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This module enables the marketplace sellers to sell their WooCommerce products in the retail stores and the respective orders will be created in the WooCommerce store. The marketplace sellers can even create multiple salespersons/cashiers for their outlets.

WooCommmerce Marketplace POS system can manage all the physical stores with the online store. It provides an attractive and user-friendly POS front-end by enhancing speed, it improves POS performance as well.


  • The POS system will work with devices having a 1280px screen resolution or above. Currently, we are working on to make the POS work with up to 768px screen resolution and above.
  • POS will not work in the Mozilla Firefox private window.
  • To use the WooCommerce Marketplace Point of Sale System module you must have  WooCommerce Marketplace, as well as WooCommerce POS, & also this module supports Marketplace version: 4.8.3.

Highlighted Features

 Cash Drawer

In order to view & calculate the daily cash flow, the module features a cash drawer option that can be selected in order to view the daily transactions.

 Add To Cart

Products can be added to the cart by clicking on the specific product.

 On-Hold Cart

The cart can be put on hold for future processing.

 Manage Cashier

Admin/Seller can easily manage i.e (Add/Enable/Disable/Delete) cashiers

 Create Customers

New customers can be added easily from the Sales agent POS panel.

 Split Payment

Supports split payment via cash and card payment options.

 Coupon & Discount

Apply a coupon and discount to the cart while checkout.

 Shortcut Key

The seller can have keyboard shortcut keys available in the POS panel.

Why do we need the WooCommerce Marketplace Point of Sale System module?

WooCommerce Marketplace Point of Sale System module provides help to brick-and-mortar businesses for managing and selling store products online. Store owner can manage their physical store on their system. The organization can manage the physical store on its eCommerce website with manageable options for the store.

They can print the barcode and paste it onto the products. They can manage products and order online through barcodes. Store owners can create customers, outlets, orders, POS users, and payment options and also manage all functionality.

Thus it provides POS services to the marketplace sellers for managing their physical stores through an e-commerce store.

Multiple Sell Points

Now the WooCommerce marketplace sellers can easily expand the revenue generation scope for their business by using WooCommerce Marketplace Point of Sale module

  • If you are having a brick-and-mortar business and also selling products online. Then, POS is a must-have feature for your e-commerce business.
  • The point of Sale (POS) refers to a system where the seller can create the order from his physical store using the POS and the order will be generated in the e-commerce store.
  • The module enables the seller to sell the e-commerce products in the retail stores.
  • The seller can create multiple outlets for the store and can manage them by creating a POS salesperson.
  • Multiple sale cashier can be created for each outlet.

POS User Management

POS users are the helping force of any point of the sales system. But their working also needs to be managed and monitored for having a success Point Of Sales System. The seller can:

  • Create multiple POS user account using easy configurations of the module.
  • Manage the outlets by assigning POS users to the outlet.
  • Create a login id and password for respective POS user accounts using which the POS user can log in to the POS accounts.
  • Check the cash drawer to know the sales of POS users.

Customer Management

At the time of checkout, the POS user can choose/add customer for which the order has to be made

  • The POS user can choose a customer from the registered customer list. And can even search registered customers by name or email.
  • If a customer is not registered to the store, the POS user can add the customer.
  • Additional addresses can be added and previous addresses can be edited in the existing customer's details.
  • The added customer will be seen on the registered customer list.

POS Products

There is a separate section to view and manage all the POS products.

  • The sellers can assign their store products to the outlets as per their choice.
  • Can even print the barcode of the products easily.
  • The module supports simple and virtual product types only.
  • Sellers can view the POS product view on the outlet.
  • Sellers can also select the printer type for the POS product.

Process Cart

The POS users can complete the purchase process by adding products to the cart and can perform various actions on the cart -

  • Add Product -The POS user can simply click on the product to add them to the cart. The clicks on the product will increase the quantity of the product in the cart.
  • Cart-On Hold -The cart can be put on hold for future processing.
  • Discount &Coupon -Apply a coupon and discount to the cart while checkout.
  • Payment - Easy payment via cash, card, or split methods.

Hardware Support

WooCommerce Marketplace POS System is a Web-based POS, so it is flexible and supports multiple peripherals such as barcode scanner, printer.

  • POS Device - A device such as - iPad, Tablet, Laptop, Mac, Desktop PC which is capable of running a web browser and has at least a 7.5-inch screen size with 1280x800 pixel (minimum) resolution will work. To communicate with other POS peripherals, Bluetooth, and USB (2.0 and above) connection is also required.
  • Web Browser - Various web browsers are supported such as - Opera 15+, Android web client 4+, Internet Explorer 10+ desktop/mobile, Firefox 10+, Chrome 4+, Safari 11+.
  • Barcode Scanner - To use a barcode scanner, it needs to be connected with your POS Device via Bluetooth, Bluetooth Dongle, USB, OTG, or any other port.
  • Receipt Printer - A printer needs to be connected with your POS Device via USB port or any other wireless connection such as Bluetooth/Wi-fi. Thermal printers are recommended for printing sales receipts.


For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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Great service and support
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