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Multi Vendor Recurring Payments & Subscription for Magento 2


Multi Vendor Recurring Payments & Subscription for Magento 2: Convenient Payment scenarios are extremely essential for online businesses. For that reason, store owners strive to integrate effective payment methods within their stores. Hence business entrepreneurs are switching to automated billing processes, popularly known as recurring payments.

This extension comes handy with subscriptions and recurring payments for the store owner and seller products. Both the admin and sellers can create subscription products and facilitate recurring payments. The customers need to log in before purchasing any subscription product and choose a feasible subscription plan.

This is a marketplace add-on, so you must install Webkul's Marketplace Multi Vendor Module for Magento 2 first.

"Multi-Vendor Recurring Payment & Subscription for Magento 2” depends on the “Magento 2 recurring payments and subscriptions” module. So you must install it first.

Highlighted Features

 Create and Sell Subscription Products

Enhance your store’s useability by adding Subscription products within your stores.

 Configure Feasible Duration Types or Subscription Plans

Both the admin and the sellers have the leverage to add subscription plans that best suits each subscription product.

 Unsubscribe, at any Point of Time

All the entities, i.e. the admin, sellers, or the customers can cancel the subscription of any product.

 Subscribe Button Visibility

The customers can find the Subscribe button on the Category Page, Search, or Product pages.

 Supported Recurring Payments

It supports online Stripe Recurring Payment and PayPal Recurring Payments and also supports Offline Recurring Payments.

 Product Supported

This extension is known to support simple, configurable, virtual, and downloadable product types.

Why do we need this extension?

With the rise in the e-commerce industry, business entrepreneurs need to keep up with the digitally advancing phase. With that comes one of the main aspects of the e-commerce stores, i.e. automating the payments for a quick and easy to use billing process. This extension is capable of offering its customers an interesting subscription and recurring payments feature that ensures a swift billing scenario within an online store.

The store owner and the sellers of the marketplace get to create subscription products for which they can create feasible subscription plans. Customers in turn can choose from the required plans and even leverage from the feasible rates that each plan comes with. This way business entrepreneurs would provide a great purchase experience to their customers

Integrating Basic Permissions

Initially, the admin needs to configure common settings for subscription products. The admin can set the following permissions.

  • Firstly, the admin must enable the status of the module.
  • The price scope of subscription can be set as Global or Store View.
  • Discounts can be allowed on subscriptions.
  • Multiple subscription products in a cart may be allowed by the admin.
  • The admin may allow specific payment methods that are visible to the customers on the checkout page.

Recurring PayPal Express Checkout Payment Method

In the next step, the admin needs to configure the Recurring PayPal Payment Settings. The following configurations are to be set.

  • The admin can enable the payment method first.
  • Set a Title for the Payment Method, that will be visible on the checkout page.
  • The admin configures the Merchant PayPal ID.
  • Also, the admin configures the PayPal API username, password, and signature.
  • The admin selects the specific countries or all countries, where this payment method will be visible.
  • The client id and secret key must be retrieved from PayPal’s website.
  • Also, the sort order can be set for this payment method.

Recurring Stripe Payment Method

For Stripe as well the admin will have to configure a set of permissions. These are listed below.

  • Firstly, the admin will have to enable the payment method.
  • Set a title for the same, that will be visible on the checkout page.
  • Thereafter, set yes to enable the Sandbox mode.
  • The admin needs to add a relevant integration against this field.
  • The admin needs to add the Stripe API publishable key.
  • The client id, account id, and API secret key is to be set by the admin.
  • Set a name that will be visible on the form.
  • The admin selects the specific countries or all countries, where this payment method will be visible.
  • Minimum and maximum order total are set by the admin.
  • The admin can set the sort order for the payment method.

Creating Subscription Products

Admin End In the admin dashboard Recurring menu option is present, which includes the Manage Durations Types sub-menu option.

  • The duration types display a listing of the subscription plans.
  • The admin can edit any duration type present in the list.
  • To create a new subscription plan, the admin must click on the add duration type button.
  • The admin needs to set the title for the new duration type.
  • Set the number of days for a specific duration type.
  • Enable/ disable duration type as need be.
  • Set the sort order for the duration type.

Administering Subscriptions

There is another sub-menu option under the Recurring menu option i.e. Manage Subscriptions.

  • The seller listing along with their subscription details is present in the All Subscriptions page.
  • The admin can find the complete subscription information for each seller under View link.
  • The subscription information includes details such as subscription type and product name.
  • It also includes the Start date and the initial order id.
  • The admin will find the customer and the product name.
  • The status and the created at date is also given under the subscription information.

Assessing Subscriptions

The sellers can log in to their panels. The sellers will find the Recurring Subscriptions menu option in the dashboards.

  • On hovering the mouse over Recurring Subscriptions, three sub-menu options appear.
  • These are, Manage Product Subscriptions, Connect To Stripe, and Manage PayPal Details.
  • A listing of the customers who have subscribed to the seller’s products is present under manage product subscriptions.
  • The complete information of a particular subscription is accessible under View link.
  • The seller can establish a connection with Stripe under Connect to Stripe.
  • The seller can add email id, first and last name for PayPal, under Manage PayPal Details.

Purchasing Subscription Products

Meanwhile, the customers will find a specific category such as Subscription Products that includes all the subscription products of the store.

  • The guest users will see a Login to Subscribe button with the subscription products.
  • After logging in, the text of the same button changes to Subscribe.
  • The customer will find the Subscribe button on the category, product, and search pages.
  • As the customer clicks on the Subscribe button on the category page, it redirects to the product page.
  • The customer will find the Subscribe button, clicking which the subscription plans open up.
  • From the given subscription plans, the customer can choose any suitable plan.
  • Click on Subscribe Now to add the product to the cart.
  • To add more than one subscription product to the cart, their start date, and duration types must be the same.
  • The customer can pay using PayPal or Stripe payment methods.
  • The Stripe payment method is visible only if the Start date is set to today's date.
  • The customer can navigate to My Account > My Subscriptions to view the subscription details.
  • The customer can unsubscribe any subscription product at any point in time.

 Complete Features List

  • The admin/ sellers can create subscription products and add them under a separate category, (such as Subscription Products).
  • Both the admin and the sellers can set the subscription amount and initial fee for each of their subscription products.
  • The admin can create Subscription Terms/ Duration Types.
  • The seller, the admin, and the customer can unsubscribe any subscription, anytime.
  • Guests users will have to log in to purchase any subscription product.
  • The Subscribe button for any subscription product is visible on the Category page, Product Page, and the Search page.
  • The customers can make payments using PayPal or Stripe, whichever seems feasible.
  • More than one subscriptions products can be added to the cart, but some conditions apply.
  • It supports Offline Recurring Payment.
  • Also, supports online Stripe Recurring Payment and PayPal Recurring Payments.
  • This extension supports simple, configurable, virtual, and downloadable product types.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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