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      Hire a Developer is a leading platform (Marketplace) for manufacturers, importers, and traders of machinery and garden equipment in Bulgaria. is working hard in all areas, finding new suppliers to offer its customers the best prices and excellent quality of products available on the Bulgarian market.

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      Integration of Opencart Marketplace Extension on MarketPro Webstore is using Opencart Multi Vendor Marketplace on its website, this extension allows the local merchants of Bulgaria to sell their products online over the globe. provides opportunities to the local merchants of Bulgaria to grow their business domestically and internationally over the internet.


      Opencart Multi Vendor Extension converts your Opencart store into Marketplace with separate seller product collection and separate seller with feedback support and rating. This module also contains the custom shipping feature, where the partner can add their own shipping rate according to the shipping region and weight of the product.

      Edit Profile

      MarketPro Affiliate Program for Extra Income

      MarketPro facilitates its customers with a unique method of earning money by using Webkul's OpenCart Multi Vendor Marketplace Affiliate System on its webstore.

      Affiliate User

      Affiliate system allows the sellers to have additional revenue for their products and at the same time affiliate, users will get some commission from the sellers after the sales and unique clicks. 

      Managing Store and Putting it on vacation  

      Managing an online store is not easy, it might be possible that the seller may want vacations (leave for a few days) and by keeping this thing in mind MarketPro is using OpenCart Marketplace Seller Vacation Extension.

      Seller Vacations

      This extension allows the sellers to schedule the time period and description for their vacations. The admin can even set vacations for the sellers. 

      Seller Vacation

      Advertisement System of MarketPro

      MarketPro is using OpenCart Marketplace Advertisement System for its webstore. This extension allows the vendors to promote and advertise their products on the webstore. The customers can view the advertised products on the category page and the search page. 

      seller product advertisement

      The advertisement cost is based on the pay-per-click pricing model, where a seller first purchases the number of clicks in an advance. And then assign those clicks to their products accordingly. Now, whenever a customer clicks an advertised product and buys the same, this will be counted as Sale via Advertisements.

      advertisement system

      Per Country Per Product Shipping for Vendor Products

      MarketPro has integrated OpenCart Marketplace Per Country Per Product Shipping extension to its Webstore so that the Vendors can add shipping for their products per country wise. 

      Per country per product shipping

      The seller and admin can add shipping price for each product according to the country from the product edit page. The sellers and admin can upload shipping details with the use of a CSV file.

      Per Country Per Product Shipping

      Integration of Marketplace Seller badges in MarketPro

      Seller Bages helps the customer to find the most popular seller and its products. These badges also help the customer to find the most trusted seller and increase the purchase rate for the product of the most popular seller. That's why is using Webkul's OpenCart Marketplace Seller Badges Extension on its website.

      seller badges

      With the help of this extension, the admin can set badges for the Marketplace Sellers. Admin can easily create the badges from the backend. Admin can assign these badges to the sellers. The customers can even view the average rating for that seller profile.

      Seller rating

      Vendor Price Comparision for MarketPro

      MarketPro is using OpenCart Price Comparision Marketplace for its Webstore. so that multiple vendors can add and sell the same product on the Marketplace at different prices.  

      Price Comparision

      This extension helps the customers to compare the price of a product that is being offered by multiple sellers along with their respective price and quantity. It allows the customers to choose the lowest price for purchasing the product from a list of sellers offering competitive prices.


      MarketPro Follow Sellers for the latest updates 

      MarketPro has integrated Webkul's Opencart Marketplace Follow Seller extension on its webstore. This extension helps the customers of MarketPro to follow the sellers and get the latest updated related to the products of the followed seller.

      Follow Seller

      The Seller can also send newsletters to their followers. The customer can see Top Seller, Top products of the followed seller, Similar top products and Top followed seller.

      Follow Seller Newsletter

      Ask a Question on MarketPro

      MarketPro facilitates its customers to ask questions and answers related to the products and for this MarketPro is using Webkul's OpenCart Marketplace Product Question and Answer. The customers can also respond to the queries of other customers, the vendor needs to approve the question and answers to make them visible on the product page.

      Product Questions and Answers

      The vendors can view all the questions and answers in one place by visiting to their profile page.

      Marketplace Product Question and Answer

      Return Management in MarketPro

      To manage return in a proper way MarketPro is using Webkul OpenCart Product Return RMA. Using this extension the customer can easily file the return for the product exchange (in case of the defected product), product return (for wrong and incorrect order).


      The customer can even add the image of the product and can choose the quantity which they want to return. The admin can communicate with a customer who files RMA request regarding any order/product. 

      RMA Reason

      Vendor Registration Custom fields in MarketPro

      For gathering additional information from the vendors, MarketPro is using Webkul's OpenCart Marketplace Vendor attribute Manager. This extension allows the admin to create custom fields on the vendor/seller registration form.

      seller registration

      This module provides a separate registration field for the vendors/ sellers in the Marketplace. With the help of this add-on, the vendor will have their own separate registration option on the login page on Account layout.

      Disclaimer - Please note all the images and content used in this article belongs to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complains related to this article, please send us an email to [email protected]

      Opencart Marketplace Follow Seller
      Opencart Marketplace Multi Tenant Advertisement System
      Opencart Marketplace Multi Tenant Seller Badge
      Opencart Marketplace Per Country Per Product Shipping
      Opencart Marketplace Product Question Answer
      Opencart Marketplace Seller Vacation
      Opencart Marketplace Vendor Attribute Manager
      Opencart Multi Vendor Marketplace
      Opencart Multi Vendor Marketplace Affiliate System
      Opencart Price Comparison Marketplace
      Opencart Product Return RMA