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OpenCart Purchase Order Management
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OpenCart Purchase Order Management: With the help of this extension, the admin can manage the suppliers, quotations, supplier shipping & payment and purchase order (PO) records. The most helpful feature of this module is inventory management based on purchase orders for an e-commerce store with a sales order.

Highlighted Features for Opencart Purchase Order Management

 Automatic Purchase order

Generate purchase orders whenever the product quantity becomes zero after placing the order.

 Inventory management

Inventory can be managed based on Purchase Orders for an e-commerce store with a sales order.

 Supplier Ledger

The admin can easily pay to the supplier and see the profit and loss indulges in the purchase order.

 Supplier Management

The admin can easily manage the supplier details very easily from the back-end.

Why use this module?

Managing the demand and supply of a product is a huge task. If you have a catalog where products are shipped to you by different suppliers then the Openacrt Purchase Order will ease your work. As a store owner, you need to keep track of a lot of things. Like, which product, what quantity when to order and from which supplier.

It is really hard to manage all this information. With the help of the Opencart Purchase Order module, you can manage and track all this information in one place and in a very easy way.

Purchase Configuration

This module lets the admin manage Shipping, Payment Methods and also the Supplier's payment methods. The Admin can enable or disable the module. They can set the Email Templates for the store owner and the supplier on the modifications of purchase Orders.

  • Default Quotation Quantity will be set by the Admin.
  • The admin can add a shipping Method, enable or disable and even remove the added shipping methods. 
  • The admin can set Default Shipping Cost and Tax Cost. 
  • The admin can add, enable or disable the Payment Methods. 
  • The admin can also remove the already added Payment Methods.
  • They can add, delete or changes the status of the supplier’s payment methods.

Supplier Management

The Admin can manage the records of the Supplier. The Admin can add a new supplier, filter a particular supplier from the list of Suppliers, modify their information and can also enable or disable the Supplier.

  • The Admin can add a new supplier by entering the relevant details like Company Name, Email Address, Owner Name, Phone no. and Address.
  • The Admin can enable, disable and even delete the Supplier.

Quotation Management

All the Quotations can be managed by the Admin. The Admin can create a new Quotation, assign multiple products to a supplier. Comments can also be added and a copy of that comment can be sent to the Supplier.

  • Admin can create a new Quotation for the Products by entering Supplier Details, Shipping Details, and Mode of payment.
  • Multiple Products can be assigned to a Supplier.
  • Admin can manage Shipment Start Date and Expected Delivery Date.
  • Admin can edit the Ordered Items details and even remove a product from the Quotation.

Purchase Order Management

Complete Purchase Orders can be managed by the Admin. Admin can view Purchase Order details, change the order status, edit the ordered items details and even remove the ordered products from there. Admin can order the entire Quantity of Products at once or partial Quantity of Products.

  • Admin can view the Purchase Order details, modify the Purchase Orders and even delete the Purchase Order.
  • Can order the entire quantity at once or partial quantity of Products.

Mail Template List

Admin can view the details regarding Email Templates which will be received by both Admin and Supplier if they make any modifications regarding the purchase order. By entering Template Name, Template Subject, and the Message the Admin can create a new Email Template.

  • Email Notification will be sent to both Admin and Supplier if they make any changes in the Purchase Order.
  • Admin can add, edit or delete the Email template.

Supplier Ledger

It is a section from where the admin can see the list of all the suppliers. From here, the admin can directly pay to the supplier. And can also see Profit and Loss.

  • View supplier name, supplier email and the amount due.
  • Can pay to the supplier by clicking on the Pay Now button.
  • View the total Profit and Loss details of the purchase order. 
  • The profit will be shown with a “+” sign and the loss will be shown with a “–“ sign.


  • The admin can easily manage inventory with the help of this module.
  • The Email Template for both the admin and the supplier on modifications of the purchase order.
  • The admin can configure the shipping and payment methods.
  • Manage the supplier’s payment method.
  • The admin can add a new supplier and manage the entire records of the existing ones.
  • Multiple Products can assign to a Supplier.
  • The admin can create a new Quotation by entering the relevant details like Supplier Name, Shipping Method and mode of payment, etc.
  • Edit the details of the items and even remove the Ordered Items from the Quotation and Purchase Orders.
  • The admin can manage the Entire Purchase Order Records.
  • Create the bulk Purchase orders from the Order List panel.
  • The admin can Purchase the entire Quantity of Products at once or can Purchase them Partially.
  • The admin can schedule the shipment of the products according to his requirements.
  • Easy to manage the supplier Ledger.
  • The admin can see the profit and loss of the purchase on under the Supplier Ledger List.
  • Multi-Lingual Support.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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