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POS Unit Price Magento 2: This module helps the POS agent to change the measurement units (such as – liter, kilo, gallon, pound, meter) of products in the POS cart. With this, customers will be able to buy the product at different quantities and varying units. The admin can create the unit of measures and also, can add a unit of measures category. While creating or editing the product the admin can assign the unit of measures to the product. The POS invoice contains a modified quantity of the product.

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Highlighted Features

 Unit of Measures Category

The admin can add Multiple unit measure categories.

 Multiple Unit of Measure

The admin can set up multiple units measure as per the requirement.

 Inventory Management

The inventory gets updated as per the item purchased quantity.

 Update Product Quantity

The POS agents can update the unit of measure of the product as per the customer requirement.

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Why use POS Unit Measure Magento 2?

As we know the default Magento 2 offers a limited measurement system. So if you want to sell the products in units measures such as liter, kilo, gallon, meter, then it can't be possible. But here we are offering the best solution for the store owner to do so on for their POS store customers. It essentially improves the user shopping experience. This module allows the store owner to introduce specific measurement units and make it more convenient for customers to make the purchase.

POS Unit Measure

If any customers visit the POS store to purchase the grocery, then surely prefer to purchase the products as per the required quantity. So in that case, your POS system makes the purchase of the customer more efficient.

  • The POS agent can simply add the desired product into the cart and then with the help of scales they can change the unit of measures of the product.
  • The POS salesperson can see all the available options for the unit of measures and select accordingly.
  • The product price also gets updated as per the quantity of the product.

Real-Time Inventory Sync

A key to a managed eCommerce business is to maintain the real-time inventory sync. And with the help of the POS Unit Measures module, it is easily possible.

  • Whenever any purchase is done from the POS store the inventory gets updated in the backend automatically.
  • If any customer purchases the product according to their desired quantity, then inventory gets reflected accordingly.
  • The store owner can also create a separate inventory source for the POS.

Advance Inventory

There are some key points which the admin needs to take care of while creating the product for allowing the customer to purchase the product in the unit of measures.

  • A standard unit of measure must be assigned to the product such as dozen, kilogram, liter, etc.
  • The admin can define the quantity of the product for the POS system separately.
  • To provide the diversity to purchase the product in a different unit of measures, the admin has to allow the quantity in decimals.
  • For example, if the customer wishes to purchase 500 grams of sugar, then the POS agent can easily change the same into the cart before placing the order.

Unit Measure On Invoice

The customer must receive the full detail of their purchase in the POS receipt or the invoice for their purchase. It builds the trust factor among the salesperson and the customers and also keeps the transparency between them.

  • Once, the POS agent changes the unit of measure of the product, it reflects into the cart.
  • The price of the product also gets updated according to the selected unit of measure.
  • After placing the order, on the receipt, the customer can check the unit of measurement of the product and respective product price.

Use Case

Magento 2 POS Unit Measure module plays a very vital role in real-life scenarios as in many cases the customers wish to purchase the product as per their required quantity. This module benefits POS customers a lot.

  • This functionality is very useful in grocery stores, or any take away stores.
  • Also, it helps to keep the track of the inventory accurately and the POS agent can place the order as per the required unit of measure without any hassle.
  • If you wish to have more flexibility in the accessibility of your store, you can use a mobile-based solution that has no dependency on a platform in the product- Mobikul POS - Point of Sale.


  • The admin can create a unit of measure category.
  • The admin can also create a unit of measures.
  • The POS agent changes the unit of measure of any product in the cart.
  • A product can be sold with many units of measure in a single order.
  • Price also updated concerning the new unit of measure.
  • The stock is maintained in inventory for the purchased unit of measure and sold the unit of measure.
  • The invoice of the order also maintained the new units of measure.
  • The stock of the POS product updates as per the POS purchase.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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