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Magento 2 Print Catalog: With this module, the store admin will be able to generate and print the product catalog of their store. The admin can add single or multiple products and can also preview the image of the PDF that is going to be generated.

The print of product catalogs acts as a major source of information to the customers and the guide, as it includes all the important details regarding the launched products and the offers. The advantage of the product PDF is that the admin can share this in both the ways that are online and offline.

Highlighted Features

 Generate Customized Product Catalogs

Create desired catalogs by providing the details.

 Create desired Covers

Provide front and back images to design the cover.

 Download as PDF

Created product catalogs can be downloaded as PDF.

 Print Your Own Catalogs

Easily print those PDFs to share among customers and clients.

Advertise Using Product Catalogs

  • Convey the updated store details with the customers and clients.
  • PDFs work as a handy guide for the users.
  • Store owners will share the major details like product list, their price and the details about the products.
  • The store owners can also share launched products and offers.
  • Product catalogs are proven as the best way for the advertisement.
  • The PDFs will increase the shareability among the clients in the marketplace.

Select Print Size

  • The admin will select the attributes that will be shown under the product details.
  • Even the paper type can be selected by the admin among A3 and A4.
  • The admin can also select the default product image.

Design Cover Images

  • The admin can create the cover pages for the product catalogs.
  • The list can be filtered under the list of the cover page by the ID, Cover Name, and created date.
  • The admin will be able to create various cover pages with different appearances.
  • The admin will provide the front and back cover of the cover image.
  • The admin can also preview the cover page layout.

Customized Product Catalogs

  • The admin can further create the product catalog.
  • This will include the actual content and layout of the product catalog.
  • General settings, cover settings, page layouts and products are managed under this section.
  • The title, sub-titles, and cover names are also provided here only.
  • The admin also selects the product that is going to be visible in the product catalog.

Manage Product Cover Images

  • The admin can manage the cover images from the cover mages list page.
  • The admin can delete the selected cover images in just one click.
  • The products can be filtered using the ID, Cover Name, and the Date created.
  • Created PDFs of the catalogs can be easily under the Action grid in the product catalog page.
  • The admin can also edit the existing cover images.

Preview Page Layout

  • The admin can preview the preview of the created cover images and product catalogs.
  • Preview will be visible in the backend panel itself.
  • The preview of the page layout provides the admin an idea about the appearance of the PDF.
  • The layout helps the admin to customize the PDF at the time of creating the PDF.


  • The admin can generate PDF of there store catalog.
  • admin can upload front and back covers for the catalog.
  • Choose from 3 available layouts for the catalog.
  • Select the products that the admin needs to add to the catalog.
  • The admin can edit the front and back cover pages.
  • View the preview of cover and page layouts.
  • Choose the associated products of the configurable, grouped, bundled products for creating the product catalog.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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