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      The Al-Watan is a daily newspaper published in the UAE. It is one of the most prominent newspapers in the region with millions of readers in Abu Dhabi and around the globe.

      The daily editorial covers all the major news and keeps its readers updated with the ongoing events related to the Economy, Sports International, and Domestic affairs.

      The media house believes in the use of technology to present the news on its online portal that is its official website. Apart from that, as we know people nowadays use mobile phones more than browsing a physical copy of a newspaper as it's more convenient.

      Al Watan

      Introducing the Al-Watan App For the People of UAE in a Time of Global Pandemic

      Almost a year ago according to the current date when the whole world was shut down facing a global pandemic that disrupted the major economies of the world.

      The story that matters the most is how counties managed to come back on a road to recovery. According to the World Economic Forum report UAE turned out to be a leader in mitigating the impact of Covid- 19.

      Its strong financial system and planning helped correct policy response. Which involves the adoption of information technology. Webkul helped the Al-Watan UAE newspaper build its mobile application that was a strategic approach that resulted in remaining relevant in a tough situation for the media house.

      Al Watan

      Since publishing and sourcing news through these platforms was the safest option for all. Moreover, Webkul built the Al-Watan daily news application and helped in publishing the application within a reasonable time.

      Need for A Digital Media That upholds Emirati Cultural or Religious Values

      The United Arab Emirates ranks as the twenty-sixth most networked country globally and as the highest in the Arab world. Moreover, the gulf region has the highest mobile phone penetration in the Arab region. This directly increases access to media in the form of daily news.

      The term Al-Watan comes from the Arabic language and which means homeland or may refer to nation or national. The citizens of the UAE are proud people and have very rich cultural and religious beliefs making them a lot more distinguished than any other media house.

      New Age Media in Abu Dhabi - UAE

      The internet was made available to the general public of the UAE in the mid-nineties. The National Telecommunications Carrier Etisalat, a governmental company, began to operate at this time.

      In the early twenties, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) was established to filter internet content on the basis of Emirati cultural or religious values.

      Al Watan

      A Step to Preserve The Trees Using Electronic Means

      Till the last century newspapers were considered to be the best source of news which helped people to know about the news of the region and the world.

      Much later with the evolution in technology radio, television changed the dynamics of how people consumed the daily news and the best part being it provided them with many latest ongoings that were too fast compared to the newspaper physical copies.

      Now, with the introduction of smartphones and tablets, not to forget high-speed internet and its access throughout the gulf region and Abu-Dhabi especially. The medium helped bridged the gap between the news and the people who consumed these.

      But why is it really important to switch from physical means of delivering the news through the newspaper to electronic ones? It is quite evident that the production of the newspaper.

      This is done by cutting down millions of trees annually to source the raw materials resulting in a cost burden and elevation of carbon footprint to guarantee the daily transportation of these. Thus reducing the impact on nature by using electronic means such as mobile phone applications nowadays.

      Al Watan

      The Custom Mobile News Application from Webkul

      User and client satisfaction is the optimum priority when it comes to building web-based and mobile applications and so much more type of work done by Webkul.

      Al Watan

      As we know the Al-Watan newspaper already had a successful website which already had a huge number of daily visitors. Thus, we realize that the web application and mobile application with a similar look and design that is the Banner, Home, and other pages will help the readers to get used to the application much easier.

      Various key functionalities were added as per the client requests as they helped in improving the complete user experience like download issue by date. Preferred categories, post comments, and search ads.

      Al Watan

      WordPress Control Panel for Optimum Content Management

      We build the complete platform using the WordPress platform so the concerned person can manage the content from their end very easily.

      Moreover, as we know in a news application changes are required on an instant basis to keep the user updated with the latest happenings around the world and this could have only been achieved if we ease the work of the editors.

      Al Watan

      RTL [Right to Left] Arabic Language Support

      As the company natively belongs to the UAE, having RTL support is a must feature that helps the ordinary reader of the Al-Watan newspaper application greatly increase their customer base by efficient usage of the application and its features with ease.

      Apart from that the RTL support helps the Arab readers in better understanding so that they can easily understand the news content.

      Al Watan

      Importance of Responsive Design Based News Application

      As we know the readers of the most renowned newspaper Al-Watan are certainly huge and is read by users across the globe with a different set of devices with altering screen-sizes and they even might want to access the content over tabloids as well so it was very clear that the application is required to have a responsive design that helps the content adapt with the device.

      Al Watan

      Stressing upon how important this is because the disturbed alignment of the content image size or any of such things will leave the user to zoom in every time to have a look and can miss out on various information. All this was taken care of with a responsive design.

      Download Al-Watan App

      You can download and check out the Al-Watan mobile app on your Android and iOS smartphones or tablets from Google Play and App Store.

      Disclaimer - Please note all the images and content used in this article belongs to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at [email protected]

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