to accept the payment through Mangopay payment gateway. This module is useful when admin wants the payment split as soon as buyer pays.


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Prestashop Marketplace Mangopay Payment - Prestashop Marketplace Mangopay payment will allow admin/sellers to accept the payment through Mangopay payment gateway. This module is useful when admin wants the payment split as soon as buyer pays.Buyers may be or may not be redirected to another site to proceed the payment depending on the setting made by admin. With this module admin and sellers can manage the refund. Admin as well as seller can even payout the wallet amount to their bank account using module. The seller shares will be transferred to seller’s wallet and the admin share will be transferred to the admin’s wallet. In case seller’s wallet not found, then whole amount goes to the admin.

Note : This module is an add-on of marketplace module. To use this module you have to first install  Prestashop Advanced Marketplace

Prestashop Marketplace Mangopay Payment Features -

  • Mangopay payment method added to your site.
  • Seller has to save their country for Mangopay wallet in admin’s Mangopay account.
  • Transactions can be done only on allowed currencies.
  • Can select multiple credit card type.
  • Can use module for test as well as live mode.
  • Can set desired title which will be displayed to buyers.
  • Can view transaction details on Mangopay account.
  • At the time of payment, amount will be credited to seller’s wallet and admin’s wallet.
  • Payment processing is faster.
  • Wallets will be generated at Mangopay end as per the currency selected in the “allowed currency” in configuration. Single user may have multiple wallets.
  • Enable/disable field to delete the Mangopay data at the time of un-installation of module.
  • Select transaction order status either as “payment accepted” or “delivered” to manage the Mangopay transfer from customer/PayIn wallet to admin’s/sellers wallet.
  • Select payment type either as “direct payment” or “PayIn web”
  • If selected payment type is PayIn web, then buyer will be redirected to Mangopay secured payment page.
  • If selected payment type is direct payment, then buyer will not be redirected to other site for payment.
  • Allow/disallow sellers to payout their wallet amount to their bank account.
  • Allow/disallow sellers to refund the order amount.
  • Allow/disallow sellers to provide their bank account details.
  • Admin can manage refund as well as payout process through module.
  • Admin can manage refund from Mangopay PayIn and Mangopay Transfer while sellers can manage the refund from Mangopay transfer only.
  • Admin as well as sellers can add multiple bank account details.
  • Admin can even add bank details for sellers from back-end.
  • Admin can view the list of all the bank accounts added by sellers on seller detail page.
  • To add bank details, admin/sellers has to select the account type from the predefined list.
  • Depending on the account type selected, fields will be shown to the admin/seller to be filled on add account page.
  • Using “Mangopay Payout” tab, admin can transfer the wallet balance to their account. Admin can select any of the added account from the dropdown.
  • Using “Mangopay Wallet Cash Out” tab sellers can payout their own wallet amount to their saved bank accounts.
  • Using “Manage Seller Payout” button on “Manage Seller Bank Details”, admin can payout sellers wallet amount to sellers bank account.
  • As per the allowed currency selected in the configuration, the available wallet amount will be shown to the admin/seller on payout page.
  • The payout page will have pre-filled  author id & wallet id of associated wallet.
  • While payout admin has to specify the Mangopay fees also.
  • List of transactions in “admin’s wallet & “payin wallet” will be available to admin.
  • Depending on the “transaction order status” selected, the order amount will be added in the list of transactions of “admin’s wallet” and “payin wallet”.
  • Admin can refund the admin’s/seller’s wallet amount to payin/customer wallet from the module.
  • Admin can also refund the full/partial amount from payin wallet to customer account.
  • Sellers can also refund the order amount to customer’s Mangopay wallet.

Please refer this link to view the French counterpart of this module : Prestashop Marketplace Mangopay Paiement

Prestashop Marketplace Mangopay Payment Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here


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