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WordPress Mobile App

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WordPress Mobile App: In the world of evolving technologies, there is a shift in web-based technology to mobile-based technology. This application is for adaptation of such evolution, where the reader can read the blog from the smartphones. With the WordPress Mobile App, the reader can read a blog on various topics, as per subjects and author. This app is to ease the Wordpress blog reader and increase their interest in the blog as they are accessible from anywhere.
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WordPress Mobile App - Gone are the days when we have to reach out to our system and type the keywords which we wish to find. Now everything has become handy and easy to be reached through a small device known as the mobile phone. After developing the magnificent applications for various M-commerce platform this time Webkul has developed an application for the Blogs on WordPress.

WordPress Mobile App is a step to favor the easy reading of WordPress blogs on your mobile phones. With this app, the reader can read a blog on various topics, as per subjects and author. This app is to ease the Wordpress blog reader and increase their interest in the blog as they are accessible from anywhere.

Please Note- Currently WordPress Mobile App is available for Android platform only, for iOS please contact us to know more.

 WordPress Mobile App Features -

  • The reader can easily read the blog from the application without any extra effort.
  • The reader can find out Recently added topics on the homepage.
  • The reader can view the famous or most viewed topics on the very homepage.
  • The reader can even see the topics as per categories and authors.
  • The reader can even view the categories in the form of an interactive carousel.

 Interactive and Informative Homepage

The introductory homepage of the application helps engage the reader with various useful information and interactive features-

  • It has sliding carousels to depict various categories which can contain blogs.
  • It comprises of the Recently viewed posts which will inform readers about the blogs and knowledgebase recently read by them.
  • The Most Viewed section in home page tells the reader about various famous blogs and knowledgebase written by authors.
 Interactive and Informative Homepage


The application is encompassed with a search tool by which readers can look for the desired blog and knowledgebase topics. They just need to type the related keywords and multiple suggestions will open up as per the keywords. The major benefits of search option are-

  • Easy and fast search-The readers need not look the whole application for a blog and knowledgebase, they can just type the topic keyword and see the desired result.
  • Optimized result-The search option takes in input from the user and searches the content from database thus optimizing your search.

 Category List

The app works on a very systematized approach providing its reader the blogs in a form of a category list. This list is said to be order representation of various categories like subjects in which the Wordpress blogs are found. This feature gives the application an ordered view thus increasing the interest of the reader in the application.

 Category List

 Author List

The application even has a facility by which the reader can read blogs and knowledgebase written by various authors.The author list will display name of all the authors in a vertical list format which can be helpful for the reader to view. This can be said as a centralized representation of blog according to the author name.

  • The reader can even select a favourite author to read the blog and knowledgebase from a single place in a list format.
  • The reader can find various topics for which author has written blogs and knowledgebase.
 Author List


This section is to enhance the knowledge of our reader with more content to read from. Knowledgebase section contains brief information of a topic which can be read by our reader in an easier and faster way. Benefits of Knowledgebase-

  • Easy to read- The knowledgebase section contains a small set of question and answer which can be quickly and easily read by our reader.
  • Select the author of choice- The knowledgebase can be read as per the favourite author which may increase the interest of our reader as they can read more written by the author.
  • Popular knowledgebase can be seen on homepage-The most viewed knowledgebase can be seen on the homepage, this will help the reader
  • The recently viewed knowledgebase-The homepage has a sperate section for recently viewed knowledgebase by the user. This can help the reader to again look on knowledgebase which had been read in near past.

 Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here


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