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Bulk Order Processing for Magento 2


Bulk Order Processing for Magento 2: Using Magento 2 Bulk Order Processing module, the admin doesn’t have to visit each order page and process them individually. The admin can process the orders in bulk in just a few clicks and can save hours.

The admin can create invoices, generate shipments, add tracking numbers, change order status for multiple orders all at once. The module will simplify the order processing task by bulk order processing actions.

 Highlighted Features

 Bulk Orders

Easy management of bulk orders.

 Mass Actions

Perform mass actions to process bulk orders in one go.

 Combination of Actions

Create and apply the various combination of actions.

 Orders Details

View detailed order information.

 Bulk Orders Management

With growing business, dealing with bulk orders becomes a more tedious task. Therefore, enabling a bulk order processing feature will make order management much easier-

  • Bulk Order Processing let the admin run the business more conveniently and smoothly.
  • The module will simplify order management from creating invoices, generating shipment and keep the customers updated about the order status.
  • This feature will push your business to the next level by simplifying bulk order operations.
  • The module allows creating multiple combinations of mass actions for bulk orders to improve order management.

 Order Processing Actions

The admin can perform multiple actions on bulk orders like –

  • Create Invoice - The admin can create the invoice of the bulk orders.
  • Add Tracking Number - The admin can add the tracking number to every order and process them in a single go.
  • Generate Shipment - The admin can generate shipments for bulk orders.
  • Change Order Status – The admin can change the order status of the orders in bulk.
  • The order status can be changed to pending, processing and complete.

 Combined Actions

The module allows creating the various combination of actions to manage the orders more smoothly -

  • The module allows creating several processing actions combinations for each order.
  • The admin can apply multiple processing actions on bulk orders altogether.
  • For example, the admin can create an invoice and generate shipment both in one go.
  • Similarly, the admin can make other combinations of processing actions and execute them together.

 Order Details

The module manages following details and information of the bulk orders -

  • The admin can view detailed order information like order IDs, customer name, customer email, Bill-to, and Ship-to name.
  • The admin can even filter orders from the list using various filters – order ID, customer name, customer email, bill-to, and ship-to name.
  • The admin can view the updated orders in the Magento default orders list also.
  • The respective customers will get the mail notification when admin generate the invoice and shipment for the bulk orders.

 Complete Features List

  • A quick way for bulk order processing in one-click.
  • Create invoices for multiple orders.
  • Add tracking number for every order.
  • Generate shipments for multiple orders.
  • After generating the shipment, the order status gets changed to “Complete” automatically.
  • Change bulk order status to – hold/processing/suspected fraud.
  • View detailed order information with order IDs, customer name, customer email, Bill-to, and Ship-to name.
  • Refine orders using various filters – order ID, customer name, customer email, Bill-to, and Ship-to name.
  • Make multiple combinations of order processing actions and execute them together.
  • The changes will be reflected in the Magento default order list also.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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