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Magento B2B Marketplace - B2B Marketplace extension converts your basic e-commerce store into a marketplace. Various partners can sign up to the store and start selling their products to buyers. The admin can earn commission from the partners for each product sale. The partners can add products from the front-end, mentioning all the product details. Partner dashboard is available for viewing orders, sales chart, reviews, and contact the admin.

Magento B2B Marketplace extension - includes- RMA, Mass Upload, Bulk Order Quote, Custom Attribute, Custom Options. These are additional features and functions which are already included in the B2B Marketplace extension.

With the use of B2B Marketplace, the admin will be able to offer more products to its buyers. The buyers will have the option to purchase products from any partner in the marketplace. Buyers can compare the similar products from different partners. Having various partners, the buyers won't have to visit other websites to find the products.

Magento B2B Marketplace Extension Features

  • Separate login and sign up for partners and buyers.
  • Partners can do a mass upload of products using CSV file.
  • Set commission percentage for each partner.
  • A partner can ask any questions to the admin.
  • The admin can approve or reject products of partners.
  • Partner Panel- manage products, bulk products, partners, commissions, product attributes, partner attributes.
  • Partner Dashboard - view lifetime sales, latest orders, latest reviews & comments, sales chart.
  • Manage bulk order quote from buyers.
  • The admin can preview unapproved products.
  • Return merchandise authorization (RMA) management.

Extensions included in B2B marketplace Module

Magento RMA Module

B2B marketplace module already have Magento RMA extension that means a buyer can create RMA request within the system and store owner can manage product return Read more

Magento Bulk Order Quote Extension

Bulk Order quite is an essential tool for any b2b platform like Alibaba that's why we have included order quote module in the core of the Magento b2b platform.Read more

Retailer Mass Upload Extension

Bulk upload is a must have feature and almost every supplier is looking for mass upload so that he / she can upload complete catalog and can manage logistics like alibaba thats why we have included mass upload module in core of the Magento b2b platform. (this extension is different from Webkul marketplace mass upload)Read more

Custom attributes and custom options

Suppliers can add product with custom option and custom attribute , custom attributes which will be added via admin .Custom options like sizes similar as per the magento admin , retailer can add any kind of custom options ( these extension are diffrent from webkul marketplace custom attribute and options) )Read more

Separate signup and login form retailers and customers

Separate signup and login form are standard for any b2b platform and surely that provides more flexibility to retailers , as in b2b marketplace module retailers will have a very different block for managing their account

Retailer Mass Upload

B2B Magento Marketplace provides a feature called Mass upload for the retailers by which they can upload mass products from the front-end along with the product images. Under “Bulk Upload” option, retailer can upload products in bulk and can also view their last mass products.

  • Mass upload option is provided in the default B2B marketplace.
  • Allow to upload product in mass from the front-end.
  • Allow to see the status of the mass upload product also.

Custom Quote

In the default B2B marketplace, customer can quote for any product. The customer can enter the price, quantity and a message for the product for which quotation is required by the buyer. Now from the partner's profile, there is a tab called “custom quote” in which partner/seller can view all the quotations made by the buyer.

Seller can edit any quote like price, quantity. Seller can message for the pending product.

  • Buyer can add custom quotation for any product with message, price & quantity.
  • Seller can edit the quotation.
  • Buyer can edit or delete the pending quoted products.

Partner's Dashboard

Magento B2B Marketplace module converts your Magento site into complete Business to Business marketplace. Here seller/partner can view recent orders, reviews from the buyers, life time sales by day, week & month. Seller/partner can also view the sale chart.

Using the dashboard, seller can communicate with the admin. Seller will enter the subject & query and send it to the admin.

  • Seller can view recent orders, reviews, total sales.
  • Seller can ask question to the admin.

Custom Attribute & Custom Option

In the B2B module, seller/partner can add additional option i.e custom option to their product while adding. In the custom option, seller will add title, input type and then price and sku for the additional option which seller want to create. Seller can delete any existing custom option or can add as many custom option.

  • Seller can add custom option for any product.
  • Allow to add multiple images.

B2B RMA System

Return Merchandise Authorization is a very useful feature for the buyer. If the product is damaged then the buyer can go for the RMA. Buyer can also view the past RMA history. Using this feature customer can return the products, and have them exchanged

Buyer can “request a new RMA” and have to agree to the terms which would come as a pop-up. Now buyer will enter the order id, product, reason for RMA and can provide additional info also. Buyer will also mention the delivery status and then submit.

Admin Management

Admin can configure the module as per their need. Magento B2B marketplace is a very helpful module. For configuring the B2B Marketplace module admin has to set following fields.

  • Percent Product Per Sale
  • Product Approval required
  • Admin email id and Attribute Set ID
  • Product Status
  • RMA Setting
  • Quote Setting

Manage Bulk Products & Partners

Here admin can approve the bulk upload of products done by various seller in the marketplace. Admin can see seller's name, date of upload done & email of that seller. admin can approve or unapprove any seller/partner from the back-end

Admin can also view all the details about all the seller. Admin can click on any of the seller and the admin will have the “payment mode”, “partner's commission” for that particular seller. Here admin can change the commission also for that particular partner/seller.

  • Admin can approve the mass upload from the back-end.
  • Admin can approve or disapprove any seller /partner.

Magento B2B Marketplace

Using this module admin can view all the commission set for all the sellers. Admin can create new attributes for the seller/partners at the time of registration. Admin can edit any of the existing attribute and can do the editing as well.

  • Admin can view all the commission set on different seller.
  • Admin can notify the seller when commission is received by the “pay” button.
  • Admin can create new attributes for the seller/partners.

RMA Management From Admin Side

From the back-end, admin can change the RMA status, can add message. Here admin will see all the RMA. Admin can create reason for RMA, which will appear on the front-end when the buyer will request for the RMA.

  • Admin can view all the RMA of all the buyers.
  • Admin can add new reason for RMA as well.

Manage Partner & Product Attributes

Using this module admin can decide whether product attributes are to be displayed on the front-end or to be kept hidden from the front-end. Admin can create new attributes for the seller/partners at the time of registration. Admin can edit any of the existing attribute and can do the editing as well. Admin can set order, provide field label, name ( input field name), type ( input box, multi-select, image browse, text area, drop down, radio button).

Manage Commission

Manage commission menu is responsible for all the commission management. Under this tab, admin can view all the commission set for all the sellers. Pay action in grid will clear the payment for that particular seller.

  • Admin can view all the commission set on different seller.
  • Admin can see total sales, received and remaining amount for particular seller.

View Quote From Admin Panel

Admin can approve any particular quote, can view the seller's and buyer's message. Admin can view seller/partner's conversation and buyer's conversation also.

  • Admin can view the quote details.
  • Allow admin to view Partner's conversation.
  • Allow admin to view Customer's conversation.

Magento B2B Marketplace Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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Bernard Bachmann
Posted On - September 8, 2014
We\'ve had few
We\'ve had few bumps in the road since we installed this module, but it had to do with conflicts with our template and nothing on webkul\'s part. Their support staff were amazing and helped us find the problem and we are now up and running. Highly recommend it.
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