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Laravel eCommerce SaaS Multi Vendor Bulk Upload


Laravel eCommerce SaaS Multi Vendor Bulk Upload: This module plays a crucial role for the tenants as well as the sellers as they can upload the products in bulk. This add-on allows the sellers to add products to the store using the CSV/Xls file. The bulk upload SaaS marketplace add-on supports simple and configurable types of products. Mention all the details such as name, category, price, stock, description, tax on the product, etc. in the file including the images. The admin can also upload the products for the seller from the backend.

Important Note - This module is an add-on of Webkul's Laravel Multi Company SaaS Module and Multi Vendor SaaS Module, So for using this module you need to install Webkul's Laravel e-Commerce Multi Company SaaS Module as well as Laravel e-Commerce SaaS Multi Vendor Module.

Highlighted Features

 Bulk Upload and Update

The admin/tenant and the sellers can upload and update products in bulk, this can help to manage a huge quantity of products.

 Supports CSV and XLS

The admin/tenant and the seller can upload the bulk product in CSV and XLS files.

 Sample Files

Sample files of CSV and XLS are available to upload the products.

 Upload Image

Bulk images can also be uploaded along with the products in zip format.

What is the need for Marketplace bulk upload?

With the help of marketplace bulk upload the admin and the sellers can upload products in bulk the sellers and the admin can upload the product in CSV/XLS format. The admin can also assign products uploaded in bulk to a particular seller also. This can be very beneficial as there is no need to create the products, again and again, thus it will also save time.

Data Flow Profile Mapping

After the successful installation of the module, the admin/tenant and sellers can create any number of profiles and can select the associated attribute family set that will be applicable for the created profile.

  • The profile will be selected while bulk uploading of the products.
  • An attribute family can be selected while creating the profile.
  • All the created profile will be visible under the Profile grid section.

Bulk Upload Products

Once the profile has been created by the admin/tenant and the sellers can set the configurations for the bulk upload of the products and can also download the sample of CSV and XLS files for the bulk upload of the product.

  • An attribute family can be selected.
  • Data flow profile can be selected.
  • CSV/XLS file of bulk products can be uploaded.
  • Images for the products can be uploaded in Zip format.

Note - The admin/tenant can also select the sellers to whom the admin/tenant want to assign the products.

Creating CSV and XLS File

After downloading the sample of the CSV/XLS file the admin/seller can edit the files for uploading the products in bulk. Sample of CSV and XLS files for both simple and configurable products are downloadable for the further edition.

  • All attributes are visible according to the selected attribute family in the CSV/XLS file.
  • The admin/seller can create 'n' number of products.
  • The name for the image can also be added to the CSV/XLS file.

Run Profile

After importing the product the admin/tenant or the sellers need to run the profile so that the bulk products will be uploaded to the Bagisto eCommerce website.

  • The created profiles can be selected from the dropdown.
  • If there is an error in the CSV/XLS file the product will not be uploaded and hence the Seller/Admin will come to know about the error.
  • The products will be added to the eCommerce store.

Complete Features List

  • Using the CSV or XLS files, the tenant can upload the products in bulk.
  • The tenant & seller can create a profile for CSV/XLS file upload.
  • The tenant & seller can upload a zip file for the images.
  • Compatible with product types i.e., simple, configurable


For any issue related to this module, please create a support ticket here at -  https://webkul.uvdesk.com/en/customer/create-ticket/ or send an email to support@webkul.com

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