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    Blog to PDF for WordPress

    The WordPress Blog to PDF plugin helps to download the post revisions of the blog in PDF format. Customers can download these PDFs and read them in offline mode. It can hold multiple revision posts.

    • The admin can change the PDF's color and fonts.

    • The store owner can set permissions for Authors/Guests/both.

    • The admin can change the background color and the heading background color.

    • Also, add a watermark to the generated PDF.

    • Admin can also set the front-end button position as fixed or absolute.

    Blog to PDF for WordPress Blog to PDF for WordPress Blog to PDF for WordPress Blog to PDF for WordPress Blog to PDF for WordPress Blog to PDF for WordPress
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    A WordPress Blog to PDF generator has two standout characteristics that help you reach the desired post revision. It keeps track of all past changes and creates a PDF version of the article that can be viewed offline. It allows numerous changes, from the PDF generate button to the finished document. The PDF button can be placed either to the right or to the left side. Before PDF generation, color, size, and contents can change. It is flexible enough for instant use and has several features that make it even better.

    Blog to PDF for WordPress

    Highlighted Features

     User Access

    The admin can provide the user access to the authors/guest/both.

     Button Modification

    The admin can add different colors, sizes, and fonts to the PDF button on the front end.

     Store Previous Revision

    The plugin stores the previous revisions of the blog.

     Optional Content

    The admin can remove or keep the title, author of the post, or thumbnail image in generated PDF according to their need.

    Why do we need WordPress Blogs to PDF?

    If you provide offline reading materials to your users, it will save their data consumption. The WordPress blog to PDF plugin helps store owners to provide offline PDF options for blog revisions. The users can download multiple blog revision PDFs from the store. If the admin integrates this plugin with their WooCommerce store, then it will provide the option to download the blog revision PDFs. It will help the users to create their WooCommerce learning management data.

    PDF Customization

    The admin can customize the PDFs before downloading. All customization is based on admin preferences.

    • The store owner can change the PDF color, such as the background and heading color.
    • Also, the store owner can change the font style by selecting font family, size, and color.
    • The admin can choose different font sizes, colors, and families for heading, para, and links.
    • Admins can also add a watermark to the PDF.
    • The store owner can also add the author's name and title to the blog PDF to enhance the reader's interest.
    PDF Customization

    Front-end Button Enhancement

    The store owner can add multiple options to the front-end button, like PDF customization.

    • Store owners can enhance button visibility on the customer end.
    • Attractive button colors and styles will attract users.
    • The store owner can set the button position, border width, text color, and radius.
    Front-end Button Enhancement

    Download Options

    In the blog to PDF plugin, the admin can set the download options for the users.

    • Admins can allow download preferences for their customers.
    • The admin can set the PDF download option that will show on the front end.
    • Admin can choose either all revisions or the latest revision.
    • All revisions will contain monthly or yearly revisions as per the settings.
    • The customer will see the download options as per the admin settings.
    • In the Blog to PDF plugin, customer verification on WooCommerce is not required to download the PDFs.
    Download Options

    Read Offline Content

    If a store provides offline content to read, it will become an added benefit to the store.

    • Users can download the blog PDF and read it offline.
    • Users can download multiple PDFs separately.
    • Customers can install all blog revision PDFs or any latest ones.
    Read Offline Content

     Blog to PDF for WordPress: Support

    For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here You may also check our quality WooCommerce Plugins.


    Product Version3.1.0
    Released7 years ago
    Last UpdatedApril 17, 2023 (1 year ago)
    Supported VersionsWordPress  5.x.x  
    Rating 5.0
    based on 1 reviews

    Recent Reviews

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    Great Job!

    Posted On - December 21, 2020

    Really impressed with plugin & its work.

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    • + Features
    • - Bugs
    == 3.1.1 ==
    • Enhancement: Update - New file structure according to WP and phpcs
    • Added: composer file added
    • Fixed: bugs fixed
    == 3.1.0 ==
    • Fixed: Bugs Fixed.
    • Enhancement: New Fonts Added.
    == 3.0.0 ==
    • Fixed: Bugs Fixed.
    • Enhancement: Customize PDF with its Font, text color, heading color and background color.
    == 2.0.1 ==
    • Fixed: Minor issues.
    • Fixed: phpcs and new code standard issues
    • Fixed: bugs and updated as per latest standards
    = 2.0.0 =
    • Added: the features of blog to pdf
    • Fixed: issues.
    • Fixed: phpcs and new code standard issues
    = 1.0.0 =
    • Initial Release