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This app is a ready-made solution for store owners which is used to manage order deliveries. The store owner can access the app to assign the delivery boys to the order, chat with them, and know the order status. This allows the delivery boys to log in to the app and process the delivery assigned to them. They can change the status of the orders using the app as the action is taken.

This solution helps in rendering a better service of shipping as everything is monitored by the admin. The app is based on Flutter thus allows easy development and being a cross-platform code it decreases deployment time.

You can also visit the Web Backoffice Admin Demo that is linked with the demo delivery boy app.

Highlighted Features

 Cross-Platform Application

This native app has a unified code structure for both iOS and Android which allows faster delivery of the app.

 Chat System

This app offers the store owner and its delivery boys to stay connected over a chat system.

 Validate Orders

The OTP system in the application saves the store owner and delivery boys from any sort of fraud or wrong delivery.

 Delivery Boys Record Maintenance

The store owner can maintain the personal details of the delivery boys.

 Exclusive Login to Both Admin and Delivery Boys

The authentication process is segregated for both the admin and delivery boys allowing them to access their parts only.

 Notifications of Orders Assignment

The delivery boys can receive the notifications of assigned orders in the application making the process omission-free.

Why use Prestashop Delivery Boy Flutter App?

This native app is a proficient solution for both the small and large scale business structure. It is helpful for businesses like the food industry, medical services, fashion industry, and much more. The app allows for a successful delivery process with the most satisfied customers.

Technological Stack

  • Language - Flutter - Dart.
  • Network Request - Dio network.
  • Library Dependencies - Pub package name.

Robust Order Status Management

The delivery boy can manage the status of the order as they take action upon it. The delivery boys will get the orders in an open state. Once they pick the package after accepting the assigned order it comes in processing state.

Post-delivery they can mark the order as delivered which moves the order to complete state.

  • Systemized order record maintenance.
  • The store owner will remain aware of the actions taken on the order by the delivery boy.
  • An informative dashboard with various order details.

Order Assignment Push Notification

The app supports the notification feature. Herein the delivery boy will get updates of the assigned orders. This will avoid any sort of delay due to uninformed tasks.

  • Keep delivery boys aware of the delivery task.
  • No delays due to unmanaged deliveries and omissions.
  • Push notification configuration can be done easily by a store owner from the backend.

Validation of Order Delivery

The OTP system is the best way to ensure that the delivery of the order is done in the right place. The customer will share the one time password with the delivery boy. This OTP popup will appear as soon as the delivery boy marks its as delivered.

  • Gain customer trust.
  • Avoids any sort of fraudulent in-order delivery.
  • Helping in processing a successful delivery.
  • Streamline the delivery process to avoid theft.

Express Delivery Assignment

The store owner can quickly assign the orders to the delivery boys and keep track of it. The delivery boys can respond to the assignment by accepting or declining.

  • Speed up the order delivery process.
  • Time-saving solution.
  • The assignment process will increase coordination in-store and avoids any hassle.

Faster Chat Channel

The delivery boy and admin can communicate with each other using the app. This feature can make the delivery process more convenient as all the issues regarding the assigned order delivery can be sorted easily.

  • Tools to build for faster interaction.
  • The admin can also ask questions to the delivery boy if the delivery is delayed.
  • Delivery boy can even convey a problem related to the order delivery.

Registration Of Delivery Boys

This on-demand solution allows the store owner to list all the delivery boys. The personal details of these delivery boys are saved in the system. Thus, make the faster assignment and quicky delivery boys login process possible.

  • Easy record of the delivery boys' data.
  • Login details records of delivery boys which could be shared with them for managing the orders.
  • Updation and deletion of delivery boy's details in no time.


  • The admin can track the availability of delivery boys.
  • The admin can assign the orders to the delivery boys.
  • The admin can register the delivery boys to the app.
  • The delivery boy will have a separate login facility.
  • The admin and delivery boy both can examine the sales and orders of the product.
  • Configure order statuses that will update in the back office when delivery boy marks the order as delivered, pickup, or canceled.
  • Delivery Boy can mark the order as Pickup, Delivered/Not Delivered, and canceled.
  • Delivery process authentication via OTP.
  • Verify OTP before updating the order status as delivered.
  • Send OTP generated after placing an order to the customer’s email id.
  • Automatically assign order to the delivery boy according to the radius.
  • Chat system between delivery boy and admin.
  • Display order amount to the delivery boy.

Soneya Express Delivery App - Guinea Ecommerce Marketplace

Soneya Express is the delivery app of the West Africa Guinea-based ecommerce marketplace Soneya. Soneya Express aims at improving the security, efficiency, and reliability of Soneya deliveries. It contributes to making deliveries fast and effective.

The registered delivery agents are visible on Google Maps with their actual position making it easy to assign deliveries to agents closer to sellers and or buyers. Delivery staff can decide to remain online or go offline, to accept or reject orders.

Both admin and delivering agents can add comments on the orders, and chat as needed. When a delivery agent picks up a good from a seller he notifies from the app. When the delivery agent reaches the delivery location he makes sure to receive an OTP Code from the customer to enter in the delivery app to confirm delivery.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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Amazing Professional Customization Capabilities
As we started building our eCommerce marketplace, we were looking for plug and play type of modules and apps. As we found Webkul, we realize we can build it together by customizing the marketplace to meet our needs and those of our customers. So, the customization journey has been exciting, fun and fulfilling as their developer team is professional, very responsive, flexible and bold. The team communicates well to provide update and next steps that provide assurance to their clients. The team successfully implemented a dozen of their modules in the marketplace and delivery apps (iOS and Android) and more importantly all the payment gateways available in my country were eliminating the need for cash payment in our business model. Webkul is great and reliable company that I will not hesitate to recommend.
Olha Hrybuk
Posted On - December 24, 2021
Excellent Services
I am completely satisfied
I got all the information I needed
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Complimenti per il supporto
Complimenti per il supporto che è sempre rapido ed impeccabile. Grazie
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Great support
Great support. Thanks to Webkul I had been able to build my business. Functional and technical skills are high level.
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