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Quote System for WordPress WooCommerce
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Quote System for WordPress WooCommerce: The plugin WordPress WooCommerce Quote System provides the functionality to the store owner or the admin to allow the customer to quote their products. The admin can enable the quote system for their products. After that, a customer can send quotation request of the products to the admin.

This plugin is very useful to order the products in bulk from the store. Using this plugin a customer can also communicate with the admin for their queries.

Highlighted Features

 Add Quotation Button To Product

The Store owner can enable the quote status for any product.

 Unique User Experience

The admin offers a unique quote for the customers on every quotation requested.

 Easy Product Quote

The customer can quote a product from the product page.

 Attach Files To Quote Request

The customers can add images and files to their quote request.

Why use this module?

In brick and mortar stores, it is easy to bargain and ask for price negotiation. And if the store owner finds the negotiated price profitable, he sells off the item at the price offered by the customer. But in e-commerce stores, customers don’t have a way out to negotiate the prices thereby leaving the e-store when they find higher prices and search other online stores with better price offerings.

Therefore, the Quote System module for WordPress WooCommerce allows you to add a price quotation feature into your Wocommerce store which lets your customers quote for prices. This way your customers will easily negotiate using this quote system. The module will let the customers bargain right on your website and motivate customers to bulk purchase with the best prices which will be a mutual advantage for the buyer and store owner.

Adding Quote System to Product

On the front-end, the admin the quote feature for any of their product. The admin can do this when creating a new product or can enable/disable quotes by editing a previously added product.

  • The quote can be enabled while creating a new product or while editing a previously created product.
  • The customer will be able to see a quote button on the Product page.
  • The buyer will be able to put any product in terms of the quote and also can communicate with the admin for a better price.
  • When a Deal will be made Buyer will be able to purchase the product in the quoted price.

Request for Quotes

  • On the front-end, the user can quote only for those products for which the admin has enabled the quote feature else not.
  • Also, if the module is disabled, the customers can’t quote for the product as the quote option will not be visible.
  • The quote option will be visible on the product page for the customers. In a single quote, the users can quote for one product only.
  • Only registered customers will be able to send a quotation request.
  • Helps the customers for quick checkout of a large number of products.

Upload Images/Files in Quotations

The customer can quote the product in case they need that in bulk and quoted price. They can set the genuine and desire quoted product:

  • The customer will add the quote details after clicking the quote button on the product page.
  • Only logged-in customers can quote the product.
  • The customer can enter the quantity of the product and the price per quantity while generating the quote for the product.
  • Also, they can enter the message and can upload images or files with their quotation.
  • The customer will add the product directly into the cart after its approval from the admin end.

Quotation Review by Store Owner

After the buyer quotes any product, the admin has the responsibility to inspect the quote and take action for the same.

  • The admin will edit the quote or can delete that quote from the list.
  • The admin will set the status of the quote as approved, unapproved, and pending.
  • Admin can send the message to the customer.
  • View all the conversation between the customer and the admin, under the conversation tab.

Customer Handling Quote Requests

Under a separate section the customer can view the product list for which they have added the quote and can:

  • View quote details of the product and status of the quotation like approved, unapproved, and pending.
  • The customer can delete their existing quotation requests if they want to.
  • View the complete conversation history which they had with the admin.
  • Add file attachments to the quote request which will be visible to the admin.

 Quote System for WordPress WooCommerce Features -

  • The admin can enable the quote system for their products.
  • The admin can provide minimum expiry days for a quotation.
  • The customer can quote for variable products also.
  • The customer can enter custom prices for quotes products.
  • Customers can upload files and images at the time of the product quote.
  • The customer can order products in bulk from the store.
  • The customer can view the bulk orders, price, and the status of the particular product.
  • Customers can communicate with the store owner about their queries.
  • The customer can view their order details after sold and expired quote status’
  • The admin can change the status of a customer's quote.


For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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