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Akeneo Connector for Magento 2: This module allows the admin to import or export product information from Magento 2 store to Akeneo PIM. Using this module the admin can also import/export media files to Akeneo. Before mapping the product information the admin needs to map the category first. This module also facilitates the admin to map the Magento 2 website with Akeneo PIM.

Please Note:

  • If you want to use this extension on Akeneo EE Serenity mode, please contact us.
  • For the Akeneo installation, your Akeneo server should meet these system requirements.

Highlighted Features

 Powerful & Seamless Integration

Akeneo Connector for Magento 2 supports the Rest API technology to provide powerful integration between Magento 2 and Akeneo PIM.

 Manage & Import/Export Catalog from Magento Admin Panel

This module facilitates merchants to manage and export core elements of your Akeneo PIM catalog to the Magento 2 backend.

 Product Attribute Mapping

An additional attribute is not available in Magento2 can be directly mapped with Akeneo Connector for Magento 2.

 Import/Export IMages

The admin can import and export images from Magento 2 to Akeneo PIM using this connector.

 Import/Export Category

By using this module, merchants can import/export the categories and respective subcategories from Magento and import it to Akeneo categories.

 Import/Export Attribute sets

Magento attributes sets can be quickly exported from the backend of Magento with the Akeneo connector for the Magento 2 module.

Compatibility with All Akeneo Edition

Akeneo PIM helps to centralize all your Product Information in a single place. You can create, manage, and enrich the product information and distribute it to various channels like ERP, eCommerce, Mobile App, POS, and Marketplaces. Webkul is the largest Akeneo solution provider in the World. We have covered more than ⅓ extensions among all the Akeneo extensions at their marketplace.

We have also started to provide the solution on the All Akeneo version including Akeneo Community Edition, Akeneo Growth, Akeneo Flexibility, and Akeneo Serenity Edition.

On Self-Hosted Server & PaaS(Platform as a Service)

Akeneo PIM provides open-source PIM software. Open-Source software is released under a license with source code and provides the rights to the users to modify the code. Anyone can easily access the code to create a set of tools or apps which are required for the integrations.

Akeneo Community Edition

Akeneo Community Edition is open-source. It is being trusted by many Enterprise Customers and downloaded more than 80K times. Akeneo Community Edition is the most popular PIM that can be hosted on any dedicated server which meets the installation requirements. We provide end-to-end support for Community Edition for Customization, Module Development, Support, and Training.

Akeneo Enterprise Flexibility Mode

Akeneo has an Enterprise version also. Akeneo Enterprise contains Akeneo Flexibility(PaaS) and Akeneo Serenity mode(SaaS). We do provide complete support for Akeneo Flexibility(PaaS). PaaS(Platform as a Service) is a service to allows customers to controls the software deployment with a limited option. The service provider provides the server, database, integration to the consumers. All the Webkul modules are compatible with the Akeneo Enterprise Flexibility.

SaaS-Based Akeneo

SaaS(Software as a service) is a software distribution model and a way of delivering the application over the internet. A SaaS product is centrally hosted and is licensed based on a subscription model. Saas is being popular as they are fast and bring limitless opportunities in development.

Akeneo Growth Edition

Akeneo Growth Edtion is a SaaS PIM. The Growth Edition provides Fast Deployment, Automatic Upgrades, Scalable, and Adaptable PIM solutions. All the Webkul Extension is compatible with the Akeneo Growth Edition. We do configure the Extension with Middleware software. It uses the Akeneo API for integration.

Akeneo Enterprise Serenity Mode

Akeneo Enterprise Serenity is also a SaaS-based like Growth. Akeneo EE has some advanced features like Asset Manager, Reference Entities, and Advance Rights Management. All the Webkul Extension is compatible with the Akeneo EE Serenity with Middleware software(Developed by Webkul).

Why choose Akeneo Connector for Magento 2?

Akeneo PIM provides one place to assemble, control and enrich your product information. With Akeneo you can manage thousands of products easily, create a product catalog, and distribute it to your sales and multiple eCommerce channels.

