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Magento 2 WhatsApp Contact: With this module, the customers will be able to contact the store owner via WhatsApp. This can not only reduce the efforts of communication over the mails for the basic queries like quoting the product.

The customer can contact the admin from multiple pages in the store that includes the product page, cart page, order success page, header, and footer of the page. The buttons available in the various pages will direct the customer to the WhatsApp window where they can communicate with the admin.

With this, the customers can have direct contact with the admin and there will be no way to miss any message. Also, the admin will manage the details like the custom messages related to every page. The admin will manage the visibility of the WhatsApp button, and can also manage the title of the buttons.


  • The customer and admin both must have an active WhatsApp account.
  • It is a must for the customer to have the proper access to WhatsApp web.
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Highlighted Features of Magento 2 WhatsApp Contact:

 Easy Quotation Process

Customers can ask for any product detail or can easily raise a quotation request via Whatsapp.

 Increase Customer Engagement

Whatsapp based connectivity from multiple pages and sections of the website increases customer engagement.

 Contact from Multiple Pages

Customers will re-visit the store for getting this kind of quote service.

 Thorough Discussion Before Purchase

The customer will discuss it with the admin about the quote anytime.

Why We Need Magento 2 WhatsApp Contact?

When it comes to e-commerce, transparency plays an important role between the customers and the admin. This module does exactly the same by providing a communication way to the customer: The customers can chat with the admin by clicking on the WhatsApp Buttons.

The buttons are available at different stages of order placement. Most importantly, the admin can manage the visibility and message details of the buttons.

The customer can contact the admin from multiple pages in the store that includes the product page, cart page, order success page, header, and footer of the page. With messenger kind of facility, the customer will not miss any revert from the store owner.

Show WhatsApp Contact Link on Multiple Pages

The store owners/ admin will manage the module configurations from the backend panel: to provide their customer with these facilities

  • The admin will enable this module so that the customer will get to experience this feature.
  • Admin can customize the button title for providing a better understanding to their customers.
  • The button title for the buttons on the product, cart, and order success page will be provided by the admin.
  • The admin will also provide the custom message that will be sent to the admin after clicking the button.
  • The admin can separately manage the visibility of buttons on different pages.
  • The admin can also restrict customers to send the order details with the custom message.
  • The admin will also manage whether the guest customer can access this feature or not.

Enable WhatsApp Web Access

To utilize this module in the best possible way, the customer must add their active WhatsApp number to the WhatsApp web:

  • For this, the customer will click on any of the WhatsApp buttons present in the store.
  • A window appears with the QR Code, the customer scans that code to get access for using WhatsApp as a website.
  • The admin also provides this leverage to guest customers to scan their WhatsApp directly after clicking the button.
  • After WhatsApp Web is enabled, customers will get directed to the WhatsApp window of the admin.

Contact Store Owner from Product Page

The customer can contact admin from the product page by clicking on the button present there:

  • The button will be present with the product details.
  • Just after clicking, the customer will direct to the WhatsApp chat window.
  • The custom message will be auto-filled in the message text box.
  • The customer can add their own message by typing it.
  • The message includes the product link and product name.

Contact Store Owner from Shopping Cart Page

Once the customer added the product to the cart, then also they can contact admin because another button is available in the cart page:

  • The button will be present near the Update Shopping Cart Button.
  • The customer will get directed to the WhatsApp chat window.
  • The custom message will be auto-filled in the message text box.
  • The message includes the product link and product name, product price, and custom options.
  • Still, if the customer wants then they can type other messages too.

Contact Store Owner from Order Success Page

From the order success page also the customer can add the quote or get details about the product:

  • The button will be visible under the Order details.
  • The customer can click on the button to share the product and order details.
  • The customer can also send customized messages by typing in the message box.
  • By clicking on this button, the order details will be sent to the admin that includes the order ID, order total, etc.

WhatsApp Contact Link on Header and Footer

The customer can also contact to the admin via WhatsApp just by visiting the store:

  • The WhatsApp buttons are also available on the header and footer of the store.
  • This will be beneficial for the customers that are just visiting the store.
  • After clicking, the customer will navigate to the WhatsApp chat window.
  • The customer can directly type the desired message.
  • The guest users can also take the benefits of this feature.

WhatsApp Window View

Once the customer clicks on any of the WhatsApp buttons, they will navigate to the WhatsApp Chat Window:

  • The chat window will appear like a regular WhatsApp window.
  • Every time the text box will be auto-filled with some information.
  • The information depends on the page from which the button is clicked.
  • The customer can type the related queries or quotes they want to discuss.
  • The customer will get the revert from the admin in the same window.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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