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      Pilet is a fashion brand that offers a range of clothing & accessories for men and women. The shop currently offers various products to its customers like jackets, jeans, T-shirts, etc.

      They currently have thousands of products listed on their website. This helps customers to choose a required/desired fashion product/accessories easily.

      A fashion brand ought to offer products that are in trend. Otherwise, most of the visitors will bounce back right from the homepage of the shop website. There are some of our products which the brand/website currently uses in order to maximize efficiency & streamline the process.


      How does Point of Sale help the brand?

      The brand is currently using one of our best-selling products i.e. the Point of Sale module.

      The module is helping the brand to manage their retail store & online store simultaneously & effectively. There are various reasons why the brand chose to add the POS functionality at their eCommerce store.

      • Add as many offline stores as you need and associate sales agents with the offline stores.
      • The low stock indicator on the product at the POS panel.
      • Create orders on POS even in offline mode.
      • Supports guest checkout.
      • Connect POS to barcode scanner, printer, and cash drawer for quick checkout process.
      • Search the product via product name, ID, EAN, UPC, or barcode.
      • Easily search customers by name, phone number, and email at POS end.
      • Sales agents can return the order and process the refund.
      • Add, enable, disable, delete sales agents from the back office.
      • Customers get to pay via cash, card payment method.

      Point of Sale Cash Register

      It usually happens that if someone is using any tool/software for a long time, then there arises a necessity to get some additional functionality added in order to increase productivity & efficiency.

      One such extension for the POS was the POS cash register. This was also considered by the brand as they found it useful & something that can increase productivity.

      The POS cash register extension helps the POS merchant in keeping a record of inflow & outflow of cash effectively.

      Some of the major actions that can be performed using this module are:

      • You can record cash withdrawals and deposits.
      • View transactions that happened via various payment modes on your POS.
      • Set the closing balance at the time of closing the register of POS.

      Apart from the above, there were some of the requirements of the brand that can only be fulfilled after putting in some extra effort. As we didn’t have any module or extension that can exactly fulfill the needs of the brand. So, we did go the extra mile to achieve that.

      The requirement of the brand was something like this:

      “We have to add one more button of “Send Invoice” as shown here Once the cashier clicks on this button, a pop-up will appear. The email address of the customer who was selected while creating the order will be prefilled in the popup. And, if the order is created as a Guest checkout then the email address field should be kept empty (the cashier will fill the email manually).”

      After entering the email address and clicking on Send button, the POS receipt/invoice will be sent to that particular email address. And, only one email address can be filled in the field.

      We successfully implemented the above requirement at a justified cost and it is helping the brand on a day-to-day basis. Apart from the above, the brand also required some customization in the return, refund & exchange process of POS.

      Returns/Refund in POS

      The idea of customizing the return/refund process was to add the quantity of the product returned by the customer in stock & generate the credit slip against this return.

      We successfully helped the brand in implementing the required customization with the required effort & at a cost-justified for the effort.

      Exchange in POS

      The brand also wanted us to do some rectifications in the exchange process of POS. After thoroughly checking the feasibility of the required customization, we started working on the customization.

      The brand requirement was something like this:

      Let’s suppose a customer comes to the shop & asks to exchange the item he/she has previously bought with some other product. In this case, a merchant simply needs to search for the product that a customer wants to exchange.

      After that, put that product in the cart with a negative quantity and at the same time, put another product (the one with which a customer wants to exchange the product) in the cart and then proceed to checkout. The checkout will calculate the balance due on the receipt.

      So, this is how we helped the clothing brand in achieving multiple functionalities to increase efficiency. The advancement in the field of eCommerce has made it very accessible & at the same time very competitive.

      So, to keep up with the ongoing trend & be in the competition, one must make his/her webshop featureful & attractive.

      To know more about the extensions & services we offer, do check our PrestaShop development services & vast range of featureful PrestaShop Addons.

      Disclaimer: Please note all the images and content used in this article belong to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email to [email protected]

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