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Opencart Headless PWA: Opencart Headless PWA is developed in a way that offers the same experience to the users as a native Android or iOS application. The users can use the PWAs in poor network connection too. PWAs are responsive on all the platforms which provide cross-browser compatibility. Furthermore, the app provides a better User Interface and fast experience to the users which helps to increase sales and generate more revenue.

Important Note: The Opencart Headless PWA runs on HTTPS (Hyper Test Transfer Protocol secure) only.

Highlighted Features

Super Fast

The loading time of the PWA application is very less. Hence it provides fast browsing which helps in reducing the bounce rate.

Device Compatibility

PWAs supports various devices such as smartphones, Tablets across Android and iOS platforms.

Easy to Customize

The front end of the application is built on React JS, so the Headless PWAs are easy to customize.

No Updates Required

There is no need to update the app since it is not a native app, it is a web application.

Offline Support

Customers can use the app in offline and poor network connection.


The PWA apps are very lightweight in comparison to the native apps.

Push Notification

The Application supports push notifications which stimulate user engagement and helps to target the right user.

Add to Home Screen

Customers do not need to download the app from the app store. The customer can simply add the app to the home screen by visiting the website.

What is the need for this module?

If you have an e-commerce website built using the Opencart and want to facilitate your customers with a fast, reliable, user-friendly web app that also could be in your budget then you’re in the right place.

Using Opencart Headless PWA, you can convert your Opencart e-commerce website into a PWA enabled web app. This way the users of your website can simply add the PWA app of your website to their home screen without visiting any app store.

As PWAs are fast, it will help you to reduce the bounce rate and increase conversion rate.

Easy To Manage

Managing Opencart Headless PWA for the admin is so easy. To manage the module the admin can -

  • Enable or Disable the module as per the requirements.
  • Enter the FCM Authorization key, enable or disable the Notifications as per their needs.
  • Decide the application name and application short name.
  • Upload the application icon, splash background color, and application header color as well.

Add To Home Screen

Users can visit the website and click on the Add to Home Screen. In this way, the customer will not need to download the PWAs from any app store.

  • Users can easily add the app to the home screen in a single click.
  • After the app added to the user’s home screen, the user can see the app icon on their mobile.
  • The application will be launched with a splash screen, also the app shows the application name on the screen.
  • The application launches in the same way as a native app

No Installation/Updates Required

Most of the users don’t like additional steps to download the app from the app store. PWAs are the best in this way. Users don’t need to download the app from any app store.

  • Progressive Web Applications are directly added to the home screen from the website.
  • PWA doesn’t need to download separately from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  • There is no need to accept those annoying app update notifications.
  • PWA users always have access to an up-to-date solution.
  • This is only possible because of service workers.

Splash Screen

The users will experience the power of PWAs. Opencart Headless PWA comes with the Splash Screen in the app.

  • Splash Screen helps to make Progressive Web Application feel more like a native app.
  • The admin can decide the background color of the splash screen from the admin panel easily.
  • Supported browsers automatically create the splash screen using the manifest properties.
  • With a custom splash screen, the user sees a custom background color and your PWA's icon instead.

Light Weight

No one wants low storage notification on their device. Well, Opencart Headless PWAs are lightweight in comparison to the native apps.

  • The users can save more space on their device while using the PWAs in comparison to the native mobile apps.
  • Progressive Web Application is directly added from a web browser to the user’s home screen.
  • It takes very low storage of the phone in comparison to the native APK files.
  • Because the PWA takes very low phone storage, so it helps the app to prevent the phone from being force-stop.

Works in Flaky Network and Support Offline Mode

The real power of PWAs can be experienced when it comes to poor network and offline mode. Thanks to the service workers that -

  • Enable applications to control network requests, cache those requests to improve performance, and provide offline access to cached content.
  • It helps the users to access the store in the offline mode.
  • Let the users access the app even in a flaky network connection.
  • Let the users browse the PWAs seamlessly.
  • Pages once cached, the users don’t need to wait to load pages every time.

