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    Akeneo Configurable Product Importer

    The module allows importing a large number of configurable product variants to another configurable product.

    • Create duplicate variants of any configurable product.

    • Can import N number of variants in no time

    • Can create a copy for the product variants of the same family.

    • Choose the configurable product and variants that need to to be copied.

    Akeneo Configurable Product Importer Akeneo Configurable Product Importer Akeneo Configurable Product Importer Akeneo Configurable Product Importer Akeneo Configurable Product Importer
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    Akeneo Configurable Product Importer: This module allows the admin to create a copy for the variants of any configurable product to another configurable product within the same family.

    The admin can select the product and the variants that need to import into the product and can run the import job for the configurable product variants to copy them.

    Akeneo Configurable Product Importer

    Highlighted Features

     Product Type

    Akeneo Configurable Product Importer supports product model types of products.

     Multiple Product Variants

    The user can import multiple product variants using this module.

     Mapping for Configurable Products

    With the aid of this extension, users will create the mapping for configurable products.

     Saves Time

    It saves a lot of time for the admin, which could have been spent on the tedious task of creating variants of the product.

    Why Integrate Akeneo Configurable Product Importer?

    When managing your store, users often need to copy product variants. Creating new variants again and again with the same settings can be time-consuming.

    We created Akeneo Configurable Product Importer to free up users’ time for more important tasks. Users no longer need to manually create duplicate product variants in Akeneo.

    A large number of configurable product variants can be imported into another configurable product using this module.

    Import Product Variants

    The product variant attributes and information are created when the product model is added to Akeneo.

    The variant product obtains all of the product information's features.

    • With the help of this module, users can import variants to the model product.
    • Any configurable product can have multiple variants created by the user.
    • The users can copy configurable product variants by running the import job.
    • In a short period of time, the user can import an unlimited number of product variants.
    • The module also copies product variant images.
    Import Product Variants

    Copy Selective Product Variants

    The Akeneo Configurable Product Importer allows users to quickly create clones of product variants in the configurable products.

    • The module saves the users a lot of time that could have been spent on the time-consuming task of creating the product variants.
    • A copy of a product variant from the same family can be created by the user.
    • Allow users to create multiple product variants in a time-saving manner.
    • Users can select only the variants which they need to import.
    Copy Selective Product Variants

    Mapping Template

    The users can map the product models with variants that they want to import into the product.

    • Akeneo Configurable Product Importer imports product variants in a matter of seconds.
    • Variant product mappings can also be created by the users.
    • The users can create mappings for multiple product models.
    Mapping Template

    Akeneo 5.0.x Compatible

    • There are 5 major changes Automation, Governance, Quality, Connectivity, and Productivity in this latest version Akeneo 5.x came with.
    • Enhancements in the new Akeneo feature are like new import/export capabilities, an enhanced user experience on our product grid, and a more insightful process tracker that will increase productivity.
    • Enrich product data collection like New associations types, Enrichment in the variant products, Enhanced measurement families
    • Moreover, with the new Akeneo, it will be easier to manage the data quality with the new revamped data quality dashboard, spell-check modifications, and new “Missing image” rules
    • We have made all our Akeneo modules compatible with Akeneo 5.0.x and for a better experience, Akeneo implemented a new API, known as the “Events API” to better integrate the third-party application.
    Akeneo 5.0.x Compatible


    For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here

    You may also check our quality Akeneo Extensions.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

     How beneficial is the Akeneo Configurable Product Importer module beneficial for customers?
    A large number of configurable product variants can be imported into another configurable product using this module which saves a lot of users time.
     Will this module operate on how many Akeneo instances?
    The Akeneo Configurable Product Importer module is limited to a single Akeneo instance. You must purchase the module again if you want to use it on additional Akeneo instances.
     Will the Akeneo Configurable Product Importer module receive free upgrades with new features?
    Yes, our modules come with free lifetime updates. We are always working on bug repairs and upgrades; please refer to the changelog and request a module update.
     Is this module compatible with both Simple and Configurable products?
    The Akeneo Configurable Product Importer is compatible with configurable products only.
     Is this addon compatible with Akeneo 5.0?
    The following extension is Akeneo 5.0 compatible.

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    Version 1.0.0
    • - Compatible with Akeneo 5
    • - Import your created variants to other product models.