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Odoo Marketplace Custom Product Tabs:  Product Tabs are an essential addition to show detailed information about the products in neat tabs.

Product Tabs are necessary for any product page;

  • Clear information in tabs instead of a single long scroll for customers.
  • Make the Product page neat, tidy, and more presentable.
  • Make the information more legible.
  • Customers can make choices quickly.
  • Facilitates Customer convenience.
  • Fewer queries from customers regarding product details.

Odoo marketplace Custom product tabs bring the products in Odoo. Create individual product tabs for each page separately as per needs and keep the product data organized.

With more detailed & arranged product information customers can compare the products immediately and make a choice thereby reducing cart abandonment.

 Prerequisites For Using Odoo Marketplace Custom Product Tabs Module

Odoo Marketplace Custom Product Tabs works in conjunction with the following module:

You would need to install these modules first for Odoo Marketplace Custom Product Tabs to work properly.

 Odoo Marketplace Custom Product Tabs Features

Provides product info tabs feature for Odoo marketplace

  • The seller and admin can create product tabs for product pages..
  • Each product page can have its own set of product information tabs.
  • Use tabs to categorize and neatly display information on product pages..

 Create product information tabs at the product level

  • The product tabs are created at the product level.
  • The module adds a product tabs menu in each marketplace product in Odoo.
  • Thus, each product can have its own independent product information tabs.
  • The information can be displayed in the form of text, images, tables, or videos.

Categorize Different Types of information using product tabs

  • Give a clean and arranged view to the Odoo Marketplace product page.
  • Create separate tabs for shipping information, warranty, return policy, etc.
  • Each tab is visible and clickable to the customer.

 Edit the title and information for each tab with an HTML editor.

  • Each tab supports an HTML editor to edit the content of that tab.
  • Provides Increased flexibility in restructuring the content and formatting.

Arrange the Marketplace Product tabs in horizontally or vertically

  • You can set the orientation of the product information tabs from the backend.
  • You can choose to stack the tabs in a horizontal or vertical fashion on product pages.
  • You can also set the sequence of the tabs as per needs.

 Mobile responsive

  • The product information tabs are automatically mobile responsive.
  • It means that they can be easily viewed on mobile devices.

 Types of product Content tabs on Odoo Website Product Pages

  • Warranty
  • General information
  • Shipping
  • Return policy
  • Technical specification

 Dedicated Support For Your Odoo Marketplace Custom Product Tabs Module

Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for your Odoo Marketplace Custom Product Tabs Module.

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