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Shopware 6 Akeneo Connector: Shopware is an eCommerce platform mostly used in Germany. It is popular for having the most live stores in Germany. It is growing fastly in native Germany and now starting to enter the European Nations.

Basically, this module is used to connect your Shopware 6 with Akeneo PIM. With this connector, the merchants can manage thousands of products easily and export product data from Akeneo to the Shopware6. It works with simple and configurable types of products. The connector also exports the categories, products, and product images.

Please Note:- Shopware 6 Akeneo PIM Connector is compatible with Community Edition, Enterprise Edition, and Cloud (PaaS/Flexibility) Edition of Akeneo.

Highlighted Features

 Sync Multiple Stores

This credential feature is used for exporting the product from Akeneo to Shopware 6. This module will help you in saving multiple Shopware stores.

 Export Category

You can export the categories and sub-categories with this module.

 Import Attribute

Using this module you can import some attributes like tags, manufacture, delivery time, sales and scale.

 Export Multilingual Content

You can export data in multi-languages with the help of this module.

 Export Product and Product Model

With this module, you can export the product and product model from Akeneo to Shopware.

 Multiple Images Export

You will able to export the multiple assets (like images) with the product in this module. You can use different images for simple products and variant products.

 Export Metric Unit

The admin can export a metric unit with the tags from Akeneo to Shopware.

 Product Listing of Variant

With the help of UI, users can select the product listings of variants.

Why you can choose Shopware 6 Akeneo Connector?

With the help of this Connector, you can export the following Product Information -

  • Export Properties (Attribute and Attribute Option) - In this, you can export the attribute and attribute option from Akeneo to Showare6. There is a separate export job to export attribute and attribute option.
  • Export Category - In this, you can export all the product categories and subcategories from Akeneo to Shopware6. There is a separate export job to export category and subcategory from AKeneo to Shopware6.
  • Export Product and Product Model - In this, you can export all products and product models from AKeneo to Shopware6. There is a separate export job to export products and product models from Akeneo to Shopware6.

Product Field Mapping

A product attribute is the features of the product that gives information about the product. You can create many attributes and family that describe the product in your product catalog. You have to map these attributes for synchronizing product data with Shopware 6. You can create a new attribute if you want to export some additional data with the product.

  • You can export Akeneo attributes from Akeneo to the Shopware connector.
  • You can create a new attribute for your needs.

Filter Product Data

Using this module admin can filter the product which will be exported from Akeneo to Shopware 6. You can filer the product that you want to export to the Shopware 6 product catalog. You can filter your product on the basis on -

  • Family – You can select the product family which is indicating similar products.
  • Time Condition – You can filter the product on the time like - Updated product from since this date.
  • Category – You can filter the product based on product categories and sub-categories.

Export SEO Information

You can send a search engine listing data with your products. We know SEO is crucial for getting maximum visibility and traffic to your website. SEO provides higher brand credibility and take your business next level. You can mention the following information about a product:

  • Meta Title
  • Meta keyword
  • Meta Description

Import Attribute

In this, you have to import some of the attributes from Shopware 6 to Akeneo which help in exporting products without any error. When you import the attribute from Shopware 6 their value synchronizing product data with Akeneo. In this, you can create an import profile to export the values like:

  • Tax Option
  • Manufacture
  • Delivery time
  • Sales Channel
  • Scale Unit

You can create a separate import profile to import the attributes.

Filter the Data

Data filtering is used in Akeneo PIM for taking out information that is much necessary for the user. A merchant can choose the locale, attribute, and currency as per the need. You can filter your product data according to your requirements. You can choose the attributes that you want to export to Shopware 6. You can filter with the help of the Channel and Locales.

  • Channel – You can select the channel where you want to export the product like E-commerce, Mobile, print catalog and ERP.
  • Locales – You can select the locales in which you want to show the product content to the end-users.
  • Attribute – You can select the attribute that you want to export.

Export Multiple Images

Send multiple images of a product from Akeneo to Shopware 6. The exported images appear as thumbnails. The first one will be your default/cover image for the product. That cover image will also appear automatically on the product page of your shop.

  • Send multiple images of a product.
  • Supports variant product images.
  • Works with .jpg, png, and all media files.


  • Export Categories from Akeneo to Shopware 6.
  • Send SEO information with products.
  • Export Products from Akeneo to Shopware 6.
  • Filter data to be Exported based on Category, family, Language, and Currency for Product Export.
  • Map product attributes between Shopware 6 and Akeneo.
  • The Export specific product(s) using the SKU identifier.
  • Support multi-language translations.
  • Export Product Model from Akeneo to ShopWare 6.
  • The source code is fully open for customization.
  • Export Product Images.
  • Multi Credentials Configuration using UI.
  • Add cover image of the product.
  • Export 2 level variants product.
  • With the help of UI, users can select the product listings of variants.

Akeneo 4.0.x Compatible

  • Faster imports and exports for a faster time to market and increased conversion rates by delivering high-quality content.
  • Rapidly detect poor data quality and quickly improve it to reduce your time-to-market.
  • More flexible asset model and asset transformations for each channel or locale.
  • The easier and faster connection between your external asset storage and Akeneo to centralize your catalog's digital assets in one single place.
  • Akeneo improved import/export performance 2x to 4x API product import, 3x to 6x API product model import, 1.5x to 9x CSV product import, 6x to 12x CSV product model, API export by 30% between 3.2 and 4.0 and CSV export by 2x between 3.2 and 4.0.

We have made all our Akeneo modules compatible with Akeneo 4.0.x And implemented RabbitMQ to make the export process faster. We have added Automated Process to export products using automate CSV upload and made it work with Akeneo Community and Enterprise editions with the latest features.

 Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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