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eBay Akeneo Connector

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eBay Akeneo Connector: With the help of eBay Akeneo Connector, you can create a product listing on eBay marketplace using Akeneo PIM platform. eBay-Akeneo integration allows you to manage thousands of products easily. You can connect your eBay store using multiple credentials, map categories, product attributes and do much more using multichannel PIM integration.


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eBay Akeneo Connector: With the help of eBay Akeneo Connector, you can create a product listing on eBay marketplace using Akeneo PIM platform. eBay-Akeneo integration allows you to manage thousands of products easily. You can connect your eBay store using multiple credentials, map categories, product attributes and do much more using multichannel PIM integration.

Please Note - eBay Akeneo Connector module is compatible with Community Edition, Enterprise Edition, and Cloud (PaaS/Flexibility) Edition of Akeneo.


  • List your products and product with variations on eBay from Akeneo
  • Works with multiple eBay account credentials
  • You can map Akeneo categories with eBay categories
  • You can map Akeneo product attributes with eBay product attributes
  • Set the default configuration value

Attributes Mapping

An attribute tells the characteristics of a product. It is used to share more information with the customer for purchasing of goods. The product attributes can be the physical or technical characteristics of the products.

For example, a mobile phone keeps both types of features technical and physical. Physical attributes are like color, weight and technical attributes are like Camera quality and Mobile storage.

In eBay Akeneo connector, you can map the attribute for send the product information from Akeneo to eBay. You can also send the images as an attribute and some item-specific attributes like colors, weight.

  • It synchronizes Akeneo attribute mapping fields to eBay product fields mapping.
  • You can send item-specific attributes
 Attributes Mapping

Connect Multiple eBay Accounts

If you are running multiple eBay account, you can connect them with Akeneo and do product synchronization simultaneously. For this, you have to set the credentials and named it.

In the credential setup fields, you can see all the credential saved by you. You can activate and deactivate those credentials.

In the credential, you can mention the details like common details, Listing details, Dispatch details, return policy, and shipping.

  • You can send the product to different eBay account.
  •  You can set the common details for each account.
 Connect Multiple eBay Accounts

Categories Mapping

Category mapping allows you to link your Akeneo product categories to appropriate categories on eBay. Mapping of Akeneo categories with the eBay categories will save your time while listing of the products.

Category mapping is the easiest way to check that the product is listed in the eBay category or not. For the mapping of product category, you have to first map the primary eBay category and then its child category.

  • Category mapping helps you in the product listing.
  • It reduces the product export time.
 Categories Mapping

Variant product export

In Akeneo to eBay connector, you can add product variant and export it to eBay.

Variant products are the product that comes in the more than one option such as color and size. Each combination of these creates a new product.

For example, if you have two clothes option like color and size. You have three colors red, green, and blue.

You have also three sizes option small, medium and large. Then the combination of color and size makes a variant product like the blue color and medium size.

  • You can export more than one product listing with a single product.
  • You can save more time than create a single product.
 Variant product export

Filter the product

Product filtering allows the merchant to refine product while exporting from the Akeneo to eBay. A merchant can export the selected product.

You can filter your product on the basis of Family, Time condition, and Category.

  • Family – You can select the product family which is indicating similar products.
  • Time Condition – You can filter the product on the time like - Updated product from since this date.
  • Category – You can filter the product on the basis of product category and sub-categories.
 Filter the product

Akeneo 3.0 and 3.1 Compatible

Akeneo 3.0 (Akeneo 3.1) is Long Term Supported (LTS) version which includes three main terms:

  • Managing reference entities,
  • Support for Single Sign-On, and
  • Performance improvements.

Akeneo has done some technical improvements like:

  • Elasticsearch 6.5.4 Support,
  • PHP 7.2 Support, and
  • MySQL Encoding (Utf8mb4) Support.

Now it is easy to load 1,000,000 products and 20,000 categories in two seconds in Akeneo grid. Also, export 100 products in 10 min (with images + reindexing) for two store views.

We have made all our Akeneo modules compatible with Akeneo 3.0 & 3.1. And implemented RabbitMQ to make the export process faster.

We have added Automated Process to export products using automate CSV upload and made it work with Akeneo Community and Enterprise editions with latest features.

Akeneo 3.0 and 3.1 Compatible


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here


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 Some Frequently Asked Questions for eBay Akeneo Connector

 Q1- On how many Akeneo instances, will this module work?
A1-  The module will work for one Akeneo instance only. For using this module on multiple Akeneo instances, you need to purchase the module again. Please read our license policy -
 Q2- Will I get free updates with new features for this module?
A2- Yes, we do provide free lifetime updates for our modules. We constantly work on the bug fixes and updates, please keep on checking the changelog and ask for module update. Please note - Webkul will not be responsible for any loss of data while updating, please take a backup accordingly.
 Q3- I'm running an old version of Akeneo, will this module work for me?
A3- The module is compatible with Akeneo version 2.2.x and later. We advise you to please upgrade your Akeneo version. In case you are using an older version of Akeneo, please contact


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  • + Features
  • - Bugs
Version 1.0.2
  • + Support for Akeneo 3.X
Version 1.0.0
  • + List your Product and Product with variations to eBay
  • + Work with Multi Credentials
  • + Map Akeneo Categories with the eBay Categories
  • + Map Akeneo Attributes with the eBay Attributes
  • + Set the Default Configuration value