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OpenCart Elasticsearch: Now easily integrate the Elasticsearch engine within your OpenCart web store using the OpenCart Elasticsearch extension. Store your entire product catalog on the server where you have installed the Elasticsearch and provide search and autocomplete suggestions for the customers of your web store.

Elasticsearch is a highly scalable open-source full-text search engine. It allows you to store, search, and analyze big volumes of data very quickly. It is the fastest search engine that returns the results of the entered query in real-time. Further, enhance your customer’s product search experience using the hyperlocal Elasticsearch feature and easily find products of sellers in your location.

Please Note

  • Before installing this module, the Elastic Search Engine must be installed on the system and must be running. 
  • The Elasticsearch version should have version 7.
  • This module supports all templates and themes including the Journal theme.
  • Opencart Elastic Search module supports the Multi-Store feature of default Opencart.
  • For using the new feature of product search based on the location you need to install Opencart Marketplace Hyperlocal System.

Highlighted Features

 Did You Mean

This feature allows the customers to search for the products if they mistakenly entered the wrong product name. The feature will suggest to them all the products which have a nearby same product name.

  Upload/update data

The Admin can upload/update products, categories, manufacturer, and information pages data to the elastic server.

 Search for products

The customer can search for their desired products based on different parameters like using product tags, product information, manufacturer names, categories, etc.

 Login Authentication

For security purposes, the admin can even set to have a Login Authentication for the Elastic Server

 Perform Index-based search

The customer on the front end can search for the products using Index names like Information, categories, etc.

 Automatic refreshing Indexes

The admin can set up cron for refreshing the ElasticSearch Indexes on the server automatically after a particular interval of time.

Elasticsearch Integrated With Hyperlocal

The admin can manage the functionality of the module from the admin panel easily. The admin will enable the Elastic server, enter its Ip address, select the port number, select a scheme for using an Https or Http.

Apart from this, the admin can also set the login authentication for the Elastic Server.

  • The admin can enable and check the status of the Elastic Server.
  • Enter the IP Address of the server with ElasticSearch.
  • Enter the Elastic Port number.
  • Enter the Index Prefix which is used to create your data index unique on the elastic server.
  • Select the ElasticSearch scheme to use HTTPS or HTTP.
  • Choose to have a Login authentication for Elastic Server or not. Using the Hyperlocal status and enabling it helps to fetch the product of sellers selling within the customer added location.

Basic Search Handling Options

The admin will set the number of characters to search, select the option to redirect if it's a single result, select the sections where to search, check the sections that should be searched on the information pages.

  • Set the minimum number of characters to search.
  • Enable/Disable the option to redirect if it’s a single result.
  • Check the sections wherein you want to search at the frontend like - product, category, manufacturer, and information.
  • Check the sections where you want to search for products like - name, description, meta tag title.
  • For the option Search In Category for, check the sections where you want the search.
  • For the option Search In Information for, check the sections that should be searched on the information pages.

Design Options for Search Result

Under this section, the admin will configure the settings for the details to be shown on the search result. Here -

  • After making the selections the results will have the selected details of the products
  • Check the product details like - Product name, price, image, review & rating, etc that you want to display at the front end.
  • Enter the placeholder for the search text box.

Connecting to the Elastic Server

After configuring the general settings, the admin needs to tap the check status button. This checks the connection with the ElasticServer.

  • If the connection is successful, you will see a confirmation message displaying the same, or else you will see a related error message displayed.
  • Do this by clicking the Check Status button.
  • A success message is shown if the connection is successful else you will see the error message.

Elastic Search Indexing

The admin will have to do indexing before making use of Elasticsearch. The indexing can be done for products, categories, manufacturers, and information. To add an index, click on the add index button, and after that -

  • The Index Name (every character must be lower case) & also predefined Index prefix i.e elastic_ is added before the Index name to make every field unique from others.
  • Set the Index Type.
  • Set the number of shards.
  • Select the status of this new index as Enabled or Disabled.

Complete Features List

  • Admin can replace the MySQL search engine with the Elastic search engine.
  • The admin can upload/update products, categories, the manufacturer then information page data to the elastic server.
  • Admin can allow Elasticsearch login authentication.
  • Store data on the elastic server according to the index types.
  • The customer can search data by name, description, and a short description of the Product.
  • Has the “Did You Mean” Feature according to which the search engine automatically corrects the keywords if they type incorrectly.
  • A customer can search for products base on products, categories, manufacturers, then information.
  • Also, a customer can search on the basis of keywords & tags.
  • Admin will set up Cron Job for refreshing the ElasticSearch Indexes on the server.
  • The Elasticsearch is compatible with Opencart Advanced Layered Navigation.
  • The customer will be shown search results based on their location i.e the product of those sellers who are present within their region using the hyperlocal Elasticsearch feature.

Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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based on 1 reviews
Said Ouchnak
Posted On - April 28, 2020
Search is working very fast
I have purchased the module and got the support of the team until it was working 100%.
Now the search results appear as fast as expected
The team has provided an exceptional support and was very helpful
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