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Marketplace Adyen Payment for WooCommerce: Adyen payment can help the marketplace to function in an efficient way. The configuration of the module can allow the display of the payment method at the time of the checkout. The admin can even manage the payout for the sellers with the help of the integration. It makes the transaction process more efficient and effective.

Thus, allowing maximum conversion rate and deduction of bounce rate. The module is the perfect solution for any marketplace that requires faster and quicker checkout procedures. This method can even be integrated into the Multi-Vendor Mobile App for WooCommerce if it’s part of your website. For this kindly inform us on mail- support@webkul.com.

Adyen payment gateway supports multiple currencies like- AED, AUD, BGN, BHD, BRL, CAD, CHF, CNY, CZK, DKK, EUR, GBP, HKD, HRK, HUF, ISK, ILS, INR, JOD, JPY, KRW, KWD, MYR, NOK, NZD, OMR, PLN, QAR, RON, RUB, SAR, SEK, SGD, THB, TWD, USD, ZAR.

Important Note: Marketplace Adyen Payment for WooCommerce module is a marketplace add-on, so you must be using Webkul’s Multi-Vendor Marketplace for WooCommerce module.

Highlighted Features

Admin Adyen Management

The admin can enter the details of the Adyen account to enable the transaction processing using the Adyen Payment Method.

Quick and Easy Refund Processing

The admin could generate an online refund for the orders to allow the direct transfer.

Payout Management

The seller can receive an easy payout for the orders after a definite time period.

PCI Complaint

The customer can remain assured of the security as the card details are not submitted on the server.

Why Use Marketplace Adyen Payment for WooCommerce?

The biggest struggle of any Marketplace store is the retention of the customer. The most effective solution to the issue is the introduction of the Adyen Payment Gateway. The customer can now easily check out with the help of the payment method.

Now, the cases of abandoned cart or decline purchase on the cart page will not occur. With the plugin, the checkout can be generated easily. Thus, helping in chances of incrementation of conversion. In addition, the plugin also allows easy payout to sellers and a quick refund to the customer.

Module Configuration

The admin can set the module as per the requirement to allow the customer to use the same at the time of checkout. This will allow the admin to attract more customers in the store and less of the bounce rate at the time of checkout. Hence the admin can adjust the module by -

  • Assigning a suitable title and description to it.
  • Enabling/disabling of the Sandbox account.
  • Entering the username and password of the Adyen account.
  • Mentioning the API key for integration.
  • Entering the Client Encryption Key and library token.

Seller Adyen Account Management

The seller could even take advantage of the payment gateway. As now they can receive the payout of the sold product directly to the account.

For this, the seller needs to enter the registered details of the Adyen account. The seller Adyen account details include -

  • Country Name to which the seller belongs.
  • Bank Account Number (IBAN), Name and City of the seller bank account.
  • Account Name.
  • Business Identification Code (BIC)
  • Tax Identification Number
  • Date of birth of Seller.

Customer Checkout

The customer easily checkout with the products in the cart. This facility can be highly helpful for the sales in the store. This way the marketplace can reduce the bounce rate on the store.

The customer could simply add on the credit card details of the Adyen account and process the checkout.

  • Secure transactions with PCI compliance.
  • Quick refund processing.
  • Less chance of failure of the transaction.

Refund Management

Being a marketplace owner there is a big point of concern is the quick refund procedure. However, this issue could be sorted with the help of Adyen Payment Gateway Integration. This will allow direct transfer of funds to the customer account.

  • A partial or complete refund could be generated for the order.
  • Direct transfer to the Account.
  • Faster processing.
  • Much reliable method.

Complete Features List

  • The module supports credit cards as supported by the Adyen Payment gateway.
  • Fully PCI Compliant, no card details submitted to the server.
  • Admin can use the module is any mode test or live.
  • The seller can add the Adyen account details for an easy transaction process to them for sales of the product.
  • Admin can manage the seller payouts.
  • Quick and Easy refund transfer using the gateway.


For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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