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WooCommerce POS Complimentary Goods: Customers play an important role in the success and development of every enterprise. It is your primary duty to provide them with a pleasurable shopping experience in your store. You can make your customers feel unique with the WooCommerce POS Complimentary Items Module.

A great marketing technique to satisfied customers to the POS is to provide a free item with the customer's initial purchase. When you buy a certain quantity of something, the complimentary item is automatically added.

This POS plugin is compatible with the dark theme for which you should have the POS 3.6.3 version.

Note - This plugin is an add-on to Webkul's Point Of Sales System for WooCommerce. So for using the plugin you need to purchase WooCommerce POS Plugin first.

Highlighted Features

 Provide Complimentary Items at Point Of Sale

The admin will customize the complimentary gift from the WooCommerce backend.

 Choose Complimentary Gift for Customers

The admin can set the complimentary item that will be provided as a gift to customers on the purchase of a specified quantity of products.

 Set The Purchase Quantity To Include A Complimentary Item

In POS, you can easily set a quantity for adding complementary products.

 Set Rules

The administrator will establish rules for complimentary items, according to which customers can receive the complimentary item.

What is the Advantage of this module?

  • Makes your customers feel unique when they visit your store.
  • When a particular quantity is purchased, complimentary gifts are automatically added.
  • Retain existing customers thus attracting new ones.
  • Attracts the interest of customers, increasing sales.
  • Providing appealing deals increases both customer numbers and earnings.
  • Allows you to sell out of slow-moving products under the guise of gifts.

Add the complimentary product

  • The administrator can choose which items will be offered as a bonus to customers.
  • The complimentary item that should be added to the cart in POS is easily activated and added.
  • This will apply the complimentary item to the POS automatically.
  • The product type and product status may be selected by the admin.

Set Rules

  • The rules for complimentary products may be set by the administrator.
  • The complimentary things may be ruled by the administrator.
  • A rule may be applied to Global, Product categories, Product, and Product Variation by the administrator.
  • Admin can enable or disable the feature.
  • Admin has the option of selecting a complementary product.
  • The start and end dates may be set by the administrator.

View the complimentary item

The WooCommerce POS Complimentary Items module is useful in situations where a POS user needs to give a customer a complimentary product in exchange for a specific quantity of any product.

  • POS sales person may add the complimentary item in POS.
  • Customers will quickly take advantage of this service, attracting them to your POS store.


For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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based on 2 reviews
Dlvrd Brunei
Posted On - September 4, 2021
Well worth the price
Great product and they offered me a good solution for very affordable pricing. The progress is also fast and on time.

Posted On - May 18, 2021
great plugin
Webkul offers great services with high quality of plugins and support. Highly recommended.
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