This connector "Akeneo Connector for Magento 2" follows the latest API technology to provide powerful integration between Magento 2 and Akeneo PIM. To configure this you must create an API key connection in your Akeneo panel account and add it to your Akeneo connector configuration in your Magento admin. Overall, this module facilitates merchants to manage and export product catalog from Magento 2.

In addition, with no time Magento store owners can fetch Magento catalog data such as Magento's attribute sets, categories, configurable products, media files and import it to Akeneo. Also, store admin can import Akeneo attributes, family, categories, products, product models as well in just a few steps from the back-end of Magento 2 store.

Module Configuration

To make a connection between the Magento store and Akeneo PIM, you must create an API connection key in the Akeneo panel account and add it to your Akeneo connector configuration in your Magento Admin. For that you will require the below information:

  • Akeneo Portal URL
  • Client Id
  • Secret
  • Username
  • Password

Website Mapping

Once the configuration will be done, this module dynamically fetches all configured channels of Akene PIM. From the backend of Magento commerce, you can map the respective Magento store view with specific Akeneo channels.

  • You can map multi-website from the Magento store.
  • You can manage a multi-store catalog from the Magento itself to drive more business.
  • This module follows the standard Magento code standards.

Import/Export Product

Importing and exporting of product information is the most efficient way to update your product catalog. This module provides easy & quick Import/export functionality from Magento to Akeneo PIM. Admin can Import/Export below product information from Magento2 to Akeneo PIM.

  • Product type either Simple or Configurable.
  • Product Images such as Image, a small image, and thumbnail.
  • Quantity of the product
  • Import/export Media files
  • Import/export Image attribute
  • The main picture code can be export.
  • Attribute label can be export from Magento to Akeneo PIM

Import/Export Attributes & Attribute Set

This module gives the facility to Import/Export product attributes & attribute sets from Magento to Akeneo PIM. Merchant will get a separate configuration setting for exporting or importing attributes.

  • An attribute type must map before each other, even one can also add additional attribute type which is not available in Magento.
  • If you want to export/import attribute only then you can do it, similar to attribute sets/family.
  • The required attributes that should map to the Akeneo attribute code with the Magento input field - Name, SKU, Price, Description.

Import/Export Media Files

Media files are files containing the product data files and all the media assets associated with these products. Now, Akeneo Connector for Magento 2 module enables merchants to Import/Export the media files from Magento to Akeneo PIM.

  • To export media files before you have to map media attributes first and assure that Akeneo media attribute codes should exist in Akeneo panel.
  • The admin can set the label name which will use as a label in Akeneo after exporting.
  • The admin can set the main picture code which will use as the main picture in Akeneo after exporting.

Import/Export Log

Akeneo Connector for Magento 2 module provides additional features to observe and review the complete record of Import/Export job, including:

  • Merchant can view the respective log Id for Import/Export log.
  • Job step: Number of jobs run for Import/Export log.
  • Created at: The admin can review by when the respective job has been created.
  • Log type as message, error, and warning
  • Import/Export Jobs as product model, category and attribute set
  • A descriptive log message based on the log type.

Cascade Rack

Cascade Rack - A retail store established in Colorado, United States. Cascade Rack provides the services for Bike Racks, Kayak Racks, Canoe Racks, Ski Racks, Snowboard Racks, Surfboard Racks, or Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Racks. Cascade Racks provides apparatus to furnish the vehicle and homes for the adventures. 

Cascade Rack started his e-commerce business on Magento 2 platforms. For managing the ERP system, Cascade Racks started using Odoo open source ERP and CRM. Further, for product management, they are using Akeneo and needed some additional integrations and extensions.

Akeneo 7.0.x Compatible -

  • In Akeneo Version 7, SKU is no longer mandatory to create a product and now UUID is the new product identifier. (CE, EE).
  • Smoother mapping and faster importing. (CE, EE).
  • Tailored export can help to improve the readability of your product information export by defining rounding operations for measurement values. (EE)
  • In Akeneo Version 7, you can now map columns in your source data to additional attribute types. (EE)
  • Tailored imports help you to clean up your HTML Characters (EE).
  • Using Tailored imports, we can find and replace specific words in Text and Text Area Attributes. (EE).
  • Now we are creating a table attribute you can take advantage of measurement. (EE).
  • Now we can use reference entities as a column type in the table attribute(EE).


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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