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      WordPress, 5.3.x, WooCommerce, 3.8.x

      Event Manager Plugin for WordPress WooCommerce

      Event Manager Plugin: WordPress WooCommerce Event Manager facilitates the store owner to add events into the store. The admin can define the various type of tickets as well. He can add price and the quantity as well for the tickets. The user can synchronize the event to his Google Calendar also. A different page will be created where all the events will be listed.

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      Event Manager Plugin: With the help of this module, the store owner can add various events to the WooCommerce store. The store owner can create various type of tickets for the events. The customer can synchronize the events with Google Calendar with ease. The events will be listed under a single section. The customer can view the location of the particular event through Google Maps.

      Note: If you require the following functionality to be integrated into your Marketplace Website, then you can check the following Marketplace Event Manager for WooCommerce.

      Highlighted Features

       Event Reminders

      The customer can add the events to the Google calendar for reminders

       Custom Ticket Types

      The admin can create multiple tickets types with variable price and stock.

       View Event Locations

      The customer can view the exact location on the Google Maps on which the event will occur.

       Special Pricing

      The admin can set the special pricing for the events for a limited period of time.

      Why should you buy this module?

      As technology is getting advanced day by day more and more things are getting into the market. With this module, you can easily purchase the ticket or pass for your favorite show or event or concert within a few clicks. Thus reducing the hassle of the customers by getting in lines to purchase the tickets of their favorite events or concerts.

      The customer can even add the event to Google Calendar which will help them remember the event they have booked. The module also offers a navigation option via which the customer can locate the events on the Google Maps.

      Integrating Event Manager

      The admin can easily incorporate the event manager into the WooCommerce store. The admin can customize the following options:

      • The admin needs to configure the Google API Project Credentials.
      • The admin can set the time zone for the Google calendar as desired.
      • The admin needs to add the client id, secret key, and redirect URL.
       Integrating Event Manager

      Creating E-Ticket

      The admin can create any number of events to the store. You can provide the following information about the event.

      • The admin can set the regular price or the sales price for the particular event.
      • The admin can set the periods for which the sales price validates.
      • The admin can set the SKU, stock quantity for the products.
      • The admin can configure to have a backorder to added or not.
      • If the admin wants can set the configuration as to whether the single product is to be brought in with single order.
      • The admin can set the custom duration time for which the product is validated.
      • The admin can set custom event location.
      • Multiple ticket types can be created by the admin and respective stocks, price and sort orders can be set.
       Creating E-Ticket

      Event Products

      After the products are configured in the backend, the events will be displayed under the Upcoming events.

      • The customer can order the ticket by clicking over the buy ticket option.
      • The customer can also add the event to the Google calendar by clicking on the add event.
      • The customer will be notified as the event date approaches.
      • If the event has multiple ticket types, then the customer selects the particular ticket type, and respective price of that particular ticket will be added.
       Event Products


      • The store owner can add events to the store.
      • He can add different types of tickets and can define the price and quantity as well.
      • The user can synchronize the event details to his Google Calendar in a single click.
      • All the events will be listed under upcoming events.
      • The user can check the event location in Google Map in a single click.


      For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

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       Frequently Asked Questions

       Can the admin set the event duration period for the products?
      Yes, the admin can set the event duration period for the products.
       Can any customer add the event to the Google calendar?
      The customer must have an active account on Google to add the event on the Calendar.
        What type of Security or access protocol is used?
      The OAuth authentication is used for the client's id.
       Event product comes under which product type?
      The Event products come under the virtual product type.
       Which module is best for adding the event?
      WooCommerce Event Manager serves the best for the purpuse for the adding event products.

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