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Opencart Price Comparison Marketplace: The extension takes your marketplace’s reputation to a higher point by allowing multiple sellers to add and sell the same product. The buyers can see the number of sellers for any product and can checkout with any seller as required

Also, on product page buyer can see the name of the seller, delivered by, price, ratings, and the available quantity. It's thus allowing the customers to choose the seller from whom the order should be placed.

Please Note -

  • This module is an add-on of the Marketplace Module. To use this module you must have installed Webkul Opencart Marketplace Module.
  • This module supports all templates and themes including the Journal theme.
  • Opencart Marketplace Price Comparision module supports the Multi-Store feature of default Opencart.

What is the need of the marketplace price comparison extension?

The customers like to compare the price of a product that is being offered by multiple sellers along with their respective price and quantity. It allows the customers to choose the lowest price for purchasing the product from a list of sellers offering competitive prices.

As the feature of price comparison is not available in the default system, this extension comes handy. The sellers who are selling the same product are visible to the customers on the product page itself. The customers can then easily compare the product price available from different sellers and can checkout with any seller's product as required.

Highlighted Features

 Separate Product Collection

A separate product collection is associated with a single seller.

 One Product, Multiple Sellers

For a single product there exist multiple sellers.

 Create Product Conditions

The admin can easily add/delete multiple product condition as required from the backend.

 Make Offer Option

The seller can enable or disable the customers to make a default or custom offer for their assigned product.

 Price Alert Option

The customers can subscribe to the price alerts of assigned products and can receive an email when the price drops.

 Email Notifications

The admin can create mail messages that are sent for the default conditions of the Marketplace Price Comparison module to notify the respective receivers.

Module Configuration

The admin can set up different options for the extension by navigating to the module configuration settings. Here, the admin can configure the various available module options to

  • Set up approval as required when any seller assigns another seller’s product.
  • Set up approval when any seller updates any assigned product.
  • When the product from the original seller deleted, the assigned seller becomes the main seller of that product, and that assigned product becomes the main product.
  • Set the product list filter option as Global Catalog or Seller Catalog.
  • Choose from two options - ASC or DESC to display assign seller product on the product page.
  • Set the number of assigned product images that can be uploaded by the sellers.
  • Set up the number of days up-till the coupon can be validated.
  • Set the corresponding template option from the drop-down list for related email options.

Product Assignment

On the front-end, the seller can add existing products to their product list with different price, quantity, make offer option, shipping information, description, and images.The seller can view those products under their account panel “Assign Product List” menu option.

  • The sellers can assign a product for the already existing product.
  • The sellers can add assigned products in bulk using a CSV file.
  • The base seller can edit all the information related to the product.
  • The seller can edit the assigned products.
  • Export assigned product list in a CSV file.

Make Offer & Price Alert

The sellers can enable the make offer wherein the customers can make use of this feature to enable custom and default offers for the assigned products. After approval of the offer, the customer receives the coupon code for use with the respective assigned product to receive the discount.

  • The sellers can enable the make offer button for the assigned product.
  • The sellers can approve the custom and default offers sent by the customers.
  • The seller can set the default offer by entering the offer quantity, discount, discount type.
  • The seller can view the list of customers who make an offer.
  • The customers can subscribe to the price alerts.
  • Customers receive notification mail when the price of the product drops.
  • The sellers have no access to see the Price Alert list.

Customer Workflow

When a customer views the base seller's product, at the same time the customer can also check the products available from various other sellers too. Apart from the price, quantity, ratings, seller's name there is an ‘Add to cart,’ ‘Price Alert,’ and ‘Make Offer’ option visible on the assigned products.

  • The buyer can request a price alert for the assigned product.
  • The buyer can make an offer on the assigned product.
  • The customer can choose to select the default or make a custom offer.
  • The customer can make a custom offer by entering the discount price and quantity.
  • The customer receives a coupon for use on the assigned product.
  • The buyer can add assigned product directly to the cart with the required quantity.
  • The customer can update the quantity of the products in the shopping cart also and then can proceed to the checkout page.

Complete Features List

  • The admin can create multiple product condition names.
  • Separate product collection for every seller.
  • Display different sellers on the product page with their product price, quantity available, ratings, make offer button, and the price alert button.
  • The admin can approve, delete, and preview details of the assigned products.
  • The admin can set the number of assigned product images to upload.
  • The admin can set up the emails for the default conditions within the extension.
  • The admin can set up the number of days up-till a coupon can be validated.
  • The admin can view/delete the customers who have subscribed for the price alert.
  • The sellers can add the product with different price, quantity, make offer option, shipping information, description, and images.
  • The sellers can add assign products in bulk using the CSV file.
  • Order history gets generated with the particular seller details whose product has sold out.
  • The sellers can approve the default or custom offers made by the customers.
  • The base seller can update the whole information of that product but assign seller can only edit the price and quantity of that product.
  • The customers can opt to subscribe for the price alert of the assigned product.
  • The customers can filter products from other sellers on the product page using the seller name, rating, and the price of the products.
  • The customers can make a default or custom offer on the assigned product.
  • The customers can make a custom offer by entering the price per product & quantity.
  • The customers can make use of the coupon code for purchasing the same assigned product.


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Opencart Marketplace Mobile App

This is a technology based era where everything is simplified even online shopping. We all know about shopping apps and its advantages-how it reduces and makes our shopping experience hassle proof. So it is very important for all the Store owner to have a shopping app for providing a more convenient way to shop from their online store and now Webkul's has launched its new app Opencart Marketplace Mobile App.

Opencart Marketplace Mobile App converts your marketplace store for Opencart into a mobile app. Your customers can easily purchase products on the go. They don't need to have a laptop or desktop, they can easily explore your store through their smart phones. It will not only benefit the store owner and customer it will benefit the seller's too. Sellers can see their dashboard, order history through the mobile app. So what are you waiting for, you must now have a Opencart Marketplace Mobile App to be a step ahead.

  • Seller list.
  • Seller Collection.
  • Seller Profile.
  • Seller Dashboard.
  • Seller Order History.
  • Customer can contact to the seller.
  • Market Place Sell Page
  • User can review seller.
  • Seller Location is mentioned on map.

Opencart Price Comparison Marketplace Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here https://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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based on 3 reviews
Shafiul Bhuiya
Posted On - August 11, 2020
Great suggestions provided by the team.
Thank you so much for your feedback. the call makes our decision easy way forward.
Amedeo Senna
Posted On - July 17, 2020
Great extensions and support
Great team and great products, thank you!
Posted On - June 11, 2018
Excellent Support..
I have few updates with regards to the Marketplace Price comparison extension, Webkul support team has taken the customization completely and have given back to me with what exactly I needed and also within the time they have promised. Excellent team.

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