Support Push Notifications

In every e-commerce business, engaging with customers is the first step to grow your business. The notification feature lets you send push notification to your customers on the PWAs.

  • The admin can send the coupon codes, deals, offers, and much more using the push notification feature.
  • The users need to allow permission to receive push notifications.
  • The admin can upload the banner image for the push notification.
  • The admin can also decide the notification title and notification content as per their needs.
  • The admin can do the marketing of the product and category with the push notification.
  • The customer can click on the notification and that will open the particular product or category within the Progressive Web Application.

Easy to Login and Signup

The users can log in and signup from the PWAs easily. The users don’t need to log in again and again when logged in once.

  • It is easy for the users to log in within the PWAs.
  • The user can also signup using the Progressive Web Application.
  • The user can also sign out using the PWAs.
  • Now it is easy for the customers to log in from the PWAs so that they can easily access their account and shop on the go.

Complete Checkout Process

The users can add products to cart, the process for the checkout and complete the order within the PWAs.

  • PWAs are fully functional for the e-commerce checkout process.
  • The users not only can feel the experience like a native app but also visit the store within the PWAs.
  • The users can access the categories, product, CMS, cart, and checkout page.
  • The users can add the products to the cart.
  • Select from the different shipping and payment method to complete the order.

Compatibility With Multiple Device

Opencart Headless Progressive Web Applications supports multiple devices across platforms. It works on Android, iOS, Windows, and others as well.

  • It is easy to add the PWA to smartphones (mobile & tablets).
  • It can also be added to the computer desktops.
  • It supports multiple browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
  • PWAs are responsive and provide great user experience to the customers.

Headless PWA

PWA headless is the most prominent advancement in the e-Commerce industry. Here the fetching of data uses API which makes it more advance. It follows the decoupling approach wherein the frontend is not intact with the backend. It will allow the owner to refresh the design without re-implementing the whole content.

Headless PWA (Progressive Web Applications) uses web compatibilities to provide fast, reliable and engaging mobile application experience to your users, even in uncertain network conditions. Headless PWA is bridging the gap between mobile apps and websites effectively.

  • Low development cost
  • An app like look and feel
  • Fast installation
  • Better performance
  • No manual updates required
  • Seamless offline operation
  • Push notification functionality

Built on ReactJS

Headless PWA is built using the React-JS which provides an advanced and rich experience to its users. React. js is an open-source JavaScript library that is used for building user interfaces specifically for single-page applications. It's used for handling the view layer for web and mobile apps.

ReactJS also allows us to create reusable UI components. The main purpose of React is to be fast, scalable, and simple.

  • It comes with a helpful developer toolset.
  • PWA with ReactJS is scalable and simple.
  • Guarantees stable code
  • Ensures faster rendering
  • Efficient performance
  • It provides an advanced and rich user experience.

Desktop PWA

PWA is mainly focused on mobile applications but the benefits of PWA shouldn't be limited to mobile users only. Modern web browsers have been working to support PWA installation on computers. Google Chrome already supports installing Progressive Web Apps in it's latest versions. On Windows PC/laptop, you can install Opencart Headless PWA App like other native applications.

  • Automatic updates
  • No need to manage and distribute several versions
  • Quick access to the application from launcher
  • Fast installation from the browser
  • Apps start promptly
  • Apps support push notifications for alerting users of important events


  • It provides a fast user experience to the users as it is lightweight.
  • The users can also use the PWAs in poor network connection too.
  • Easy to customize because the frontend is built on React JS.
  • Support Push Notifications.
  • Works in offline mode.
  • Support Android and IOS.
  • PWAs are responsive on all the platforms which provide cross-browser compatibility.
  • It provides a feel of a native app.
  • There is no need to update the app regularly as it is not a native app.
  • The users can easily add the app to the home screen by visiting the website.
  • The App provides a better User Interface and fast experience to the users which helps to increase sales and generate more revenue.
  • The admin can set the splash background color, application header color, application icon, application name, and application short name.
  • The Admin can manage or add banner images, notifications, featured products, category icons, and custom collection.


For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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