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Magento 2 Invoice PDF Editor: For any online business, pdf invoices play an extremely essential role. After all, its the invoices that include all the details associated with the customer's order that can be managed accordingly. Hence as business entrepreneurs, we can always look for ways and means to make our invoices layout look presentable to the customers. The reason being, it depicts the brand’s image and even is responsible for developing customers’ trust in your brand.

This extension helps you create professionally customized and user-friendly pdf invoices. These are extremely developer-friendly and one can even add their own CSS owing to their store’s need. This adds on to improvising the brands’ image in the eyes of the customer, thus making them come back for their buying needs.

Highlighted Features

 Create Unlimited Templates

The admin can create any number of templates, as per the store’s requirement.

 Add Your Own CSS

This module also allows the users to add their own CSS for redesigning the templates.

 Select Paper Size for your Invoice Pdf

The size of the paper on which the invoice PDF shall be printed can be chosen by the admin.

 Choose Orientations

The admin can even choose an orientation, either portrait or landscape, for their templates.

Why do we need the Magento 2 Invoice PDF Template extension?

As customers, your part is completed as soon as we place the order with a store. Thereafter, it becomes more challenging for the store owner to manage the order that the customer has placed. One imperative entity that counts after order placement is the invoice.

It is important because the customers would find all of the details that are associated with the order they have placed with the respective store on the invoices. Hence, it is essential to take care of the layout of the pdf templates as they represent the brand image in the eyes of the customers.

Magento 2 Invoice PDF Template extension manages and helps you redesign the layout of your pdf invoices and lets you present your brand images in a much robust manner. This in turn affects the brand’s popularity, thus affecting the sales and revenue factor of a store, positively.

Admin Permissions

A brand’s image is key to making a mark in the e-commerce industry. This module gives the store owners an opportunity to enhance their brand’s image in front of their customers’ eyes.

  • The admin can navigate to Stores > Invoice Pdf Template to set the configurations.
  • Initially, the admin can set the basic settings under the Invoice Pdf Template > Configurations.
  • For basic settings, the admin will two fields under the Invoice Pdf Template > Pdf Template.
  • The admin must choose Yes against the Use Custom Pdf field.
  • Then, against the Pdf Template field, the admin can choose the template for the invoices.

Designing the Templates

The conventional layout is sometimes boring and so the business entrepreneurs are striving to integrate and implement new templates for their pdf invoices for better brand representation.

  • To create a new template, initially, the admin needs to add its name.
  • The page size, such as A4, A3, etc. can be chosen as per the stores need.
  • The admin can choose the orientation, such as portrait or landscape as well.
  • An extra CSS as well can be added by the users (the admin and clients).
  • The admin can preview the template designs.

Download Redesigned Invoices - In PDF Format

A major benefit of creating customized pdf invoices is that the store admin can redesign it as per their store's requirement and feasibility, thus enhancing the brand’s value in the e-commerce industry.

  • The admin has the option of customizing the templates according to their store’s feasibility.
  • The size of the paper on which the pdf shall be printed can be defined by the store owner.
  • The admin can simply view the order and proceed to generate its invoice.
  • Once the invoice is created, the admin can navigate to the Invoices tab, and view it.
  • Further, on clicking the print tab, the invoice in the pdf format is downloaded.


  • The admin has the leverage to create as many templates as needed.
  • Also, the admin can redesign the invoice template using the drag and drop method.
  • The admin and the customers can add their own CSS as well.
  • The size of the paper can be chosen by the admin to print the invoice pdf.
  • Also, the admin can choose from the given list of orientations, i.e. Portrait or Landscape.
  • The admin can print the PDF documents of the invoices.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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