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Magento 2 Web To Print

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Magento 2 Web To Print: With the help of Web-To-Print extension, the customers can customize and design the products from the storefront. Magento 2 Web-To-Print extension is very useful for those merchants who are selling personalized products such as printed t-shirts, coffee mugs, phone-cases, photo-gifts, etc. There are tons of options available for customizing the product.

Also available for Magento 1

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Magento 2 Web To Print: With the help of the Web-To-Print extension, the customers can customize and design the products from the storefront. Magento 2 Web-To-Print extension is very useful for those merchants who are selling personalized products such as printed t-shirts, coffee mugs, phone-cases, photo-gifts, etc. There are tons of options available for customizing the product. 

Features -

  • Fully canvas based product customizer
  • Admin can upload fonts for the text editor on the canvas
  • Admin can add images for adding images to the product template
  • Admin can add colors to the text, shape editor on canvas
  • New product type is used for all the customized products, for better management
  • Admin can edit the product template and add some initial design for the customizer
  • Admin can create multiple templates for single product like for front design, back design etc
  • Admin can set minimum DPI and dimensions of the images
  • Customer can edit the template in the frontend
  • Customer can use different editors for customizing the design like image editor, text editor, shape editor
  • Customized template image will be generated, and shown in the cart and other places as the product image.
  • Customer can add to cart the customized product.
  • After successful purchase customer can download the images from order
  • Admin can see and download the customized image template for the order in the order information

 WTP Configuration

Once the module is installed, the admin has following options available for configuring the Magento 2 Web To Print.

  • Enable or disable the module
  • Enter declaration confirmation content
  • Display instruction information before Add to Cart
  • Set base and mask image dimensions
  • Set minimum DPI for the images
 WTP Configuration

 WTP Images

The admin can upload some pre-defined images for the customized products. The admin can also manage multiple images with the help of image categories.

  • Add images ALT description
  • Supported extensions: jpg, png, gif, jpeg
  • View thumbnail preview
 WTP Images

 WTP Fonts

For the text editor, the admin can upload font files for the customized products. So that the customer can choose various font styles for the text.

  • Supported extensions: ttf, otf, woff2, woff
  • Set font face label
 WTP Fonts

 Color Options

The admin can create some pre-defined color options for the customization template using HTML or RGB color codes.

  • Set color label
  • Supports RGB code
  • Supports HTML color code
 Color Options

 Create Templates

The admin can create multiple templates for the customized product such as t-shirt can have front view and back view. The admin can fully customize the template using the text editor, images, and shapes.

  • Set frontend title for template
  • Upload base image and mask image to define editable area
  • Make a template default
  • Add/edit or delete the template
 Create Templates

 Product Page

On the product page, the customer will find the 'Customize Product' button next to 'Add to Cart' button. After clicking that button, the Canvas editor will open for customizing the product.

  • Customize Product button will only appear for Web To Print product type
  • Canvas editor tool
 Product Page

 Canvas Editor

With the help of Canvas editor, the customer can customize the product in real-time and see the changes. There are various tools available in the Canvas - text editor, add images or shapes.

  • See live changes
  • Save and preview
 Canvas Editor

 Text Editor

Add text elements to the product and customize the product as you want it. Move the text inside the masked area, change size, color, alignment.

  • Add Customizable text to product
  • Set text size
  • Change text color using color options or codes
  • Make text bold and italics
  • Set text alignment - left, right, center
  • Select font style
  • Send text back or front
  • Add duplicate text
 Text Editor

 Image Editor

The customer has two options for adding images to the product, either the customer can choose the pre-defined images by the store owner or upload custom image from the computer.

  • Customer can browse and upload custom images
  • Change image dimensions
  • Lock image ratio
  • Duplicate the image
  • Send image to the back or front
 Image Editor

 Add Shapes

Various forms of customizable shapes can be added to the product using the shapes editor.

  • Change shape fill color
  • Change shape border color
  • Lock image ratio
  • Set border width
  • Duplicate the shape
  • Send shape in the front or back
 Add Shapes

 Preview & Confirmation

Once the product has been customized, the customer can save the template and preview it. The customer will see the final image prepared and accept the declaration information by ticking the checkbox.

  • Read and Accept declaration information
  • Save the template and preview it
  • Update order quantity and add to cart
 Preview & Confirmation

 Product Image

After saving the customization, the product image gets saved and displayed in the database. The final images can be downloaded by the admin from the orders section. The final product images are also visible in the shopping cart.

  • Product image gets updated
  • Admin can download the final images
 Product Image

Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here


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