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Adobe Commerce Helpdesk is a ticketing system software that draws customer support requests and manages them in one location. You can assign a ticket to the agent, making ticket management much easier for the agent to assist the customer more quickly and resolve their issue in a more efficient manner.

Helpdesk builds on the definition to serve their customers by creating a powerful ticket management platform that allows you to centralize all tickets with ticket status, priority, types and much more. We can easily increase the productivity by automating our ticket management via SLA, Events & Triggers, Ticket Rules etc. Helpdesk enables the support via web and email.

Note: If you are looking for a SaaS-based helpdesk system, then you can refer our Magento 2 UVdesk Helpdesk module.

 Highlighted Features

 Centralized System

Offers a dedicated centralized system to manage unlimited service requests. And lets the agents achieve higher levels of support standards.

 Support Unlimited Service Requests

Does not offer any limit on the number of customer requests supported.

 Assign Tickets To Agents

Easy settings to assign the tickets to the concerned agent and eliminate the cumbersome ticket logs.

 Avoid Collision

Ticket lock view feature prevents collision enables the agent who else is viewing or working on a single ticket.

 Merge Tickets

Associate or merge the multiple tickets into one if the same customer creates the multiple tickets.

 Split Tickets

And can even split the single ticket into multiple tickets if a ticket is too big to handle or manage.

 Activity Log

View detailed activity log of the agents and the customers in the ticket system dashboard.

 Email Piping

Allow the customers to send emails directly to your mailbox and retrieve them as tickets in your helpdesk system.

 FAQ/Knowledge base

Create detailed solutions for repetitive and most frequently asked service requests in the support center.

 SLA Management

Using SLA, drop satisfactory response and resolution time for the issues on the customer service request tickets.

 Roles and ACL System

Roles and ACL(Access Control List) is the backbone of any successful and scalable helpdesk system. In Helpdesk for Magento 2, admin can assign roles to their agents to decide what access to provide.

  • The admin can create multiple levels of permissions and access for agents.
  • The admin can also define the knowledge level of the agent like an expert, average, low.
  • The admin can create assign roles to agents like if the agent is administrator, supervisor or agent.
  • The system also allows adding various groups for the tickets and agents like pre-sales, post-sales, leads, etc.
  • Agents can see and access the tickets of their respective groups only.
  • An agent will only have access according to the role assigned.
  • Define the ticket access scope for the agent like global access to view all tickets, group access to view only group tickets, restricted access with no access.

 Simple Email Integration - Email Piping

With the help of email piping, the message which is directly sent from the mailbox can be easily synced to the support system. This is the only helpdesk module for Magento 2 with this feature now. With the help of this feature, customers can reply to a ticket from their mailbox.

  • Email piping allows the customers to send emails directly to your mailbox and automatically retrieve the ticket in the helpdesk system.
  • The agent can reply directly from the ticket system they don't need to login into their mailbox to send a reply.
  • This feature will work with all mail providers from Gmail to Yahoo to Zoho if it uses either IMAP, POP3, and SMTP protocols.
  • Support fetch emails manually.
  • Else can set the cron to automatically fetch the mails.
  • Support SSL/TSL encryption. Support all media types.
  • All headers / Mime-type supported.

Ticket Attributes Manager

You can create new fields for your ticket generation according to your choice and business. You can generate a unique page for the new ticket generation with the help of custom fields. An agent will have the following option to generate custom fields.

  • An agent can enter a label for the attribute and also its unique code which is used internally.
  • Dependent custom fields can be created on the dependency of a parent field.
  • The agent can also select the field input type like text field, dropdown, date, media image, etc.
  • The agent can set if the field is required or not.
  • The agent can set input validation for the field.
  • An agent can enable or disable filed to show it on the ticket generation page.
  • Fields and its information are visible to the agent on the ticket page.
  • Can create unlimited custom fields and configure them exactly the way you require them in the ticket.
  • Easy settings to manage the visibility of the custom attribute in the ticket.

 Event & Triggers

The module offers an event-based automation feature that lets you execute defined actions in your helpdesk when specified events occur in your helpdesk.

Basically, events & triggers can be used when you want to create custom and automate the workflow for your helpdesk as per your choice.

With the help of event and triggers feature, the admin can save a lot of time and resources. The agent can create different events that will trigger different actions. Agents have the following actions in event & triggers:

  • Events are the activities that are performed on the helpdesk system by either customer or agent.
  • Triggers are the instructions that are executed when certain conditions occur.
  • Agents can add and edit events.
  • Agents can configure the event to trigger certain actions like modifying the status, change priorities and even send out notification alerts as soon as certain event conditions are met.
  • The agent can even trigger multiple actions for a single event like a trigger.

 Manage Business Hours

The Helpdesk for Magento 2 also provides the feature to manage business hours and holidays. This feature becomes very important when you have customers in different parts of the globe. This surely provides information to the customers when you are working.

The agents will have the following options in the business hour

  • View the complete list of the existing Business Hours.
  • Agents can add, edit and delete the business/helpdesk hours.
  • Agents can add Name, description and time zone to business hours.
  • Add working hours for per day of the week.
  • Agents can set working/nonworking days for the week.
  • Admin can also set dates of yearly holidays for business hours.
  • The business hours are also helpful while defining the response and resolution time of the SLAs.

 Manage SLA Policies

The SLA (Service Level Agreement) is a very important part of any support system. It shows the commitment to resolve the issue by the store owner. SLA policies will specify when the customers can expect a response and resolution from you after submitting the support request.

  • Create unlimited SLA policies for various groups, organizations, agents, etc.
  • Tickets under various groups, organizations, agents will be managed as per the specified SLA policies.
  • The agents can make the SLA targets specifying when the customers can expect a response and resolution from the service provider after submitting their request.
  • The agent can even define response and resolution time based on ticket severity like critical, medium, low.
  • And can even define automatic escalation rules to notify concerned agents about SLA violations.

 Support Centre

  • The agent can create detailed solutions and suggestions for repetitive or most encountered service requests in the support center.
  • The module supports unlimited support center and assigns them to the concerned department.
  • These support centers will provide quick resolutions for issues without the need for a support agent.
  • Usually, a customer does not create new tickets if they find the issues solutions in FAQs and knowledge base.
  • The customers can easily access the support center to get a solution to their issues. This will scale down the incoming ticket count.
  • Easy search for support center on the front-end.

 Complete Features List

  • Admin to create customize ticket status, priority, type and custom field.
  • Multiple tickets can be merged into one from the back-end.
  • Split thread as a new ticket.
  • Admin can create a customer, organization and can also manage tickets based on the organization level.
  • Admin can create an agent and can set agent level according to their expertise and knowledge.
  • Various agents can be added to the group created by the admin for better management of tickets.
  • Create roles for agents by selecting specific tasks and functions they can execute.
  • Business hours and holidays based on SLA’s can be set by the admin.
  • Create preset-responses for the tickets with custom actions and variables.
  • Support center section can be set up for providing answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Email integration for tickets can be done for fetching queries received by emails.
  • SLA policies can be set for managing respond & resolve time, assign agents, ticket priorities, and set up automatic escalation rules to notify specific agents about SLA violations.
  • Using events, the admin can add triggers for tickets for executing specified actions based on predefined conditions.
  • Admin can add a custom attribute in tickets for getting more information from the customers.
  • A complete and flexible Access Control List (ACL) system which specifies granted access and operations.
  • Ticket lock feature is there to indicate if one or more agents are managing the ticket.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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