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Order Approval Rules for Magento 2


Order Approval Rules for Magento 2: The module allows the admin to set various conditions/rules for placing an order by the customer. Only after the admin approval, the order status is changed. Email notifications are sent to both admin and customer related to order approval status.

Highlighted Features

 Restrict Purchase

Advance verification process to detect suspicious purchase.

 Restrict Purchase Rules

The admin can create rules to restrict order from being processed.

 Order Approval

Verify customer orders before approving/disapproving them.

 Manage Approval

Approve or disapprove the orders in bulk.


Email notifications when the order is approved or disapproved.

 Complete Order

After order approval, customers can complete order with the desired payment method.

Why Order Approval Is Required?

The critical/big purchase process within the application requires submitting a request for the purchase, gaining admin approval, and then making the payment for the products.

  • Add an advanced verification process to stop the fraud or suspicious purchase.
  • Configure various rules/conditions to check the suspicious orders.
  • Restrict customers to complete the orders successfully only after admin approval.
  • Let admin examine the orders placed by the customers and approve/disapprove them before order completion.

Order Approval Rules

The module allows the admin to set flexible conditions/rules for placing an order by the customer

  • Custom rule conditions let admin examine orders more accurately.
  • If configured condition/rule is true, the order automatically comes under moderation and waits for order approval by the admin.
  • The admin can use various conditions to prevent fraud and suspicious orders.
  • Create rules based on -
    • Product attribute combination
    • Products sub-selection
    • Conditions combination
    • Cart attributes.

Complete The Order

The admin can easily restrict the customers from completing their orders

  • Notify customers about order moderation before completing the purchase on the checkout page.
  • If configured condition/rule is true, the customer will view a warning message regarding order moderation.
  • If the order is under moderation, all the payment methods will hide and only order approval payment method will be visible.
  • The customer will place the order just like default Magento and waits for admin approval.
  • The customers will be notified when the pending order is approved/disapproved by the admin.
  • The “Complete Order” link will be generated at customer’s end if the order gets approved by the admin.
  • The customer will click “Complete Order” link and gets redirected to the checkout page where the customer can see all the payment methods available in Magento to complete the order.

Manage The Orders

The module let the admin view and manage the pending order approval conveniently

  • Separate Section - Separate section to view the pending orders which require approval.
  • Bulk Action - The admin can easily approve and disapprove the orders in bulk.
  • Process Orders - Once the customer completes the order, the admin will process the orders easily.
  • Export To - The admin can even generate the CSV or XML files of pending orders.

 Complete Features List

  • The customer can place the order approval request by placing the order.
  • Various custom order status is available at the admin end, such as order_approval_pending, order_approved, order_disapproved.
  • The admin can create custom order approve conditions as per cart attributes, product attributes, shipping methods, address, etc.
  • Set a custom message visible on the checkout page if the order is under moderation.
  • The customer gets the notification via mail for the order approval requirement.
  • The customer gets the notification via mail on the approval or disapproval of the orders.
  • The users will get the “Complete Order” link when the admin approves the order.
  • To complete the order, the customer can select the payment method and make the payment.
  • Separate section to view pending orders which require approval.
  • The admin can easily approve and disapprove of the orders in bulk.
  • The admin can generate the pending orders in CSV or excel.
  • The guest user cannot place the order approval request if they are satisfying the order approval condition.


For any issue related to this module, please create a support ticket here at - https://webkul.uvdesk.com/en/customer/create-ticket/ or send an email to support@webkul.com

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