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Magento 2 Product User Activity: Now the store owners can track the movements of the logged-in customers on the storefront. Check which product pages, category are being visited, clicked along with what event types are being carried out by the customer such as add to cart/wishlist, compared or searched different product, and much more.

Further, the admin can send promotional emails to the customers based on their previous activity to engage, cross-sell, or provide relevant information.

Please Note:

  • The module only works for logged-in customers, Moreover the activity of the guest users can not be recorded.
  • For additional user activity tracking on ecommerce website, you can also use the Magento 2 GTM extension.

Highlighted Features

 Track Product User Activity

The store owners can track the movements of all the active logged in customers.

 Dispatch Promotional Emails

The admin can deliver marketing emails to multiple customers at a time.

 Tabular Dataset for User Activity

Every activity of the logged-in users is fetched and stored under the catalog activity section.

 Live Insights into Customer Movements

Real-time updates of the customer journey are registered for every instance and activity.

Why Integrate Product User Activity In Magento 2 Store?

The Magento 2 Product User Activity extension helps the store owners to track the activity of their customers, the admin can check the complete record of the actions, movements, and pages that the customer visited in a tabular data form and can send promotional or social-oriented emails to the customer with the required content and subject for each customer as a result, the opportunity to grab more sales.

Now, fetch large volumes of user data based on the activity of your customers on a daily basis from your store and make strategic business moves using this Big data by data visualization, analyzing, and gaining customer behavioral insights.

Send Marketing Promotional Emails

The store admin can send personalized emails to its customers and add the sender's details.

  • Easily deliver custom emails with the help of product user activity templates.
  • The store owners can set and change the username for sending promotional emails.
  • The admin can use different email Ids for sending emails to its customer by changing the email address used for sending mail at any time.
  • The customers receive instant email notifications as a response to their store activity

Customer User Activity Tracking

All the actions and movements of the customers are recorded on a real-time basis.

  • The admin can filter the catalog activity data to narrow down the search using the customer id.
  • The admin can check the URL and page type which the user has visited.
  • Date Created At field gives the info about when the respective activity occurred.
  • Gain insights such as which is the most and least visited product by filtering the table using Product Id.

Reach Out Abandoned Customers

Engage and retain your customers by sending them unlimited marketing emails even after they made a purchase.

  • The store owners can influence their customers by sending them emails based on customer choices assumed from his/her activity.
  • The body of the email subject and content can be entered and changed by the admin based on the requirement.
  • Efficiently send as many emails to multiple customers at a time and improve response time to your customers.
  • Increase revenue by bringing back, less active users, and suggest products to active users by sending them marketing emails.

Track & Measure Customer Activity at Various Catalog CMS Pages

This being one of the most unique features of the module how easily store owners can check out the complete path of customer browsing.

  • Whenever a customer visits any product the page URL along with its product id is added to the records.
  • The product ID is distinctive for the product view page and zeroes for category pages or where multiple products are listed in.
  • Apart from that product, home, cart, category, checkout, search, wishlist, compare, and contact us are the pages for which activity tracking is supported

Support GraphQL:

Product User Activity in Magento 2 supports the GraphQL API. Using Postman, you can quickly retrieve the data about the customers who visited the website using the GraphQL API.

  • Using the GraphQL API, admins can view a list of all customers who have visited the page.
  • Admins can fetch the data of customers using a customer token.
  • It is beneficial to obtain data-specific queries using your existing data.
  • You can get a list of customers who visited a specific page, such as the checkout page, product page, or category page.

 Complete Features List

  • Activity tracking for Customers on Catalog pages implemented.
  • The user activity can be tracked over multiple pages such as product, home, cart, category, checkout, search, wishlist, compare & contact us pages.
  • The admin can also find which event types are being carried out by the user such as add to cart/wishlist, page load, redirect, searched, or compared different products.
  • The admin can send promotional emails to multiple customers at a time with personalized content and subject.
  • The custom email template can be used for sending promotional emails to the customer.
  • The sender's name on the delivered emails can be set accordingly.
  • User activity data can be exported which is in CSV or XML format.
  • The user activity can be recorded store-view-wise.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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