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    Prestashop Marketplace PayPal Commerce

    Prestashop Marketplace PayPal Commerce: Integrate a full fledged payment solution for your marketplace with PayPal commerce & allow sellers of your marketplace accept payment via PayPal. PayPal commerce enhances the capability of marketplaces by integrating smooth & flexible solution for easy payment processing. Some significant features of the module like multiple disbursal modes(Instant & Delayed), refund processing makes it even more useful & handy.


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    Prestashop Marketplace PayPal Commerce - Payment methods are an integral part of any eCommerce store. There can be some really disturbing revenue figures if you analyze the cart abandonment causing due to Payment failures. And, I firmly believe that no merchant wants to miss out on sales only because of an ineffective payment system. So, only to integrate your marketplace with a more safe, secure and feature-rich payment method, this time we are here with Prestashop Marketplace PayPal Commerce module.

    PayPal commerce has made the process of payment, settlement of dues between admin and seller much easier & convenient. Apart from this, the PayPal policies for fraud prevention, customer data protection make it even more popular & say clearly for its extensive use across the globe.

    The module also provides some unique features like multiple payment disbursal modes for sellers, refund processing & transaction history. Apart from this, you also get to use the module in Sandbox as well as Live mode.

    Important Note

    • PayPal Commerce Platform is currently available to approved partners. In order to use this module, you must have verified PayPal Business account and zero wallet balance and no further transactions in the account.
    • Also, fill the PayPal Commerce Platform – Questionnaire to provide information about your business model.
    • A customer can checkout with a maximum of 10 sellers in the cart. And, each seller can have multiple products.
    • PayPal Commerce Platform (PCP) is currently available in the following countries: US, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Canada, Austria, Germany, Ireland.


      • This module is an add-on to a marketplace module. To use this module, you must install PrestaShop Advanced Multi-Vendor Marketplace first.
      • Prestashop Marketplace PayPal Commerce module is MultiShop Compatible with PrestaShop Advanced Multi-Vendor Marketplace version 5.4.0/3.4.0 and above.

    Highlighted Features

     Disbursement Modes

    Store owners get two disbursement modes to release the seller's amount i.e. Instant & Delayed.

     A Safe & Reliable Payment Gateway

    PayPal is one of the most used payment methods cause of its outstanding services & security features.

     Transaction History

    History of all the transactions made by the customer for various sellers products is available at admin's end.

     Multiple Payment Options

    Customers can pay the order amount via credit/debit card, PayPal credit etc.

    Prestashop Marketplace PayPal Commerce Features -

    • A new payment method is added to the store.
    • Use the module in the sandbox as well as live mode.
    • The payment distribution occurs on the basis of commission setting configuration.
    • Admin can easily manage the refund from his end.
    • Make partial as well as a full refund to the customer.
    • The module supports both instant & delayed payments disbursement mode.
    • In order to receive the payment, seller must onboard to PayPal.
    • View list of all the sellers who onboarded PayPal.
    • The list of all the PayPal transactions is also available at admin’s end.

    PayPal Solution Provider

    PayPal is one of the world's leading online payment company and Webkul is proudly partnered with PayPal to develop customized payment solutions for e-commerce stores, marketplaces, mobile apps, and other platforms.

    Webkul as PayPal's Preferred Developer & System Integrator solution, aims to help clients from all across the globe to grow their businesses. We also provide end-to-end assistance, development, and integration to design flexible solutions with PayPal products and services. Apart from this, PayPal enables you to:

    • Accept 100+ currencies from local and international customers.
    • Safeguard the transactions with Seller Protection and PCI Compliance.
    • Enhance customer experience with fraud prevention, dispute resolution, and 24x7 transaction monitoring.
    PayPal Solution Provider

    How PayPal Commerce Integration to Marketplace is beneficial?

    After setting up a marketplace, one of the prime concern of the marketplace owners is related to the payment. They want to integrate a payment gateway that ensures safe & secure transaction. It’s a very well known fact that no customer wants to lose his/her hard-earned money to some payment fraud while shopping online. In case, if it happens, not only the merchant loses the customers trust forever but also lost a chance to make a sale that was to happen for sure.

    Here, the integration of PayPal commerce module will ensure a safe & secure transaction. Now, a customer will no longer need to worry about payment fraud that may happen while making the payment. This way, it not only establishes a sense of trust in the customer’s mind but the customer will also consider buying from the shop next time.

    Get the Client ID & Client Secret

    In order to effectively use this module, one must get the client ID & Client Secret. PayPal provides separate keys for sandbox & live modes. To get the keys, follow the following steps.

    • Visit the PayPal website & login to your account.
    • Now, go to “My Apps & Credentials” section & proceed to create an app.
    • Enter the name of the app & click on the create app button.
    • After creating the app, you will get the client ID & client secret.
    API Keys

    Multiple Disbursal Modes

    This is one of the significant features of the module and its usefulness can not be stressed enough. The functionality to clear out or settle the dues as per the convenience is making the work a lot easier for the store owners. Due to this, they no longer need to worry about it. Now, they can easily use any one of the methods to settle the dues keeping in mind the available store funds.

    Now, when we have talked enough about the benefits of those methods. Let’s see what exactly those methods are called & their benefits individually. The two methods provided by the module to clear out the dues are Instant & Delayed.

    • Instant: This method as the name suggests helps store owners to transfer the funds to seller PayPal account instantaneously. If the store has enough reserve funds available all the time, then a store owner can really use this method to transfer the funds as soon as the customer makes the payment for the order.
    • Delayed: The name is already very much self-explanatory. Although, let’s see how it works? If the disbursal mode is set to delayed then it's on the admin decision that when to transfer the funds. It is particularly useful for the store not having a large sum of reserve funds. Using it will enable the store owner to transfer the funds when accounts allow.
    Disbursal Modes

    Easily Make Refunds

    The module also provides the functionality of initiating refunds. These days the method to initiate & manage refund data is very much crucial for any payment module. It becomes necessary as returns are either frequent or common in eCommerce. Generally, eCommerce handles more return than any brick & mortar shop. And, it will be safe to say that an easy return policy is one of the reasons that encourage customers to buy from any online shop.

    Coming back to refund functionality, the module helps store owners to make two types of refunds. The first is partial refund & the second is full refund of the order value.

    • Partial Refund: This method allows store oners to refund a part of the order value to the customer. This is particularly beneficial when you are trying to offer any voucher against the return & the customer is adamant on taking the full return. Along the process, there might be a case when the customer settles for some money along with the voucher. This way, you manage to make up some part of lost sales as the customer will buy again in order to use the voucher.
    • Full Refund: Using this method you are returning the whole order amount to the customer to his/her PayPal account. This refund will be credited back to the same PayPal account via which the customer has made the payment.
    PayPal Refund

    Multiple Seller’s Product Checkout

    This is one of the functionalities of the module that makes it to stand out & make it even more feature-rich. Due to this, now customers can add the product of multiple sellers & proceed to checkout with all of them at once.

    The module allows customers to checkout with products of maximum of 10 sellers in one go. This functionality not only saves time but helps customers to buy a range of products offered by multiple sellers. Now customers no longer need to checkout with products of each seller one by one.

    Multiple Seller Checkout

    Prestashop Marketplace PayPal Commerce Support -

    For any kind of query or issue, please create a support ticket here:

    Also, don't forget to check our quality range of PrestaShop Addons.

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