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      Cascade Rack is a retail store established in Colorado, United States. Cascade Rack provides the services for Bike Racks, Kayak Racks, Canoe Racks, Ski Racks, Snowboard Racks, Surfboard Racks, or Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Racks.

      landing page

      Cascade Racks provides apparatus to furnish the vehicle and homes for the adventures. Cascade Rack started his e-commerce business on Magento2 platforms. For managing the ERP system, Cascade Racks started using Odoo open source ERP and CRM.

      sport Trailers


      Cascade Rack deals with a large number of products. Nowadays, it is difficult to manage products manually. It takes more time and cost. To automate product management for the e-commerce business, Cascade Rack is looking for the PIM solution. Finally, they got the solution as Akeneo PIM.

      Cascade Rack has the requirement to connect the Akeneo PIM with the Magento2 store. They find the Magento2 Akeneo connector at Webkul store. They have some other requirements to export the product data like Product Categories, Attribute Groups, Product Attributes, Base Product Data, Product Images.

      Magento 2 Akeneo Connector

      Customization and Installation

      Webkul Magento2 Akeneo connector already supported these functions. Webkul installed the connector to their Akeneo PIM. Now they have some other Akeneo requirements and they created a ticket for their concerns.

      “Need the following customization”

      1. Akeneo table attribute extension – connect to Magento

      2. Product Attachments

      • Upload files and attach to products

      • Connect to Magento product attachments

      3. Allow Akeneo to fetch product images, file uploads, etc. from a URL

      Webkul looked into their requirements and customize the connector according to their needs. They have some other issue related to the installation of the connector. Webkul responded it with efficiently over the ticket.

      Akeneo Odoo Connector Support

      Cascade Rack was managing its ERP with the Odoo open source ERP and CRM system. Now, they want to manage their products in Akeneo and export it to the Odoo.

      Webkul already had made Akeneo Odoo connector. Cascade Rack had some other requirements to send the product data from Akeneo to Odoo. They mentioned the requirements over the ticket.

      Odoo Akeneo Connector

      “Connect attribute fields from Akeneo to Odoo via import.”

      • Release Date: Exists in Akeneo by default, not in Odoo
      • Routes (multiple select; Does not exist in Akeneo)
      • Drop Shipping
      • Buy
      • Make to Order
      • Product Type (single select…created this attribute in Akeneo)
      • Consumable
      • Service
      • Stockable Product
      • Can Be Sold (Y/N; Does not exist in Akeneo)
      • Can Be Purchased (Y/N; Does not exist in Akeneo)
      • Routes (multiple select; Does not exist in Akeneo)
      • Drop Shipping
      • Buy
      • Manufacture
      • Make To Order
      • Description for Delivery Orders (text; Map to Name)
      • Description for Receptions (text; Map to Name)
      • Description for Internal (text; Map to Name)

      Webkul customized the connector for these supports. Webkul also helps them to configure Odoo(POS)Point of Sale and Odoo Bridge for Magento2.

      Webkul responded to their tickets and solve their problems quickly. Now all the issue has been resolved. Now, they are managing their e-commerce website and ERP products successfully with the Akeneo.

      Disclaimer – Please note all the images and content used in this article belongs to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complains related to this article, please send us an email to [email protected]

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