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SMSA Express Shipping for Magento 2


SMSA Express Shipping for Magento 2: It is one of the simplest service providers within the courier industry which makes it the foremost cost-effective, diverse express, freight, outbound, and as well as inbound shipping services available. In addition, SMSA endeavors to satisfy the requirements of citizens and businesses for domestic and international parcel delivery.

Furthermore In conclusion, by installing this module, the admin is going to be ready to provide the Magento 2 SMSA Express Shipping method to the shoppers for shipping the products. Also, the admin can even generate the shipping labels and may set tracking numbers to boost business efficiency.

Highlighted Features

 Shipping Label

By using this module the admin can create the shipping label.

 Order Tracking

Customers can track their order, with the help of a tracking number.

 Rates Based on Weight

The admin can set the price as per the product weight.

 Multiple SMSA Shipping Countries

Customers get many options to choose from as per the requirement.

Integrate SMSA Shipping Service to Online Store

The admin will configure the module for smooth working. The module provides a higher shipping experience to customers. Thus, the merchant can provide the purchasers with a wonderful shipping method that's reliable and efficient.

  • Specify the specified title of the shipping method as per the need of the business.
  • The merchant can select shipping for various countries.
  • The merchant can restrict the customer to a few countries to put the orders.

Use of SMSA as Shipping Service

The buyer sees the Magento 2 SMSA Express Shipping method and shipping price on the cart and on the checkout page. The buyer may choose one among shipping methods if they need a product early.

  • Of all the shipping options, the buyer can choose SMSA Express Shipping.
  • Before placing an order, the customer can review the order summary.
  • If the customer has a promotional code, they can use it at this time.

Order Handling and Related Information

The admin can manage the order easily. Admin can see order and account information. Furthermore, Admin able to see shipping address, payment methods, and product details -

  • The admin can generate an invoice, shipment, cancel the order, hold the order, recorder, and as well as send emails to the customers.
  • The admin can see details related to the product like shipping address, product name, SKU and quantity, etc.
  • The admin can generate a credit memo for the order.
  • The admin can enter the tracking number for the customer.
  • The customer is able to print the order information and can see the order information from the front end.
  • The admin can send track notification information through email.

SMSA Shipping Label

Admin can create the shipping label for the order. Also, the admin can create a package for the products. However, the admin can share Magento 2 SMSA Express shipping details with the buyer.

  • The admin was able to print the packing slip for the order.
  • The customer can track their order through a tracking number.


  • Admin can enable or disable the SMSA Shipping module.
  • The admin can set the rate according to the weight.
  • The admin can create a shipping label.
  • Shipping will be calculated by using the SMSA Shipping API.
  • The admin can set specific countries for shipping.
  • The admin can add the methods allowed for shipping.
  • Admin can add price per kg in case of shipment with weight more than 15 kg.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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